Sorry! I'm tired uploading already! gonna watch some entertainment show haha! working later on too sighhhhh! no mood. ...

bye bye!!! ^^ hehe~ Show Lo with puppyyyyyy! OMG! cuteeeeeeeeeee

It\s 21st January! my sister birthday ^^ 21 years old already hehe!!! Went to city square to meet sweet boy to buy cake!!! hehe ! surprise sister with this :D
 Ice cream cakeeeeeeee! ^.^

 It's my first espresso class on sister birthday! haha! full of coffee smell when i got home! hehe! I enjoyed the class ! :) This my fist glass of Latte haha! Beginner luck I guess ...
And finally two days of espresso class ended ! I went with Seah for the class ^^  Got this certificate home! haha! my practical scored well! happy girl ^^
 Hehe! Went orchard with sister on the January before birthday ... went dating with her! We had this ice cream OMG! lovvvvvvve it so much! Pistachio and Macadamia nuts flavor ^^ 
Had lunch from Pasta at cineleisure !
 Dinner at AMK! met my sweet boy there to buy his watch ^^ hehe! Aries Gold brand! So awesomeeeee~ :D
 I was so random to buy this! haha! From Kinokuniya ~ went Takashimaya ! LOL
 Ohhhhh! bought this shoes too!!! haha!!! sister got a pair too ^^ new shoe for CNY this year haha!
 bought this straight away when I saw it! haha!!! Miss A~ Say A ^^ hehe!!! omg! i bought the two albums after my paid is out haha!!! waited for so long omg!!!
HAHA! this time I'm really got the heart to blog :) because I feeling down recently ... sighhhhhh! no mood nowwww :(((

So busy this few months, started to work night shift already! closing~ ... really can kill me! really tiredddddd! oh man~ ... what to do! haha! ... Today feeling very sad ... mummy told me that KKH called her bout her body checked result I guess, me and sister went with her last week. They won't called unless something serious happened!? I guess! ... sigh~ so it's a bad news huh! ... Next week going KKH for result, gonna hear what the doctor going to say! Pray hard!

Now I'm gonna spam pictures already! haven been posting for months omggg!!! but now it's kinda convenient for me to post already cause blogger have apps haha! ^^ spamming timeeeee! ... 

LOADING ... PLEASE WAIT ...^^ hehe

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