Happy Birthday!!! to my sweetest Hippo mama ^.~

Happy 19th Birthday to Shiyu/Pereira!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!!! I LOVE U

Today went Hippo mama house for birthday surprise which is at Marsiling hehe! so cool and fun! When the minute we reached her unit the sky starts to rain! sadddddddd~ We can't really light the candle! oh~ damn it! hahaha~~~ Hope Hippo mama love the clumsy surprised LOL! ^^ OMG! Hippo mama house have rabbit!!!!! heheheeeeee! so cuuuuuuuteeeeeee ^~^ too bad i didn't manage to take photo haha! I wanna go mama house again! and again!!!! LOL~

We all went Plaza Singapura, The Cathay for movie! we watched The Hunger Games! OMG~ the theaters is seriously biggggggg till through the whole movie I keep wanting to vomit~ dang it! What's going onnnnnn~!??? sighhhhh ... haha! I feel so relieved and happy when the movie ends LOL! hehe :D After that we went for our dinner Cineleisure, the A.venue Bistro! The food there was so awesomeeeeeeeee~ YUMMMMMMMMMY ^~^ hehe! I didn't get to take photo of everyone's food but only mine LOL! hehe~

Linguine Chicken ham And Mushroom Alfredo !!!

Once after dinner we went Somerset 313 for walk but before leaving Cineleisure I bought Stickyyyyyy! ^^ hehe~

After the walk we all went home! ^^ hehe~ LaoGong wait for me at AMK hub to send me home! so sweeeeeeeeeeet of him ^#^ awwwwwww! hehe~ alright! Here's all for today! Need to go for bed now!!! Tomorrow I've work~ Good Night! I've enjoy myself today hope everyone does too ^^ Sweet Dreams and sleep tight ^.~
안녕!!! Long time no post~ lol! Can't rememever when's the last time I post hahaha!!! It's 11.20pm now and lucky I still remember to post! Lying on bed posting now hehehe!!! I'm so tireddddd~ so sad that I still can't able to sleep well and have been months! SAD!!! Want cry already~ ... Sigh! Why like this~ I'm so sad! ... Tired~ really tired! HEADACHE~ .. I miss my Baby LaoGong so badly! ... He's busy ...

Today have a sad day working ... Jing 姐姐 hugs me and cried! I feel so sad and sorry but I'll try my best to help her~ ... Sigh! pity her!!! I give her my biggest warm hug whenever I can and my shoulder when she needs! ^^ I treat her just like my real blood sister! I don't know why!? Maybe fates bring us together! Hehehe~ or maybe I hate seeing people got bullied and some more we're all working in the same roof cause I was being bullied which I knew how it feel! ... Hope she won't take it in heart what people said and did to her! ... We have to stand firm! Be strong! And confident!

Sigh! God sake!!! .. Can't stand with that Aunty!!! BITCH! You're old enough to be an aunty! OK! AUNTY!!! I really can't stand you most of the time! no brain! Think you very smart and can do everything so well and smooth!? so sad! YOU FAILED TO DO IT! Cause you're not me! And you can't fight to be like me!!! There only will be one me in the roof! You can't beat me! Failer Bitch!!! go find a better life to live~ ... Think I really need I find one day settle everything! With boss I guess! ... SICK AND TIRED!!! But I won't surrender so easily!

Alright! Think that's all go today ... Really explode too much this weekends cause of some crew! ... Really not worth ... Shall try to save my breath next time haha! Shall go for sleep now !

잘가~ ^.^ 굿나잇!!! ㅠㅠ
헬로!!!! ... Finally I remember and have the energy to post~ ... Have been busy working this two week! I'm feeling really damn tired now! I didn't felt so tired like this before~ and I can't sleep well! I feel so sad!!! Headache ... Sighhhhhhhhh ... Lying on bed now resting! I wanna watch channel 8 drama! BUT~ thanks to Brother! Smoke so much!!! SMELLY!!! I hate smoker~~~ to smoke near me!!! So irritating bout it ...

