So sick !

Hello! First post for the last day of February, and it's Monday blue. I'm having a bad cough recently but today it just got worst than I thought, I guess it might due to the working environment.

Plus today it's the McCafe Nano block limited selling. But it just doesn't looks like a Nano block at all, it looks like a display toy to me.

The crowd was horrible so as the way we serve, we have really used up all our energy. Somehow there's just one or two stupid and selfish customers, wanted to slap them upside down.

Morning wake Jerald up to prepare and go for school. He was really sleepy and rejected to wake up but once I show him his uniform his eyes just open wide and he sat up. Changed his clothes and prepare to go out, just love his sleepy face but still wanting to go for school. 

Jerald really is a good boy and I'm glad that he listen to instructions most of the time.

Once ended work I went to have my dinner before I proceed to popular and help hubby to get his stuff. 

Reached home at about almost 8pm, I rushed to go for shower just to take over MIL to look after my boys. As usual I know they just wanted me to settle the boys once I got home, it's alright! 

I will prove to you all that I'm capable, I'm strong and I can earn money. So no matter how tired and how sick I am I will still work hard and earn money. Just no matter how much I'm suffering I will survive till the end, till my last breath!

We shall wait and see ... What comes around goes around. 

Good night world

Hehe! Took selfie with baby Javier before he went for bed. I put him to bed as MIL is feeling tired and thought that she could handle but I take over her as I wants her to sleep early.

He was so active, doesn't seems like he wanted to go for bed haha so I just played with him for a while. Wait till he cry and wanting to go for bed, and he did. Took about more than 5 minutes to Javier for bed and waits for him to sleep soundly. 

Alright! I shall head for bed soon, there's waiting for me tomorrow. Hubby's is working midnight shift today, will be sleeping alone with Jerald tonight haha! Take good care my dear hubby! Loves you~

Life is tough! But stay strong!

Life is getting hard and tough recently, no matter how tired life is we still have to stay strong and move on. Just for the sake of our love ones!

Today hubby mention that he hope and needs me to work more shift work as he feels stress and tight on cash recently. I always knew about it actually, I also wish and try my best to work hard together.

Sometimes I really wish that I could just work and doesn't need to care much about home. But I'm married and a Mother of two already, plus my hubby parent are already senior citizen. I have to focus on my work and concentrate my home situation as well, all in one time.

It's not that I'm unwilling to look after and take care of the family for hubby. I'm also a lady which needs people to love and dotes me, or even pamper me.

I always tried to understand my hubby and his parent, also tried my best to give in no matter what. Last but not list I always do respect them because they're the parent of my hubby.

There's a lot of misunderstanding in the past years but I believe I will do my job well as a Daughter in law. I will do my best to be a good role for my boys and of cause a wonderful Wife for my hubby.

I know I suffer and will suffer no matter what, I just wish everyone could be happy living under one roof. I don't wish to give problem or difficulties towards hubby and in laws so I have been telling myself to be a good girl.

All the bad and negatives I just have to push it to one side. I believe I will do well no matter what's the outcome, at least I have tried my best. 

End of February !

Time is reaching 22:00 soon. I'm putting Javier for bed haha! Having my legs to lullaby him in his pram hehe! Such a lovely boy, so blessed and grateful to have these two boys in my life. I'm willing to do anything even sacrifice my life for them! They are my everything, I will protect them with my whole life. 

Wanted to update about recently that things are happening in my life haha! It's been quite some time since I've last posted on blogger.

Since yesterday after came home from my house I swop Jerald's and Javier's bedroom. And of cause their beds too, me and hubby found out that Jerald have been wanting to sleep in our bed during night time.

We have been putting him for bed and then carry him over to his bed which is with the grandparent. Till we can't tolerate as it drags till midnight so we decided to swop their room. Haha!

I do miss Javier on the other room... But just comforting myself that in law will be great to take good care of my lovely baby.

I just LOVE ! Them so much! Very much! With all my heart and my life! 

Jerald is fine now! ^.^

Finally my strong boy is back to his action! My dear Jerald~ his fever is gone after more than a week. So far his runny nose is getting better and so as his cough.

Was so worry about Jerald when he got fever and MIL just can't stop nagging and commenting. Sighhhh~ just making me kind of frustrated and upset.

Jerald look so weak when we bought him to see the GP before he went KKH Children's A&E. Jerald was having fever since he got home after seeing GP, but the next day his fever reached 39.3 degree.

Was in totally shocked so me and hubby decided to bring Jerald for A&E, the time was already 11pm plus. But got no choice, once we alight for the cab at the entrance of A&E, me and hubby were so shocked to see the crowd.

The register area was really crowded, so as the waiting area! Damn it~ the first time to see this kind of situation! Really do appreciate that all the Doctors and Nurses are acting fast and patiently.

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