to my dearest Hippo Mummy~ ^~^ hehe! I Love u~~~ MUACKS!!!

Yesterday went to hippo mummy birthday chalet party! sooooooo fun! Love it! :D haha! oh ya! next weekends having celebration toooo~ hehe! Daddy and brother birthday =]
OMG! i finally bought iPhone but is my baby help me buy with a cheaper price by his own plan hahas~ later meeting him and godmum for breakfast which godmum just called me LOL! after that I'm going to buy Show Luo's Concert ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh boy~ oh boy~!!! hehe

=] hello~~~ Morning! haha! Yesterday went Orchard, Takashimaya for Jason birthday! kinda fun and interesting too! LOL! OMGGGG~~~~ I really can't believe that I got iphone 4!!! *FAINT!* hehehehe!!! My baby bought me the iphone 4! I'm soooooo touch! OOPS!!! since when I've baby~ *SHY* haha! Yup~ we just start dating not long ago! HEHE~ ^^ MUACKS!!! Baby bought me with a cheaper price with his own plan! second phone! haha~

Later meeting baby and God Mum for breakfast which Mum just call me up to! =3 haha! After that I'm heading sistic to get Show Luo's concert ticketttttt! oh boy~ oh boy~!!! hehe ^0^
alright! Bye~
Didn't post for days~ ... because I'm sad on these days! Really feel not that well ... relationship just so confusing! GOSH~ ... I'm alone at home now, brother, sister and mummy went to do their passport and I didn't join them! One~ not feeling well, Two~ No mood, =P Three~ I'm meeting my friend ... HEHE! Oh yeah~~~ I'm going to get iPhone 4!!! HURRAY~ ^^ BUT! I've to give up on Show Luo's Concert ... SADDDDDD~ Oh ya!!! 김형준 오빠 [Kim HyungJun Oppa] is releasing new EP!!! ^^

Gonna miss the night!!! :(
omg ... SERIOUSLY!!! I'm so freak out now~~~ Just because of McD BOGO [Buy One Get One Free promotion] makes me soooooooooo! TIREDDDDD! sad ... thats all for today! hahahahahaha
오모!!!~~~ 박정민 오빠 [Park JungMin Oppa] ^^ is coming to our hometown~ hehe! but~ I can't attend! =/ 羅志祥 [Show Luo] is coming toooooo~ =] HEHE! on 14thh May for his Encore Concert~ How about SHINee!???? hehe~ when will they be here!??? and my pocket really going to have a bigggg hole! LOL!

I went for badminton games with my friends haha! coooool~ and funnnn! ... sighhhhhh~ and sad to sad that something is borthering me again ... Works stuff ... dont't want to mention... tired! I'm working tomorrow and so sad I'm gonna work with some crew that I'm not close with! gosh~~~ awkward! lol
It's the second day of March today! ... time fly so fast~ haha! I was working yesterday and it was kinda a hard day for me! sad~ Cause there's new promotion and I'm not that sure bout everything so I was a bit nervous and afraid during work! haha~ Recently I have been out with Karen Aunty and Kelvin manager haha! so fun~ :D so sad I have been sleeping at midnight nowadays~ ... why can't I just sleep till late morning!??? sighhhhh ...

^^ HEHE! Just watched SHINee First Tour Concert in Japan and information from Facebook! "Shinee Time" haha! Thanks~

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