Advance birthday celebration with Sister ❤️

Today I went out with Sister just to celebrate my birthday, advanced celebration haha! We went Bugis area for our lunch, went Karaoke and Bugis street ...

We went 旺角 (Wang Jiao) HongKong cafe restaurant for our lunch ... Sister ordered the Spaghetti Cabonara for herself and for me, I ordered the KimChi ramen ... Guess what~! the Kimchi ramen is the worst kimchi ramen I ever have it in my life! oh~ damn! the soup has no taste of any spicy or kimchi, it's totally a tomato soup ramen!? LOL!

After our meal we walk around Bugis Junction and Bugis + ... We also went Bugis street and bought earrings haha! it has really been quite some time since we went Bugis street together and shop around ... As usual we went for the earring store to get some earring, 3 for $5! still the same haha

I was looking for shoes actually and I didn't see any of it that I'm interested with haha! Walk around looking for some dress and clothes as well but some how the people they are so bad in customers service. In the end me and Sister feel like kind of upset so we went City Sqaure mall instead ... haha!!!

I mention that City Sqaure mall has Rubi and it has open for quite some time, I also told Sister that they're having promotion with their shoes and I would like to go there to take a look... hehehe! and yes! I did get a shoe that I'm kind of liking it, wanted to thank Sister for the shoe as my birthday gift this year !

Hehe!! JieJie~ wanted to thank you, sincerely thank you! with everything, thank you for loving me! doting me! and also pamper me haha!!! Thank you for today, enjoy myself really so so much.

I can't remember whether we have been to Karaoke together before but today it feels like the first time and I enjoyed a lot thank you! Hope in future we could have more time together and go shopping together hahaha! LOVE YOU~~~ muacks! ❤️❤️❤️

Advanced birthday celebration! Thank you all ❤️

heeeeello~ I'm posting a throwback on the Sunday, 10th July 2016. Went back my mum's house as my family members planned to have a advance birthday celebration with me. So as usual I got to settle down all my laundry at home before I'm can go over to my mums house with my two previous boys. Sister came over my side to fetch me my boys over.

Once reached Hougang, I went coffee shop with my mum to get some food, I got chicken rice for my very first proper meal haha! I have biscuit in the morning actually, just wanted to get some bites as I don't wish to have my stomach empty and hungry ... Which I need the energy to settle my laundry haha

I get to snap some photos of my papa showering Javier hehe!!! Javier really growing up already and being so so active haha! ❤️❤️❤️ Turning one year old next month, so fast omgggg~

Annnnnddd !!!
here comes all the yummy yummy stuff ! 

Fried mushroom! it's not my kind of taste actually oops~ sorry Sister! haha although it does taste good but not my type hahaha

Fried Chicken! Actually my elder Brother and Sister they went for groceries at FairPrice for like two days before. They  also bought the seasoning powder to marinates the chicken. To me the seasoning taste is more like Old Chang Kee chicken wrap haha! Taste not bad actually hehe! 

Wanted to say that the main point is actually the prawn! It really looks kind of big but it's small in the photo hahaha~ My papa specially went to pick!? and choose the prawn on his own! so so juicy and delicious omg! it's so mouthful when the second I put it in my mouth after fried!!! Yummmmmmy~

Also the first time me and Sister cooked curry chicken together haha! overall the taste was good, kind of spicy actually! yummmmyyy~

still thinking about the prawn actually hahaha!!! droolingggg~ 

Get the time to blow candle once after having our meal. Jerald looks so happy like as if it's his birthday~ haha! silly and funny boy ...

wanted to thank my beloved my dearest one and only family for this such wonderful! and awesome day! such a memory day since after I've got two kids and I didn't expected to have any celebrations or any home cooked feast for any occasion or even my birthday!!!

I really appreciates for everything that you all have given it to me! all the love towards me and my two boys ! endless love~ endless of appreciation ! and endless of thank you~ this is family! 


Jerald ! Jerald ! Jeraaaaaald !

Throwback photo of yesterday, Jerald! my dear boy! Alright~ good morning! yup I'm doing a morning post! because I feel kind of sad and bad towards Jerald ... sighhhhhh! now I've got no choice but to wait for evening time when Jerald ended his school ...

Forgotten to wave and say bye bye to Jerald when he enter into the class room, I was outside the school and he was looking at me but I just walk away. How sad can that be! I feel so sad! really sad! I just thought how sad he could be.  

sighhhhh! this morning he was so upset and keep whining just doesn't wish to change into his uniform. Because he did not gets enough sleep, my poor boy! he also have runny nose, sorry my baby boy!

I have already trying my best to put him to bed as soon as possible once I have settled down everything. Because I'm still looking after that house as MIL have not recover yet ... 

throwback photo of Jerald ! I really miss those time that he was excited and happily to go for school every morning. Sorry baby boy, mummy will try her best and improve herself with everything that had happened. Mummy love you a lot~ love you so so much ! ❤️❤️❤️

Finally I get to cook dinner again! haha

Heeeeeello! Good evening~ Finally today I get to cook dinner for my family once again, actually I love cooking hehe!

Cooked Hubby's favourites! Mince meat toufu with prawn and Bak Kut Teh ! 

Cooked some vegetable as well, Cauliflower with bell pepper, baby corn, carrot and canned mushroom.

I also fried the Pork Luncheons Meat egg, MIL kind of loving it hehe!

After clearing up the dinner table and all the washing, I went to my room and look after my boys haha! Jerald is standing on my bed watching TV and Javier is pushing the chair around the house. Haha!

Hehe! they are having fun together, playing with the blanket haha!

Throwback on the weekends !

It's a Friday ! First day of July, have lunch date with my darling Sister ❤️ and we have Pizza Hut one-for-one on that day. we also went shopping and bought lots of stuff, omg!!! haha

It's a Saturday and I didn't get to snap any photos on the day I went back to my mama house... My Sister took photo of my boys and sent it to me when I'm outside getting my stuff ...

I did not have any dinner before I went back home so I have dinner with my parent. They're always the best, sent me home and have dinner together! hehe

Love them so so much! Thank youuuu ❤️❤️❤️

It's a Sunday! I cooked dinner for the family and also cooked for hubby's  cousins...

Throwback: 30th June

Helloooo! doing throwback post~ 

Jerald is in a good mood to go for school that day! haha~

Wanted to took selfie with Jerald as he's in a good mood to go for school haha! sorry for my ugly face~ LOL! Jerald copy my expression, see his cute little face! especially his mouth haha

Sometimes he could be naughty too! Doing some funny expression hahaha! 

Love this photo of Jerald! He's so happy hehe!

throwback: 29th June :)

Me and hubby went NEX Mall for shopping and short date haha! Finally I bought the clothes that it's kind of worth the price, for Jerald! haha! 2 set for $25~ 

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