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Good night 31st August 2015, Monday

Javier woke up at nearly 11pm for feeding :) Javier is having 125ml of milk nowadays, think I'm going to increase tomorrow ? Hmmm~ haha just changed three times diapers for him, really hope Javier won't drag my sleep the whole night ... As I'm alone :(

Javier be a good boy too ok ^,^ hehe Missing my hubby already ... Missing  hubby the whole afternoon and not sure what time he will be home after work :(
Hope everything will be smooth for hubby and go home early :) wanted him to sleep and rest for as he's still got two more days of closing shift ... 
Love you hubby~ ❤️❤️❤️
Good night ! ^,^ I'm the last one to sleep haha~ missing my hubby ❤️

Good night Jerald ❤️

Hehe my naughty Jerald sleeping so early but hope he will not wake up middle of the night and don't go for bed >.< 
Find my naughty Jerald growing up already, the face is changing hehe
I've eaten my dinner, but half way Javier wake up for milk so I squeeze all the food into my mouth haha scare later might stomach ache haha

Finally the whole house is in peace already haha all the small ones are sleeping ... And MIL able to take a rest :) I know she's tired plus she's an elderly ...
Good night ~ ❤️❤️❤️ ^,^

Headache ...

This naughty boy of mine ... Really giving me headache, making a mess for me :( Jerald didn't have his afternoon nap, so I only get to sleep less than an hour? After that I look after him ... Sad

Hope Jerald will be sleeping early tonight~ pray hard! Lol~ some times I just can't tolerate him being irritated so I got no choice but to smack his hand :(
I was busy looking after Javier, feeding Javier and changing diapers ... But Jerald keep disturbing me, sighhhh... Makes me feel so fed up till I smack him :( aiyoooo~ 

Feeling a little tired already, put Javier on his bed but I think he still want milk ... 
Tonight not sure what time hubby will be home, I guess 5am or 6am plus :( he always got home around this timing when every time he do stock take ...
Missing hubby~ and once again war through the night all by myself ... TIRED

I also do hope that Javier won't give me any problem during midnight feeding ... :( I really need to get more rest before full month is here :( 
That day I&#…

Happy Birthday my best childhood BFF ❤️

My dearest Best childhood friend ❤️
 It's your birthday today and I'm here to wish you :) Wishing you to have a enjoyable and beautiful birthday, stays young and happy ^,^
 I really feel so bad that I always failed to celebrate your birthday with you, especially since I got married ... Although some time we do contact one another but I really do miss you! Missing you so much ❤️
It's really been a long time since we last went out or even meet up ... But I'm really bliss to know you and I do believe it's fated for me to have you in my life ^,^ 
Once again~ wishing you a Happy Birthday ! May god bless you my dear ❤️

I need a nap ... :(

Just done feeding Javier not long ago and I hope he falls asleep haha so that I'm able to take a small nap as well ...
Today get to shower Javier too I mean get MIL to shower Javier :) hehe but before going for nap I need to settle Javier's clothes first ... 

My dear Javier please have a good sleep ❤️❤️❤️ haha
Yesterday went Kallang Bahru with hubby after his running :) bought stuff for full month event, but still left out something so tomorrow heading NEX mall altogether hehe
Slightly having headache wonder how are we suppose to bring the two kids out, with in laws as well ... The whole family will be going together haha
Thought of the sling suddenly, think I will use the SG50 luggage Sling ^,^ first try haha hope I'm able to used it ...

So busy and tiring ...

Hello~ Today it's the last day of August ... Time really flieeeees haha it's already31st  August 2015, Monday :)

Was having a hard time taking care of Javier these few days ... Have not been sleeping for almost three days but yesterday I did get to sleep more ...

Yesterday midnight Javier was crying so badly, can't calm him down and stop him from crying ... We did but it didn't last for 3 minutes, so I get the tummy oil and rub on Javier's tummy...
After that he got better, have his feeding and then fall asleep ... The time is already nearly 3am ... But really glad that he's ok already ❤️

Javier woke up at 6am plus for his next feeding so I get to sleep a couples of hours more than usual :)

Jerald always being so naughty haha but still love him so much no matter what ❤️❤️❤️ bring him into the room when I wake up cause MIL was busy, plan to sleep back actually but no choice ...

Hubby just went out for work ... Doing stock take today, tomorrow he's off day but stil…

Good afternoon ...

Having a real bad headache ... Have not been sleeping well for exactly almost three days ... 
Yesterday worst~ I was so stupid to go for bed at around 1am and then Javier wake up at 2am plus for feeding ... In the end Javier drag till 5am plus then go for bed ... 

