Counting down to 6 more days ...

Today is the last day of July month! And less than one week I will be admitted for my deliver ... August baby! SG50 baby~ haha!!! No much hope for NDP baby, but hopefully doctor will grant me :( pray hard!

Today I went AMK hub with sister, for dinner and shopping :D hehe! It's really been a long time since I last went to AMK, really miss going there for walk, eat and shopping haha! and finally I  got the chance to go before I deliver :) hehe! 

We have Mos Burger for dinner! Again for me~ haha! I just love the burger and the milk tea ^.^ yum yum~ Guess I have to watch my diet already haha!

After dinner we went to Jubilee mall popular lol! Bought some note book and pen ... Haha! 

I bought the Cream Bread!!! Omgggg~ I'm so happy to see this~ it's really been a long time since I last have this! I really love eating this ^.^ The bread store left last two loaf and I grab it all haha! :D Just love going AMK so much, it's really a big location to shop for :) 

We head back to AMK hub after that! Haha! Shop around the mall and in the end the last place to shop is NTUC Fairprice! Always~ hehe :D 

(Throwback selfie) hehe! ^^
My one and only sister! Who always love me! Dotes me! Cares about me! And support me no matter what! Sister~ Thank you for everything ! Thank you for the day! Really thankfully for what you have spent for me! <333 Really sorry for letting you to spend so much today! Your hard earn money! I really appreciates a lot! Thank you <333 ILY~ ^.^ hehe

Went home and have this! Brewed black chicken :) hehe! Thank you so much! Mother In Law~ for the time to buy the chicken and the effort to brew it for me when I requested for it ^^ 感恩!<3

My naughty Jerald!

Once again it's 1.30am now ... Jerald just falls alseep, I guess it's an habit! It's time to change the routine ! Can't let it continue like this~ omg!!! I'm totally exhausted :( same goes to hubby, but hubby's always so caring. He wants me to go for bed but Jerald wanted to find me so no choice ... Hubby help me to wash and sterilize the mill body just now! I'm so touched and feel bad at a same time ! Thank you~ my hubby! Dear Dear~ <333 

Sorry that I always got fustrated when every I'm tired and irritated! You always let me in or even tried to comfort me, make me laugh! Thank you for the hard work towards me! Thank you for the support~ Love you with my whole life <333

Good night :) once again~ haha

And also finally! WiFi~ :D

Yesterday around evening time suddenly there's no connection to home wifi ! Was so fed up so went to call hubby as he's working night shift ... Hubby did called for the Starhub service line but no information so no choice got no wifi to use ... But lucky my phone data plan didn't burst haha!!! :D

So today went to Plaza Singapura after my Gynecology appointment, me and hubby went to take a look around and purchase an router ... So now finally wifi is back ! So happy ^^ Hubby settle down the Starhub cable TV and the router when we go home :) Thank you hubby! 

This boy! As always~ making me angry and laugh at the same time ... Headache~ haha! But just love him the way he is ^^ Naughty boyyyyy! Alright~ it's getting late, time reaching 11.30pm! Gotta put that naughty boy for bed already~ I'm so tired! Haha! Goooood night~ <333 

Finally! Next week~ :)

It's 30th July 2015, Thursday ... Went KKH for Gynecology, hubby accompany me <3 We waited more than an hour to see doctor, and also waited about half an hour for payment ... I really hate waiting! Waste of time but no choice and no point complaining ... I was so hungry after seeing doctor but still have to wait for payment, in the end I got irritated! :( 

Doctor said I will be admitted to hospital one week later, decided to deliver me at 38 weeks so it will be 7th August 2015! I hope doctor will allow me to deliver on 9th August~ NDP!!! As just two to three days away, it's a memories! :) hehe! Praying hard ^^ 

( throwback photos, forgotten to snap as I was too hungry! Lol XD ) hehe

After appointment me and hubby went Plaza Singapura, I was so hungry so went Mos Burger for a meal! Hehe :D After eating we rush ourselves as time is getting late, we also need to takeaway dinner for in laws ... 

We went to A.Lab for iPad service! Was so glad that hubby did purchase the AppleCare+ when he bought the iPad if not we have to pay $550 for servicing! But we got to pay $68 instead :D

After A.Lab we went to Starhub for replacing our cable TV device ... Lucky the service is fast same goes to the A.Lab :D 

Before going home, we went to takeaway dinner, suggest hubby to buy Japanese Yakitori hehe!!! I love their chicken meat ball ^.^ yummy~ But I bought 老伴豆花, craving for it out of sudden... Hehe! :)

First day of Annual Leave ...