Didn't get to use computer often too ... And I still haven upload some post pictures yet! So sad~ .. Sigh! Tired~ I'm falling asleep ... Tomorrow finally I get to meet LaoGong! I was busy working so as him ... Sad!!! HEHE~ can't wait for tomorrow!!! Wonder going out for movies or shopping!? Haha~ my paid is in!!! But I needa save up~ so saddddddd! Months of May is a scary month! Mummy need to spend $300+ for heart center medication ... Savings are very important! REALLY~ ...

There's a China crew at HGM, ZhouJing! ^^ she's really a nice and simple girl~ haha!!! She's like a big sister to me! Some people treat her kinda negative! So BAD~ but lucky she not that negative too haha!!! Good to know her and hope we'll get along well and better till the time she go back her hometown! But I think I'll feel very sad!!! And miss her when she goes home~ ... I've to give her Souvenir haha!!! ^^

I watched/viewed Show Luo's new MV~ OMG!!!! I'm sooooooooooo into it~~~ can't wait for the album! Hehehe~ so cool and awesome! Like Korean male singer~ HEHE!!! ^^ I'm so proud~ and tomorrow will be SHINee's SHERLOCK MV, midnight time 00:00 LOL~ so excited!!! they no longer teenager!? 우리 남자!? ㅋㅋㅋ~ ^#^

ㅎㅎ! 안녕~ ... 잘자요!!! ㅠㅠ
LOL! Haha~ it's 12 midnight now so sharp =] HAHA~ I missed to post yesterday~ a bit too late but I didn't remember and in the end I got to post at this time haha! Cause I suddenly recall oops! ... Sighhhhhhhhh~~~ so sadddddddddd!!! I just can't sleep well~~~~ WHYYYYYYYY!? I really don't know what's going on! Come on~~~~!??? Can't changed anything better! ... Dang it! ... TIREDDDDDDD of everything! So much! ... I HATE IT THIS WAY!!!

Having appointment at 11am ... Care centre appointment at Boon keng, I doesn't like that place ... Sigh! And have talked to sister that we're going Bugis for shopping after that on the precious day but now I changed... Sorry sister! I'm so tired now and some more after that stupid idiot work~ Tiring and tearing me apart! So badly! HATE TO WORK NOW!!! ... Sad... Something serious going one nowadays! I just can't get it right! So sad ... Hopeless now ...

Alright! Shall head to sleep now~ ... A brand new week once again! ... Good night! Love ya~ ... Really hope I can rest well and same goes to everyone! Have a good sleep and rest~
Finally I'm home and showered!!!! Hehe~ ^^ tiring week! Hahaha~~~ I'm so hungry! Having me been for dinner!? But it's supper time haha~ went Bugis with Hippo Mama and then we meet up MeiHui at Orchard haha! So tired now~ I can't go for bed after my meal, I have not dry my hair!!! So sadddddd~ and today we didn't manage to take photo! Dang it~ haha! And didn't get to buy things~ ... LOL! I'm really falling asleep while having my meal now! Tired to post hahaha~ ...

LaoGong always so sweeeeeeeeet! LOVVVVVE him so muchhhhhh! ^^ he fetch me home from AMK hehe! Miss him~ ^^ I bought lip bam from far east! and chocolate from Cineleisure haha! The chocolate so cool~ and I love the new lip bam! Omg =] Thanks to Hippo mama~ she intro me! ^^

Alright shall post till here now!? Hehe~ have to go for bed soon! Have work tomorrow~ ARGHHHH! ... Tired ... Haha!!! GOOD NIGHT Z_Z
Good Morning ... Sad! TIRED~~~ haven been posting for days!

Haha~ went celebration with LaoGong for our one year anniversary!!! OMG~ time flies ^^ hehe! Have so much funnnnn! MUACKS~. Sad that I reach home and can't get to sleep again! So sad! TIREDDDDD~ :(

Yesterday went IT fair haha! Bought hard disk for myself and help my friend get one too! ... Later I'm going out with friend for shopping!? At Bugis and orchard! Haha... Sighhhhh! ... Today I'm off but working tomorrow ... HOLY SHIT! :( Anyway I'll upload the picture of the celebration some other days! ^^ bye!!!