Worst midnight I ever have ... This early afternoon I drink a bottle of chicken essence, I didn't drink it the past two days ...
Hubby went for running already, later after he end hope I will be on time to meet hubby ... Gonna buy some full month event stuff...

Good night ~

Putting my baby prince for bed now ... It's 11:30pm already ... Yup my big price is still awake too ... Really hope Jerald will fall asleep early as MIL is really ver tired :( Jerald please be a good boy >.<
Tonight I will be missing hubby hehe not sure whether I'm able to sleep well a not... Not sure what time hubby will be home :( missing him the whole day ❤️❤️❤️

Hubby~ I miss you ❤️

Throwback photo of hubby, forgotten what event he attended but I think it's company event haha 
I myself loving this photo very much hehe~ my chubby hubby ❤️❤️❤️
Really missing my hubby :( worry him when every time he's not at home and especially go for work ... Poor hubby still have to work more than other people does, double job always :( 人在做,天在看~
Tomorrow hubby still have to go for running although it's his off days... But I told hubby that he have to tolerate, no choice~ 老公!加油啦 ❤️❤️❤️ 愛你喲~ ^,^

Headache ... I need sleep~ :(

Just went for shower before posting on blogger... Didn't shower totally I mean body wash up, stomach ache after eating the brew black chicken ... LS~ haha
Want to thank my parent and sister for the visit today ❤️❤️❤️ loving you all so much ^.^ 
Counting down to exactly one week time to Javier's full month :) hehe I'm so excited but meanwhile I'm worry too~ it will be a very busy day for all of us :) haha

Hehe snap some photo of sister carrying Javier ^,^ 
The full month stuff, me and hubby have almost settle half way ... Now left with some plates, fork, spoon, orange syrup and etc ... Need to note down everything if not I think will left out something haha

Afternoon ^,^

Good afternoon~ :) it's already 3pm plus now ... Hehe waiting for my parents and sister to visit me ^,^ ❤️❤️❤️
Early in the morning after hubby went off for work, so Jerald was on my bed and then I realize his diapers haven changed ... But it's too late, it over flows and then Kenna my bed ... Till now it's still a little wet hahaha

Just feed Javier, he's sleeping already... Glad that he's sleeping now haha so that I'm able to take a rest too
Today I did massage him more than the past two days, glad that I achieve it :) 寶寶我們一起加油~ ❤️❤️❤️

Hehe chubby chubby Javier ❤️ shower him already :) when I was feeding Javier after shower just now, Jerald was on the bed ... Using iPad and he was leaning on the bed...
Out of sudden Jerald's leg came over and kicks on Javier's head :( I'm so shocked ~ but I can't scold him or even bit but only calm Javier down as he was crying :(

Miss you~ hubby ❤️

It's 12:30pm now ... Hubby just went out for work :( miss him~ hope hubby have enough rest and sleep well ❤️

Now leaving me, Jerald and Javier alone in the room ... Done with my meal, feeling so tired, feel like sleeping :(
But MIL is a bit busy ... No choice, I also think that Javier is going to wake up soon for feeding ... Sighhhhh~ headache! Really headache :(

Sister and mum ❤️

Feel bad towards my sister and mum :( they came down to visit me yesterday but keep them waited for quite some time at my living room ... Cause me and hubby are settling the full month stuff so keep them await for some time ...
Meanwhile Jerald is sleeping and same goes to Javier ... They wanted to come in and see Javier, so once almost discussed and done I faster ask them come in but mum came in already haha
Sorry sister and mum ❤️ keep you both wait for some time... I really appreciate when every time you all came to visit me and bought things over :) really thank you all of you so much~ love you all ❤️❤️❤️

Going to have my breakfast now ... Yup almost everyday the same haha! Later I'm going to have one bottle of chicken essence, yesterday forgot to drink it :( so today became like this :(

Morning ...

Time is getting near noon time ... Javier wake up at 10.30am plus for feeding ... I have totally no energy, whole body so weak and same goes to my both legs and arm ... And even my neck too, muscle aches...
I think that I don't have the energy to carry Jerald ... I scare I might drop him :( really feeling so tired and painful today ... Very sad ... 

Throught the whole night, Javier wake up two hourly for his feeding :( shag~ damn shag! I didn't get to sleep well, so now I'm having very bad headache ... :(

This naughty Jerald :) missing him so much ❤️
Think today my energy will be gone seriously :( have been suffer for days already ... Looking after Javier alone all the time and all night, I'm really tired :(
Tired till feel like crying, but there's really no tears ... Now even my eyes is tired to cry too ...

