" 생일축하 합니다 !!! 내 사랑하는 친한 친구! 여보! EILEEN~~~
^^ 사랑해! ㅎㅎ ... "

ㅋㅋㅋ~ Just now went edit picture haha, told the image from her facebook profile oops!!! XD I also look through my blog, my history! 오모! really miss those dayyyyyys man ㅠㅠ haha! Really a lot of throw back! haha! ... It's really like been a loooooong time since I last use korean!? haha ... no time to update myself too hehe! hmmmm... I miss my hubby ^^ hehe! I'll get back to blog after I came back with bakery stuff haha! Daddy said wanna buy an bakery table hehe!!! OMG! I'm so happy but not sure when he's going to get it, I really hope soon haha :D byeeeeee
Good Morning! ^^ hehe! loooovvvvee the weather ... so cooling! ... today its the last day of August! and it's my best friend birthday!!! ^.~ hehe!!!

Yesterday have some conflict during work, seriously I really can't stand to work with this kind of BITCH! She thought she have a lot of experience! SHIT YOU~ ... really dislike this kind of people, just came into this industry now long and you're so proud of it! manager so what! You think I'm scared! I don't give any fuck ok! 掰明就是针对我嘛!王八蛋!我很不服你~

I'm also angry of how the way Mr Tay talks to me! if you're not happy of the way I talk then i can just go home if I'm not happy, when I got mad! things will get worst! you can't save the fire! I mean what I said! When I'm showing black faces you all asked me why, tell you guys! now I really think! what the fuck I tell you guys for!??? I rather shut up anyway I'm just giving problems to you all ... I really quitting this job! SUCKS MAN!
I'm done with all this SHIT! Bye!

Later meeting sister around evening time to buy some bakery stuff! hehe!!! I wanna bake cheese cake and maybe cookies!!! hehe! cannot wait! sister said bake it tonight haha! cause I'm working on the weekends! so sad! stupid schedule ... messing me up ... sigh!

But really I miss all those time gathering with my family ... I really spent to much time on the stupid job! ANGRY! waste half of my life time! Idiot! ... so sad~
Very Sad that this month I've only got 4 post and this will be the 5th post! ... its end of the month!!! 29th August! so fast ... sigh! hmmm! I wonder whether there's really world end coming up ... omg! really freaking out! ... sad !!! counting down to two more days, my best friend birthday! ^^ still thinking what to get for her birthday haha! and ya! Rachel also have the same birthday as my best friend! Rachel's my McD crew ^^ really have to think hard! and hope I've the time to do Birthday cards for them ^^ haha! Alright off to surf net now hehe ^^ byeeeeeee
Afternoon!!! ^^ heheeeee~ I'm now all alone at home! LOL! Mummy went Polyclinic for her appointment and sister went out for job interview! I'm off todayyyyy! YEAH! ^^Y Just done with all my previous blog post like finally! Later after this post I'm gonna go search for receipts hehe! ^^ oh ya! I just eaten this hehe! Almost forgotten that I bought all the salad dressing and leave all inside the Fridge without touching or evening eating it haha!
Yesterday went AMK hub around 4pm plus to meet hubby for movie! hehe! finally we get to watch movie! it's like been a long time .. miss those days! After that went sport links at AMK central lucky bought hubby jacket that he wants haha! Hubby got even today! went for Dinner ... hmmm! the food is not bad but the service is kinda weird! order on serving table but have to go counter and pay after our orders, like stupid! ...
Bought theis shoe bag for sister cause I remember that she needs it haha! cost $20 but after discount by NTUC member is $18 also not bad! haha
Watch this yesterday! OMG! so cooooooool! and funny haha! I'm gonna find part one and watch it hehe!!!
Hellooooooo! ^^ hehe! I'm back to continue posting the mid month post haha! LOL! Oh damn! I was freaking out when Miley Cyrus cuts off her bun!!! But I feel so proud to be a smiler, she cuts off her but just to donate to the cancer children! awww!!! I LOVE YOU! Miley ^^
Oh ya! I wanna get this series of Marie Caire!! ^^ hehe! Gorgeous to the max~~~ can't find it in SG! waitinggggg~ :)))

17th August, Friday! I was on iTunes and I saw this! I was OMGGGG!!! excited and happy! like jumping haha!!! ^^ But finally I got the album hehe! Lovvvvvvvvveee it ! MUACKS~

20th August, Monday! Public holiday, Hari Raya! hehe! But this image looks creepy, looks a bit like offering right!? actually is A4 size paper, not sure why all over the road haha!

