Raining night, Saturday ...

It's raining and my tears just flow out like the heavy rain ... It's been the first time and I hope it's the last time for what have happened today ... It scares me and making me worry so much ...

Don't worry, I will always support you and love you no matter what~ you're my everything and nothing can pull us down ... We will stand up together and walk together hand in hand ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you my dearest, one and only husband ❤️ wanted to thank you for all your concern, endless, paitient, understanding and effort for being a perfect husband and a wonderful father ^.^ I'm really bless and lucky to have you as my husband ~

Thank you and I love you forever~ love you with all my heart~ my hubby ❤️❤️❤️

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Saturday = Family gathering ^.^

Yup~ today is Saturday ^.^ went home and gather with my family members ❤️ wanted to thank my beloved and lovely husband for bringing me and my two Prince home together ... Hubby I also wanted to thank you for these past two week for bringing me home...

Thank you for your time, your understanding and your paitient always!  ❤️❤️❤️ I love you and will always love you no matter what~ you're my very best and percent husband ^.^

Elder brother went Seletar Mall with dad and mum... They went there for a walk haha they said nothing much to shop and it's really go there for walk LOL

Brother bought "Arnold's Chicken" !? Looks yummy and nice~ Haha didn't get to try so sad cause I starve myself since I woke up today and same goes to hubby ... So can't eat much think there's air inside my tummy ....

I was feeling so full when I ate half box of the mix veg rice ... Same goes to hubby haha both of us ate rice :) we bought from boon keng ... Went there to get our meal before going over to Hougang ...

Hehe bought happy meal for Jerald but forgotten to take the toys home when we leave Hougang :( didn't get to play the happy meal toys haha

Jerald have been wanting to eat the food since we got on the cab haha but he didn't make much noise till we reached Hougang ... Thank god~ if not it will be a total disaster haha

Wanted to thank my family for walks giving me a wonderful time when every time I got home ... Especially the love and concern towards my two Prince ;) and also thanking for spending money to buy food for us as well~ appreciate very much! I love all of you a lot ❤️❤️❤️ 感恩~

Thursday~ already

Wanted to thank MIL for preparing and cooked my first meal for me, appreciate~ MIL bought the charsiew and those mix fish ball from boonkeng market, hawker center ...

MIL bought the noodle from the market as well, she brought home and cooked after that put some ketchup and chilli sauce in the plate. After that add in the cooked noodle and then mix it and serve haha

Yessica, hubby's cousin went HongKong with her elder sister and husband and they reached Singapore yesterday I guess ... They bought us Macau Noughat and~

Yup~ 老婆餅 :) haha in laws and hubby have already tried, except me. But they said doesn't taste good ... LOL

Dinner~ MIL always cook delicious and wonderful food for the family. Thank you for the effort and love ... 感恩~ 

I love the 蓮藕湯! Really taste so yummy haha

Movie marathon with hubby ❤️❤️❤️

Hehe! MIL Cooked dessert again ^.^ yup~ now this dessert is already in my favorite dessert list haha 

Hope I will learn from MIL and cook for hubby to eat in the future :) hehe

Have been watching movie these few days ^.^ spending my wonderful time with my dearest hubby ❤️❤️❤️ gonna enjoy this 10 days? Of hubby's off day since the days his store closed down ... But happy moments doesn't last, so we got to appreciate :)

Busy busy Tuesday ~

Today was a busy day for me and hubby~ haha didn't get to post that often as I'm enjoying the precious moments time with hubby ... Since the day hubby store closed down and he's on leave, we have been watching movies till midnight night 3am or 4am ...

Always get to have brunch for our first meal ... Today went over to several school to register Playgroup for my two Prince ... As for her lad the chances are not really high but for Javier there's a chance ... 

Really worry for Jerald ... If worst come to worst there's no vacancies for nearby school, we will register at Hougang area ... I have dicussed with hubby but hopefully there's really a chance for Jerald :) praying hard ...

Saturdaaaaay~ ^.^

Hubby~ thank you for bringing me home on the past two weeks! I love you~ ❤️❤️❤️

Always find Jerald having so much fun when I brought him home hehe my naughty boy always~ ^.^ really wish that I'm able to bring them back home often :)

Hehe baby Javier~ growing up well, eating well and pooing well everyday haha ^.^

Really wish the haze will be gone real soon so that I am able to go out with my two Prince haha

Hehe my papa really do love kids and babies ^.^

It's Sundaaaaaaay~

Heeeeeeello~ finally I get myself to post on blog haha and yup! It's already Sunday, have been five days since I last posted on blog ...

Get to enjoy myself with hubby since the day he's off ^.^ hehe I'm a happy wife and mummy~ finally get to spend time with hubby, went out together and eat together... We even watch tv show and drama at home together hehe

Hubby bought a new laptop mouse, Microsoft brand and pink color haha

Me and hubby have been waking up late recently, mostly have brunch for our first meal ... 

Hubby have already starting to feed me, feeding me like a pig haha but I wanted to lose a bit more weight and maintaining my diet ...

Really hope that my weight will be back to normal and really praying hard that my sugar level will be normal too ... 

Have to keep it up~ 

Finally bed time ~

Yup~ it's time for me to rest and finally bed time ... Such a rushing day and a busy day as always haha

The time now is 11:55pm, reaching midnight soon ... Waiting for my salary to be transfer into my bank account haha yup~ always lack of cash so sad ... Dont even have a dollar with me to eat a proper meal ... No choice haha

Bread and instant noodle are my friends now lol haha~ but I have told myself not to eat instant noodle regularly ... So brought bread and soya milk :) won't starve myself currently hahaha

Hubby reach home at about 06:30pm ... Went for shower and then resting a while but he falls asleep ... Poor thing~ have not been sleeping for almost two days, hubby must be really tired and I know that ...