Good morning ^,^

Hello~ good morning :) didn't get to sleep well but my mood is good hehe ^,^ Woke up every two hours through the night to feed Javier ... Having bad headache when I wake up every time for feeding :(
But no choice i have to tolerate haha~ guess I'm going to drink the chicken essence later on :) every morning one bottle haha 

Chubby Javier says good morning too ❤️ hehe
Later have to settle the full month stuff already because it's next week omgggg~ so fast hehe I can't wait~ really so excited for the day to arrive :)

Good night ❤️ 27/08/2015 ^,^

Hello~ ^,^ it's time for bed now hehe I just settle down everything that I wanted to, now I'm on bed already :)

But I think Javier going to wake up soon for his next feeding so I'm still considering whether I should sleep or not haha

Today receive Javier's Baby Bonus Card, the post is here :) The baby bonus cash is $6000 for the second baby haha, but we're unable to get the $8000 :/ hmmm~

Hehe Javier is sleeping soundly ^,^ MUACKS~ ❤️❤️❤️ just now after Javier fall asleep I went to finish my left over dinner ... And then I did something stupid ...
Or I should said I find things for myself to busy with, so stupid to let myself feel so tired end of the day haha
I went to arrange my wardrobe, keep and clear my stuff... I keep all the maternity dress and pants, took out my before pregnancy clothes and etc ...
I spent bout an hour time or maybe less than that? It was 11pm when I'm almost done, so I quickly brush my teeth and floss my teeth... Take water for hubby and then…

Good evening ^.^

Hehe I have a good evening today ^.^ have a good chat with MIL and have fun with Jerald too ... Also wanted to say something, my moodswing is getting better :) no more temper and attitude towards anyone in the house ... I'm really glad that I'm improving now :)
Really feel so sorry for the past few weeks, giving hubby a very hard time to tolerate my nonsense and stupid brain~ thank you hubby~ I love you very much ❤️❤️❤️

Just done feeding Javier but he haven sleep soundly yet :) chubby chubby Javier ^,^ hehe ❤️❤️❤️
Hubby came home before 10pm after work :) he have fun with Jerald for a while before having his dinner hehe

It's 10pm plus now ... Have my dinner at around 7.30pm and here's my left over dinner ... No appetite :( feeling tired already so sad ... I think I will be sleeping early tonight, cause thought out the night I have to look after Javier alone ...
Hubby is already very tired, he didn't sleep for almost one day :( poor thing~ Tomorrow early morning hubby ha…

Can't decide ...

Yesterday went for Diabetic Appointment, seen the doctor, the dietitian and the Social Worker ... Plus I made a new appointment for my Kidney follow up, and will receive the blood test prescription form during maybe next week ...
I think I have to give up on feeding breast milk, the reason is very simple and same with why I stop feeding Jerald breast milk too ... Yup~ all due to medication :( sadly to say that I have to look out and control  my blood sugar so there's a few medication will affect for breast feeding ...
But if I took out the medication my blood sugar will be affected :( so sad ... My life sucks~ but I have a supportive and understanding husband... I'm bliss ❤️ hehe
Currently my weight now is 57kg, last result before deliver is 64kg ... I lost 7kg, but before pregnancy my weight was in between 53kg ~ 55kg, can't recall ... but BMI range is 42kg ~ 56kg ... Stress!~
But to me, now weight isn't any matter yet ... The big problem is my blood sugar ... Sighhhhhh~ …

Oh~ Javier~ Javier~ ...

YES~! Finaaaally~! Javier is full and sleeping now already ... After two to three hours of feeding, changing diapers and changing clothes etc ...

Days are getting more tough each day for taking care of Javier ... Still have too stretch his muscle, I'm feeling a little stress actually ... 
After yesterday whole day appointment... Yup a lot of stress, my mind is full of so much things till I can't decide and stop thinking :(

Have a good sleep boy, please let mummy rest for sometimes so please do not wake up so early for your next feeding ... Hahaha

Afternoon ^.^

Hubby today went for his management meeting/outing ... He came home at around 5am plus in the morning and then set wrong alarm at 8am as he need to go NTUC and purchase Javier's milk powder ...
Meanwhile MIL also get hubby to help her buy some stuff too, so in the end hubby went for groceries haha~

Javier wake up at 4am plus, nearly 5am for feeding ... Was feeding him for just a while after that hubby reached home ...

Having a little hard time putting Javier for bed and feeding him these few days :( so tiring ...

Have my first meal almost in the noon time ... But in between I did wake up once at about 10am plus to feed Javier ... But went back for a short nap :) so feeling better now and having a little more energy ...

After my meal I have vita soy ^,^ hehe hubby specially bought it for me ❤️ after confiment I think I have to change it to Nutri Soy as the calcium is higher and have lesser sugar choice ... And also I'm used to it with the taste :)

Alright~ I have been drinking Chicke…