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Hello!!! It's my first post for the month December haha! omg~~~ it's really been a looooooooong time since I last post hahahahaha! Blog is reaaaaaally dead huh~!? hehe! I'm really exhausted now~~~adays!!! so SADDDDDDD!!! been busy for work, appointment and dating too!!! =P oops~~~~ ... sigh!!! and again I didn't get myself to go for school next year again~ I think I once again have disappointed daddy and mummy! ... what else can I said then~ ;( just cause of my medication I can't concentrate on my studies but to others they're think it's excuses ... But I really stress bout it! need to lose wight~ keep fit! Beware of my diet! and lots to think about~ I'm so tired ...

Four more days to 2012!!! Soooooooooon~ haha!