Afternoon ... 24/08/2015

Good afternoon ... Hubby going for run later on, going off at 3 plus and he's resting on the bed now ... 

Actually yesterday me and hubby planned to settle some stuff today but in the end we too lazy and shag to go out haha ... Change to tomorrow :P

We intend to go nearby CC and get my new Singpass and then go HDB to settle the documents... But in the end we are at home resting haha

Javier is sleeping now ^.^ finally settle Javier and clam him down ❤️❤️❤️ and I can take a rest now :) hehe

I guess I'll print out some photo of Javier later on during evening time ... Hope I'll have the energy :) hehe

Still planning for full month event, I'm thinking whether I should give out goodie bag to people who came over and bring it home :) hmmmm~

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