Hello! It's 29th July 2015, Wednesday ^^ my first day of Annual Leave starts ... Today morning went for appointment, so far so good! Controlling my diet well and throughout the pregnancy I gain around 10kg!? Haha~ Always hated to wait, especially when seeing doctors... It always take so long to see doctor and same goes with the making payment, headache! 

Today went for appointment alone as planned to meet my elder sister after that ... Actually hubby wanted to accompany me but he told me that he's working night shift and also need to do paper work, so I thought of letting hubby to stay at home rest and sleep instead of accompany me ... I'm fine with it cause I will feel very bad if he accompany me for appointment and then go home alone after that as I meet my elder sister :(

Went for brunch with elder sister at City Square mall hehe! ^^ was so damn hungry till I low sugar haha! But wanted to Thank sister for the time and Thank you for your patience to wait for me <333

After brunch we went for window shopping actually haha but in the we did shop... :P Sister bought this dinosaur!? For Jerald haha! :D Thank you sister~ for always thinking of Jerald! ^.^ sister went home with me just to see and play with Jerald! :) hehe! Thank you sister and sorry to trouble you here and there <3 love you! ^^

Hehe sister snap this when I brought Jerald home for the last time before I deliver :) haha! So fast that Jerald is going two years old this year :D really look like a big boy but behaving like a naughty haha! Terrible two huh~!? >.<

Last day! Of work~

職業病的我!熱愛工作的我!再見啦 :( Haha! 28th July 2015, Tuesday ... Officially my last day of work and off to my Annual Leave and then Manternity Leave ... 說真的還滿捨不得!放不下! I'm also not sure whether I'm ok and able to go back to work after deliver as I will be having two kids in the house already really afraid my mother in law can't handle as she 60s already ... 

Worry to go for work and leave my two kids at home to let them look after ... Really don't know how to settle and what to do ... No choice! Step by step ... Haha! Once again~ I'm posting at this timing, ten more minutes to reach 1am, Jerald just fall asleep! ... Shall go to sleep now, have to wake up early in the morning to go for my appointment at KKH! 

Upload one family photo before going to sleep hehe!!! Somehow missing those times ~ ... <333

Fighting !!! Go go go~

It's 1.30am now and I'm still posting, because Jerald just falls asleep ... Oh god! But Thankfully for Hubby putting Jerald to bed as he knew that I'm really tired after work and also my tummy so big already that I need more rest ... Although he's working too but hubby's always so sweet ^^ hehe! Love hubby so much~

Went SengKang Kopitiam Square for supper with hubby after work ... Hehe!!! Omggg faaaaaats! And I really eat till my tummy going to explode, eat too much, so bloated! But sad that I didn't finish the Kuey Chap ingredient, really too full!!! 

Tuesday hubby's off and I'm going for my last day of work! 加油~ ^^ Guess I'll post again when I wake up in the morning ... And hope Jerald won't wake me up often and early, really need some rest... Wednesday I've appointment in the morning at KKH! Then Thursday I've appointment at around 3.30pm ... Wow!

Hope I'll be able to get enough rest before I deliver! Alright~ Good night ! ^^

Last two days of work ! :)

Good morning! It's Monday blue~ haha! But I'm feeling so tired as yesterday work too much haha! It's Sunday and always down of crew and lots of customers ... Crazy Sunday! Just have to work for two more days then I will be officially off for my maternity leave hehe!!! All the best to myself~ omgggg I can't believe just two more weeks to my deliver ... ^^ 

Guess I will definitely miss Jerald so much! Hope he will miss me too hehe!!! He starts to find me when I'm at home and sticks to me no matter what haha! They said he's jealous as my tummy is big already he wants attention from me haha!!! My silly Jerald~ mama always love you! <333 hehe 

Yesterday reach home after work around 11pm plus and get to settle down and then cook Maggie mee for supper haha ... Done washing, done eating and put my boy to sleep the time it's already like 1am plus Omgggg ... I always get to sleep at this time and mostly always the last one to sleep ... Torturing haha!!!

Good night ! ZzzZZzzz

My poor Jerald! :(

Jerald woke up early today, 8am plus~ so sad that I'm unable to rest and sleep well, still have three more days of work then I'm off to leave ... Less than two week I'm gonna deliver :D feel worried and nervous somehow ... :( 

Feel so bad that I spread my flu to Jerald! Omg~ gone case! No wonder my flu have recovered and now I'm having cough ... Sighhhh! Fall sick when I'm gonna deliver soon! Whyyyy~ and why I spread to Jerald ! :((( sorry my poor Jerald! Mama loves you~ <333

2015 Birthday! :D

Hubby bought this bag for my birthday this year! We went to Expo baby fair and I saw this beautiful bag! It's a nursing bag too! I can't believe~ haha! One shot hit two birds and its cost $59 after 80% of discount hehe ^^ thank you hubby!!!

