Good evening ^.^

Hehe I have a good evening today ^.^ have a good chat with MIL and have fun with Jerald too ... Also wanted to say something, my moodswing is getting better :) no more temper and attitude towards anyone in the house ... I'm really glad that I'm improving now :)

Really feel so sorry for the past few weeks, giving hubby a very hard time to tolerate my nonsense and stupid brain~ thank you hubby~ I love you very much ❤️❤️❤️

Just done feeding Javier but he haven sleep soundly yet :) chubby chubby Javier ^,^ hehe ❤️❤️❤️

Hubby came home before 10pm after work :) he have fun with Jerald for a while before having his dinner hehe

It's 10pm plus now ... Have my dinner at around 7.30pm and here's my left over dinner ... No appetite :( feeling tired already so sad ... I think I will be sleeping early tonight, cause thought out the night I have to look after Javier alone ...

Hubby is already very tired, he didn't sleep for almost one day :( poor thing~ Tomorrow early morning hubby have to go over the other room and look after Jerald as in laws have to go out and get some fruits, etc for praying ...

So I have to let hubby sleep and rest enough, I know it's really tiring~ I can feel it :( hubby have three days off ^,^ hehe

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