WOW! seriously been quite long seen the last post hahas =P
Rainie Yang Cheng Lin today held Concert ticket autograph session what the hell, so long never go view the Rainie SG fan blog then morning my uncle call some more I'm still in my LaLaLand -_- hahas~ he told me bout it and I was totally awake woah! T^T but i was wondering how!? why!? what to do!? hahas~ actually I'm working today at the end decide not to go cause I really can't have the mood to work some more i will end at 5pm gosh! worst! hahas =P But i thought of request to end at 3pm but!~ I know their style! " 3pm? dream on! =D " hahas ~ =P

so now I don't know who can go with me T^T wanna call Eileen company me but I message her she reply that she end school at 6pm... MUMMY!!!!!!~ T^T *sigh~* but will let me know if she ends early, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! the teacher please let them off early T^T
OMG!!!~ I really can't believe T^T been really such a loooooong time since I post
WOW! hahas~ =P

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