Afternoon went lunch with Choon Yen Ah Buuuuu~~~ ^^ hehe! Went for Pizza Hut instead, actually we've decide to go McCafe for drinks and cakes but in the end the store was crowded as she been called to start work early so we went Pizza hut! I lovvvveee Pizzaaaaa!!! YUMMYYYYY~~~ ^^

24th August, Friday! Went NEX shopping mall with Choon Yen Ah Buuuuu!!! ^^ heheeeee! we walk and shop around! suddenly thought of having ice cream haha! so went Anderson's for it ... hmmm! doesn't taste that nice but the ice is real good! haha!

Love this picture! but also makes me feel real sad ... Hubby also upset and sad to see this ... he said that he's an bad guy and not fit to be with me ... OMG! really makes me cry so much ... got this scar on the 23rd August, Thursday ...
Hello!!! Good night~ really been a very looooooon time since I lasted post!? This month really busy with work omg!!!! Tired max man!!! Just now went Nex shopping mall to buy Oven and mixer! Hehe! Total cost $138.90 daddy helped me paid first and then sister help me carried, so as daddy haha! Mummy walked beside us, we took taxi home! And most stupid and idiot is that those people don't know how to queue up for taxi still dare to call people to queue up! Stupid! Hahahaaaaa!!!

I took picture of daddy mummy when we're heading HGM take MRT to NEX! ^^ hehe! but wrong angle haha~ Bout the oven they give me an boiling kettle jug for free cause is the same company haha! "MORRIES" ^^ hehe
I bought this two today after meeting hubby before his work! haha! went hubby house, bought him meal and then set off for his work but raining! hehe! There's threee version for Rainie's newest album but I choose to but this no idea why! haha!

hehe! My dearest Mattew DiDi! ^^ always being so naughty during work! Hope he could take good care of himself! don't hurt himself and do silly things because of girls! If it's yours it will be your if not you can't force it to be! it will not have happiness with it! ... but I knew your situation is maybe a little complicated but still take good care! ... Damn funniest things is that the two faces besides Mattew OMFG! LOL!!!
Oh ya! I'm gonna states some of mid month post, cause never been posting this month really that much! Tired after work and on my off days really no much time to post! feel sad~ but finally I get the time now hehe ^^

McD now changes the price again! oh damn~ different boss really have different rules!!! But glad that the McChicken is back to $2 ... The new product McDouble is just so stupid, kinda same like double cheese burger but just only with one slice of cheese. Now a slice of cheese cost $0.50 each and as double cheese burger cost $2.50, if an customer buy a McDouble with extra slice of cheese I rather they just buy a double cheese burger! LOL!

[image sent from my boss!] HAHA

10th August, Friday! went NEX shopping mall Starbucks to meet hubby before going his house, we went for a walk haha! Passion Tea Lemonade! OMG! not my tase haha! But I still love the cheeseeeeeee cake!!! ^~^

11th August, Saturday! I took off day on this weekends just to take a good rest and out for dating with hubbbbbbyyy! hehe! I let my cuties for suntan before I went out! and very sad that actually we should sop with 10th August which mean 11th August I should go hubby house cause it's an weekend, outside will be a lot of people ...

worst come to worst I bought the mocha coffee and ate with wrong food! my stomach really feel unwell and I throw out in the end when I reach home ... and went for toilet a few time sitting on the toilet bowl! lol .... awful day haha!

Good eveningggggg! ^^ It's kinda late now! bed timeeeeee~ It's the first post of the month! Really gonna be very busy this few months, will not be posting recently! ... Having hard times working nowadays, don't know why! I think maybe store just done renovates not long ago! Stress man~ Now we're having McCafe! OH GOD! The McCafe is really damn small and squeeze but don't look down on it, it can contain more than four people inside hahaha!!! Actually I wish to learn McCafe but it's not my turn yet although all CL need to learn, but I wish I could become beanies but boss don't allow me as she got some plans for me! OMG! Hope everything's go on well and smoothly! ...

Today another awesome job for me, caramel burst again from the BIM! leak once again! I'll be expert of cleaning that already! haha! -__- Upcoming weeks there's a serious and crazy promotion! ... sighhhhh!

YEAH! tomorrow is national dayyyyy!!! and I'm working haha! But having two days off after that ^^Y hehe! Anyway Happy One Year Six Months Anniversary to me and hubbbbbbbyyyy!!! ^.^ hehe!!! MUACKSSSSSSSSSS~ I LOVVVVVVVVVEEEE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!
we went for celebration dinner earlier cause hubby is not free on the actual day, he's really busy with! sad~! hope hubby take good care of himself! ^^

Bought this todayyyyyy! omggggggg~ Can't wait for the album to be release! ^^

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