I went home on the Saturday, 11th July 2015! Spent the day to celebrate with my family, really appreciated very much! Hehe! My elder sister drew this drawing for me to wish me Happy Birthday ^^ 

(Photo credit to my sister) haha!

Have steamboat for my birthday at home with my family ! ^^ hehe~ ate a lot! Finished almost all~ Uncle Ben came back too! Haha! Just to eat together lol!

Wanted to thank my family for the day and the birthday cake!!! Really enjoy and have an awesome day~ always feel so relax and enjoy when every time I'm home ^^ 

On my actual birthday! Mother in law cook Red Wine Chicken Vermicelli for me, it's a traditional hehe! Thank you~ <333

My dearest elder sister bought me flower! I'm so surprised and happy to receive flowers hehe!!! Although it's not from hubby but still feel so much love from everyone~

Hubby I understand our situation and I don't blame you at all, most of the time we are joking with each other but we do concern and love one another more everyday! Thank you for all the love you have given it to me and all the tolerance you have accepted from me! Love you with all my heart <333

Went for late lunch with hubby and sister, we went Plaza Sing for Just Acia :D yummy!!! We also went for movie haha! Watch Minions again~ ^^ We went Mos Burger for dinner haha! We spend our dating at Plaza Sing lol :D

2 Years Wedding Anniversary ^^

Hehe! This year is me and hubby's two years wedding anniversary ^.^ we went for movie date :D we went to watch Minions in the day and then Jurassic World at night ... 

We bought this ring from Couple Lab for ourselves, for our anniversary ^^ 

I did this DIY folder card for hubby! ^^ hehe~ only get to snap the front pag ...

Mama! Papa! Day ^^

This year 2015 Mother's Day! Hehe ^^

"媽媽!謝謝你為我們所付出的一切!感恩!也很珍惜!我愛你~ hehe!!! Happy Mother's Day to you my beloved mummy ^^ Wanna thank you for being such a encouraging mother! Appreciated for everything you have gave me and all the love for me! Just love you sooooo much no matter what ! 母親節快樂 <3 " 

" 也要對我自己說一聲,母親節快樂 :D Bought this lovely cake for myself, my mummy and MIL ...  haha!!! Happy Mother's Day to myself~ ^.^ Lol~ "

 This year 2015 Father's Day ! Me and sister get to cook together but half way I went to sleep! Haha~ 

Have an advance Father's Day celebrate for my father ^^ 

" To my wonderful! Beloved! Awesome! Papa~ Wanna wish you an "Happy Father's Day" <333 Thank you for all the endless love you have given it to me ! Love You papa! 只願您能每一天健健康康,開開心心,沒煩惱!辛苦你了爸爸!^^ 謝謝你!感恩~ "

Hehe! Jerald always so happy and excited when he see cakes on table especially with candles! Thought it was his birthday ^^ 

On the Father's Day I bought Twelve Cupcakes lol! Again~?! Haha for my father in law and my dearest hubby! ^^ hehe! 

" To my FIL, my dearest one and only sweetest Husband! "Happy Father's Day" 😊😘 My hubby~ Thank you for all the sacrifice you have did to support this family 💋 Thank you 💞 LOVE YOU "

My parent! <3

This year my dearest papa birthday! Bought him polar chocolate forest cake! Hehe~ somehow my family birthdays there's always Jerald taking photo with them! So cute ^^ this is during April month 2015! 

"Wanted to wish my Dearest Hero! My Father! A Happy Birthday~ same goes to my big bro~ Happy Birthday too! 只希望你們健康,平安,開心、 生日快樂!"

My silly mama birthday this year! Hehe also fall on April month :D bought her mango mousse cake from Four Leave haha! Somehow there's a typo in the photo edit... Hehe :P

"她一路的堅強! 她所有的關愛! 她那慈悲的心態! 她天真的笑容和笑聲永遠都是那麼的好笑! 她!是我媽媽~ 「生日快樂」 媽咪~ 祝你生日快樂!願您身體越來越健康!(不要亂吃)每一天都開開心心!(不要煩惱) Happy Birthday !!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! My dearest one and only silly mama~ <333 "

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