SHINee IS BACK~~~~~~~~ 만세!!!! ^0^ ㅋㅋㅋ
굿모닝!!! ^^ 너무 추워!~ 추워 모닝 ㅎ-ㅎ ㅋㅋㅋ!
Just done washing dishes, so many pots! Omg~ don't know why they just can't wash after they finish the meal!? Or after cook!? ... Can't stand to see so dirty! -_- haha!!! I'm soooooooo! Tireddd~ working on weekends really kills! Headache~ haha! I insomnia again~ didn't have my dinner yesterday~ kinda regret! ... Hehe!!! Mummy bought breakfast~ fish ball noodle! My favorite ^^Y

Some customer just so irritating!? So much money come McD for meal, needa additional cash for changing drinks like I force u to pay for that drink!? Come on~ just 45 cent more! Can't stand! Some more there's changes for the prices of meals you uncle aunty expression like we eat your money! WHAT THE HELL~!??? Don't know what are customers brain thinking nowadays!!! No wonder they are uncle aunty! So Singaporean! Tsk~ Tsk~ Tsk~ Tsk~ ... HAHA!!! Pity them~ oops!

HEHEHEHEHE!!! Tomorrow~~~ is the day for celebration!!!! OMGGGGGGG~ finally!!! ^~^ I'm sooooo exited!!! Wahahahaha! =P oh ya!!! This Saturday!!! Finally I get to meet Hippo mama and darling meimei! ^0^ yoohooooooo~ really been quite along time since we last went out together! It's has been me always not free! Sad~ hehe! Hippo mama~ ILY! Thank you for the concern bout my medication! Haha~ I'm happy that I improve and getting so well now! ^^ I will keep it up~ sadddddd! Pimples~~~ please don't come near me anymore! :(((

나의 모두 친구! 너무 사랑해~
My first day of March turn out real bad!!! Damnnnnn bad~ ... I feel so sad!!! ... Talk bout it later~ just have instant curry noodle with warm milo for dinner! Yummy~ I'm feeling hungry when I reach home but can't get to shower cause mummy was using the wash room! Sad~ I drag till 7.30pm I then went for shower! Energy totally flat! Haha~ watching channel 8 drama, 995! ^^

Sad! Today I so down during work! The whole afternoon till I ended work! GOSH! DAMN IT! Stupi! Idiot! Bastard customer scold me and give attitude! Who say customer are always right! I wish to say! "Get your fat ass out of here" What the hell~ nowadays people give so much trouble! The worst is some brainless people created the 0.99 cent double cheese burger!? What for!? ... Eat till you fat !? ... Lol~ ... Sighhhhhhh!!!

I feel so sad! My face totally turn black or even green! Omg~ I was in pain cause previously my right leg injured, affect the whole strength! Plus I was so giddy and almost wanted to faint atthat time too! And I can't speed up myself and I didn't expected~ ... I feel so hopeless... Manager kelvin asked and talk to me but I reply nothing and I'm fine! ... Sighhhhhh... I don't know what to do~ ... Still or one more busy body! ... Sigh ... Speechless! ....

Having headache! So tired of it ...

Counting down five more days to celebration!!! ^^Y hehehe
굿모닝! ... ㅠㅠ 진짜 피곤해요~~~ ㅠㅠㅠ
Sad! It's the first day of March! Everything is not getting better~ ... So sad and tired! Injuries every where! Head and shoulder feeling so heavy! ... Sighhhhhhh! I don't know what to do~ like everyone is feeling tired!!! I feel so heart pain! Saddddddd~ I miss hugging my LaoGong! Wanna sayang him! Love you~ ...

Working 11 later on ... It's 9.30 now ... Sigh! Tired ... Tired to do anything!!! I'm so hungry now~ and the new insulin is like kind killing me!!! I'm keep feeling hungry!? Omg ... Sad ... Shall go get prepare and off for breakfast!!! ... Z_Z oh ya!!! Brother is fine nothing serious happen and lucky! I was so worried bout it ... God bless~ =]

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