Long time no post! BLOGGER ♥

Really miss those time posting on blogger, changing template and using laptop or computer just to update my blog :) haha! After married, life's really have changed, so much! Tiring! Busy working! Playing with my little ones ♥♥♥ 

생일축하! 언니

Happy birthday to my dearest sister ! Have a enjoyable day with her haha shopping and gossip the whole day!!! Love you sister! So damn mucccccch ^^

Hello! I've already start working~ and yes it's back the same company!  Same location haha! Should I said that I'm lucky!? Lolll~ didn't get to post much already so sad, feels tired every after work and wanna rest on my off days so feel bored to post ... Today went bugis with bubby after he came back from reservists ... bought a Mahanttan Portage bag foe my sister birthday which is tomorrow haha

今天很不開心 ⋯ 突然覺得人生沒意義!好傷心喔~ 很無奈!好想大哭一場!

人生完了!夢想沒了!一輩子毀了 !死掉好了 ⋯

Last day of 2013!!!

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Today !!! Last day of 2013!!! Haha~ meeting my family at mall in the evening to buy steamboat ingredient for tomorrow ... Find bubby in the afternoon as he need my help to do some stuff for him ... Meanwhile I no need to spend my time doing nothing at home till I meet my family ... Tomorrow bubby working opening ... So I will be going home alone and bringing baby jerald along Haha~ tomorrow all gonna play and have fun with baby jerald hehehe

Have this for lunch ... after that helped bubby to key in some requested, his paper work ... I'm always his secretary haha! Kinda regretted for having McSpicy haha! it's really spicy OMG! Really been a long time since I last eat that haha!!!

Went for Fairprice at around 7pm plus with my family ... I spent mostly all the voucher that bubby gave me omg!!! so sad~ but lucky that Brother and Mum gave me $50 each hehe! We spent almost $100 plus hehe! after Fairprice they went home and I went to find bubby and go home together ... I waited for like nearly 1 hour ... aiyoooooo~ haha! meanwhile I walked around the store ... Helped Mattew with the Caramel Frappe, he said it's his first time so I told him how to do it but I also roughly forgets the recipes ...

Snap this selfie of my sister and Mattew ... haha1 trying to flirt with my sister! no way man~ haha!!!

Actually I love being a barista ... I love that job so much ... Love making hot latte coffee ^^ but now everything comes to the end... Really miss working it ... Still thinking what job to work for~ thought of going back as a barisa but bubby kinda don't agree !... too bad~ and also thinking of working DAISO haha! shall see what's my plan after Chinese New Year ^^

Alright shall said bye bye to 2013! ^^ Good night~ 

Last 2nd day of 2013 !

Monday, December 30th, 2013 !!!

Feel so bored ... Bubby work opening ... sighhhhhh~ nothing to post lol!!! WhatsApp with my sister haha! 

First post of 2014!!!

新年快樂! 2014~ 

Hehe! Went home yesterday for new year gathering but without bubby ...so sad! A new year and a new boss! oh my! ... Have steamboat for lunch and dinner lollll!

hehe! snap this of baby Jerald before going hougang home ^^ new clothes! new hat! new mittens! new booties! kekeke~

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