Throwback yesterday !

Would like to do a throwback post of yesterday and it's also a pay back day for Sunday, 1st May. Labour Day ! 

Yup I went home because my papa and Brother is not working haha! In the end I got pampered with delicious food omg!

I reached my mama's house not for Long I went off to HGM with my mum to get some groceries and etc. 

In the mean time my bro went to get meal for all of us haha! It's really been a Long Long time omggg! Kway Chap! Duck noodle! Duck meat!!! Really can't stop eating till I'm full hahaha! 

Feel so loved and happy hehe! Thank you all my parent and siblings! ❤️

Went home quite early actually, reached home around 8pm I guess. After my parent went off as they sent me home, I cooked instant noodle again cause was feeling kind of hungry haha

I took some photo of Jerald at my mama's house because he was really funny, he took my Sister Loreal brand Toner as a phone. He keep putting close to his ear and says hello hahaha! So cute~

As for Javier! It's a throwback photo like one or two weeks ago. I posted it on Instagram during yesterday midnight because he was not sleeping. In laws went to sleep and Jerald sleeps early so left me and Javier.

I played with him for awhile before I put him for bed, out of sudden I just being curious of wanting to touch and feel whether his teeth is growing out or not.

So surprisingly, YES! There's one teeth growing out on the bottom hehehe! I was so happy and excited because I was kind of worry when will his tooth be growing out. So far so good that Javier's development is really well and smooth hehe! Glad~

This photo was taken by my Sister haha! Interesting huh~

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