Hope you will have a good rest hubby ❤️ I love you a lot~ ^.^ hehe

Today went for the kidney appointment, my results are good and everything is fine. My kidneys are functioning well, especially my left kidney :) God bless~ thank you :) 感恩~

Hehe alright I'm heading for bed now, good night ❤️

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Morning~ Monday blueeee

Hello~ good morning! It's a Monday blue today ^.^ currently on my way to SGH for my kidney appointment :) yup~ alone ... I think I will be late for appointment haha cause I woke up late >.< the time now is 10:40am already and my appointment time is 10:50am hahahaha

I took MRT to Outram park station and then walk over to the apartment ... But now I'm at Dhoby Ghuat Station :( three more stops to go ...

Missing my two Prince ❤️❤️❤️ I will rush home once I done with appointment haha

Hubby today came home at 07:00am plus after yesterday work ... He last day of working at compass point yesterday, he rushed home and changed his uniform to go for HQ meeting ... Poor thing! Hope hubby able to rest well after today hehe

Hehe! ^.^

Yup~ today is hubby last day of working at Compass Point ... Really kind of sad that the shopping mall will be gone and don't even know whether the mall will rebuild to a new shopping mall. Really hope so~ seng kang area is really a crowded location. 

Today hubby working midnight shift, think he will be back home tomorrow morning? Can't confirm as he need to clear out some stuff before leaving... Tomorrow he had meeting at HQ as well after that he will have 10 days of off days straight ...

Tomorrow I'll be going for my kidney appointment alone ... The time is in the morning so I have to leave the house alone and ketting my two Prince at home with MIL ... Really worry and think that she can't handle my two Prince :( although she says she's fine with it and able to handle...

I really love this photo of me and Javier hehehe~ I was using hubby's Samsung S6 to play his game, HayDay... But I not sure why I went to search for photos haha so in the end I sent it over to my phone :) 

Took this photo when bringing Javier for his appointment at KKH previously ... Hubby took the photo :) hehe

Putting this photo as my lock screen ❤️ hehe ^.^

End of another Sunday~

Hello~ time is getting late now ... It's already 11:30pm, currently watching tv in the room alone haha Javier is sleeping already, feed him milk at 10:00pm plus ... And I not sure whether Jerald is asleep? in laws brought Jerald for bed at about 10.15pm ... Watching channel 5 now, "Expendable 2" :) haha

Hehe today afternoon time me and hubby brought Jerald to Kallang Bahru for some groceries ... Wanted to buy Javier's milk powder and diapers actually haha

Have my first meal of the day before going to FairPrice for goceries ... But hubby did not get to have his rice but only carrot cake and he let me to have my meal ... Because of Jerald, wanting us to push him around and he doesn't like to stay put ... Sighhhh~ so in the end we eat a fast one and the went off to FairPrice ...

Once done and going for payment Jerald falls asleep ... Haha 

^.^ Thank you~ 我的家人 ❤️

Hehe took a few photo of sister carrying Javier when he woke up from his nap while we all going to have our dinner ... So I change his diapers and feed him before I have my dinner haha

Haha took photo of Jerald eating French fries ... Naughty Jerald~ MUACKS mummy loves you ❤️ hehe ^.^

Thank you all~ my family! For always welcome us home and love us so much no matter what... Feed us when there's a need ~ really appreciate everything from you all ❤️ Love all of you so muchhhh~ hehe

Alright I posted everything for today and yesterday haha it's time to have a rest for today :)

Good night ^.^

Family day ❤️❤️❤️

I took a nap at about 05:00pm plus, and then woke up at 07:00pm I think haha~ brother went for his running in the afternoon and he mention that he will message us once he's done with his running. Cause we wanted to have takeaway for dinner :) 

Thank you my dearest brother for always feeding me haha~ 

Bought Spring Chicken, but the server forgotten to put the Fried Bun into the takeaway box. And yet still got charge :( so sad that it's been charge but didn't get to eat it sighhhh~ so as the French fries just a few stick ... Stupid people~ :(

Fried carrot cake ~ hehe! Actually taste not bad :) The taste is not as bad as where hubby always buy from the Boon Keng Hawker Centre :) haha

One more~ the best Stir Fried Prawn Noodle!!! Omggggg~ really is the best haha~ love the juice, the chilli and especially stir everything together OMG~ heaven ^,^ lol~ one packet really can fill up my tummy, really a big packet ...

But for hubby haha~ I don't think is enough for him oops~ hehe but he love the Fried Oyster from my house coffee shop :) he just love to eat fried oyster before dating me ~ haha

Beautiful Saturday ~

Hehe~ wanted to thank my dearest and beloved hubby for bringing me home today~ ❤️❤️❤️ love you hubby ^.^ finally a day I'm able to go home and on hubby's off day :) 

It's been a long time since I got home and gather with my lovely family ❤️ I miss home and of cause I miss my family more :) Wish I could go home more often :)

Today I keep reminding myself to take photo and is a must when I got home today :) hehe cause I'm finally home ^.^ hehe~

Enjoy my day today but as usual I always take a nap hehe~ wanted to thank my sister and papa for helping me to look after Jerald while I'm taking a nap ... Sorry for the trouble, hope I didn't disturb you all >.< thanks! 

Papa bought lunch for me, Char Siew Rice! Miss eating this actually, love the meat and sauce yummy~ :)

Papa bought Fishball MeePok soup for Jerald... But Jerald didn't want to eat, gave him a bowl but he was playing with it, he did have a few bites but in the end he throw the bowl onto the floor :( naughty Jerald :(

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