I'm now hungry T^T cause later gonna go farrer park lunch with elder sister hahas =D
yesterday ended work at 4pm which I requested hahas cause wanna go kbox with Kimberly my manager ^^ she's a very nice person =) and I believe that we both could become good friends muahahahhaha!!! =D
Tomorrow! EILEEN birthday OMG! I really have no idea what to buy for her *sigh~* I asked her what she want so that I could buy easily but she said she wanna surprise so now I'm gonna spin my brain... seriously! haha~ hmmm~ so later go find what I'm gonna buy hehe~ ^^

off to lunch! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
this week's seriously a busy week for me hahas! work and outing woots~!!! T^T later gonna go out with shi yu and her other friends too but lucky saturday I've no work muahahahaha! =D

I very sad!!!! I'm like few weeks never watch 100% entertainment T^T cause home computer spoiled What the hell!!!~ T^T then I can't download the full version but to go youtube watch it and yet I still haven watch T^T stupid and idiot T^T hahas =P I miss SHOW Luo !!!~ =(

then nowadays I only online facebook hahas~ and also play the games =P
[boring~!....] =P
seriously tired and sleepy T^T
plus tomorrow gonna company mama go for appointment, I so wish that tomorrow I could stay at home BUT! the worst is after my mama appointment I have to rush to meet my secondary school friends *sigh!* actually I don't have to be that rush I just forget that I have to go for appointment with mama then now! is really gonna drive me crazy -_-!!! lols! haha~

This week's seriously gonna be a very busy week cause after tomorrow which is thursday I gonna go for work then friday have to go out again T^T so only left saturday to stay at home and rest but I also actually don't have to go out but I've already confirm and promise my friends that I will be there so!!!~ I have to go with no choice T^T LOL!
MUAHAHAHAHA! I'm seriuosly in good mod! hehe~ know why!? cause I've bought Rainie concert ticket YEAH!!!!!~ =D I bought it yesterday with Uncle ben.
later gonna go out with shi yu and belle hmm~ i think we gonna go for kbox haha~
home computer can't use T^T sad!!!! bro said he gonna buy a new computer but scare that papa will not happy *sigh!~*
- yesterday saw on newspaper got Rainie SG concert news! and I really wanna go so feel like asking my parent whether I could go but at the end still never open my mouth to ask bout it haha~ so I asked my sister whether she would like to go and she said yes muahahaha~ but we gonna buy the cheapest, $88 =P hehe~ so today morning when I wake up I thought of asking uncle ben going with us so that my parent will maybe let us go at least got uncle ben with us and they will not be so worried hehe!
I forgot that I sunday work till 5pm some more I called my uncle to go buy ticket with me this sunday LOL! T^T how~~~!!! maybe I go cut off my schedule ^^ hehe~ till 3pm muahahahaha!!!!~ =P hope I could T^T

now on msn chatting with my secondary school friend to confirm and chat bout our outing cause it's such a long time ever since we last go out together, so the date and place is already confirm but still don know what's still going on hahas =P
Today appotintment result!!!! good!!!!~~~ =D I will keep it up ^0^ must have confident and the heart to go on hahas~
Rainie SG concert is on 16 october!!!!~ OMG!!!~ I wanna go T^T but my parent sure will said NO and nag *sigh!~* how!!!? T^T
Few days ago saw the news of Show Luo fan have an accident and passed away T^T sad!!!~
tomorrow maybe gonna buy new clothes =P hehe~ tomorrow no work!!!!~ yeah~~!!!!! ^0^
today's a housework day! ......


hehe~ lol! nothing to post =P

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