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feeling so bad temper today !

I know that it has been almost more than a month since I've last posted on blogger. Today I've come by just wanted to post out all the frustration and irritation inside of me ... I can't tolerate so much as recently there's a few thing that happened at home which makes me more tiring and irritated.
I have always been kind enough, I have really trying my best to be good and also shown the good side of me. I'm so tired being like this, so wish that I could be so selfish just for my rights.
Why do I have to suffer so much till my emotion kept going up and down... it's really so tiring ... I don't wish to say it much over here...
I will never forget how the way they have treated me, although I don't really express it out because there's no point of it at all. I've kept reminding myself not to think about all the pass, all the bad ones, and also the bad comments that I have received from them.
Sweet and warm to say that we're one family and it's …