Hehe!!! :) 안녕~~~ I'm bacccccck ^^ I'm using sister lappy to watch drama show, "命中注定我爱你" haha! Don't know why thought of watching it! :D anyway I'm doing Miss Tay Birthday card! ^~^ haha! today work ened I went popular to buy purper color paper! we both lovvvvvve purple!!! hehe! Afterwards SKP for double sider tape then Kangkar mall for my parent dinner, lastly Pasar Malam!!! I bought a book hehe!

sad! Eyes feeling pain! Have to go for bed early ... haha! omgggg~ Today's work totally can kill us!!! The queue was endless DAMN! Thank to the promotion! Big Breakfast $3! The craziest things is to cook the scramble egg!!! oh god~~~ And I don't know what will happen tomorrow! haha ... god bless us! pleassssse :(
Alright~ going for sleep now haha! turning midnight soon! Z___Z Good Night to all! Have a good rest, tomorrow will be better! LOL! haha! sweet dreamssssssss~ ^^
Good morning ... sigh~ didn't sleep well ... tired ... lol! Getting up at this early, 7.30am and it's weekend! nothing but work! omg~ ... headache when I think of working every time! haha! Yesterday went to watch Amazing spider man at plaza sing with hubby ^^ but before meeting hubby I went for blood test haha! and then we have long john for breakfast together! :D yummmmmy~I like this cup design! :) hehe! looks nice ... I've hot milo haha! and ate this! but hubby said it doesn't taste that nice!? delicious!? Hubby gave a lot of comments haha! like if the bread normal size bread it will be easy to eat, if the bread got the every side toast that will be good, if the scramble egg got cheese in it that will taste wonderful! LOL! haha! nice feedback =P

HEHE! after breakfast I went to buy Miss Tay present, at couple lab! Bought necklace for her ^^ really hope she will love it haha! cause I wish I have one too! ... I ask hubby when will we have our own couple necklace haha! But I know it's expensive so is not a compulsory to have it! haha~ money is really important! hmmm~ or should I said savings is important! haha ^^ went for movie after buying present haha

Have this for lunch! so sad that I didn't finish cause I doesn't like the of the rice, put too much water when they cook. I don't like sticky rice haha! I gave the egg to hubby haha! Taste nice but maybe just that I've no appetite to eat and feeling not hungry ... Hubby said should have order one plate and share haha! too bad~ ... I went to buy some DIY stuff after lunch and went Daiso too hehe!

Lastly went hubby house for rest and dinner hehe! Hubby's mummy always so kind to me! haha! gave me some crackers that she make on her own! ^^ Love it~ haha! alright gotta go sleep now! Tomorrow's another day of war! sigh~! Big breakfast $3, McSpicy $3, McBites $2 OMGGGGG!!! ZzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz .... Sweet dreams :)
Hello! Posting at this time, before I go to sleep! Don't know why!? ... Haha! Guess I feel sad! Just took my blood test... Sigh! It's was high! Think I eat too much for my dinner!!! I'm really scared and stress!!! Feeling so inhuman ... Sad! Tomorrow heading for blood test! Need to wake up early in the morning! Omg~ TIREDDDDDD! Really tired! After that meeting naughty for breakfast, movie! And then lastly naughty house! Hehe!!! Oh ya! Tomorrow I'm going to buy my Miss Tay birthday present! Haha! It's 4th July! ^^ tomorrow watching The Amazing Spider Man! Hehehe!!! ^^ finally going out for movie with naughty! But I've like a few more movies wanna watch it! Think I have to I sleep now! If not my blood sugar more high due for not sleeping much! Hahaha!!!

Gooooooood night!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet dreams to all!!! ^^ rest well and sleep tight!!! Sweet sweet baby! Haha ^^
Good morningggggg! ^^ omggggg~ early in the morning got to see my handsome boyyyys! hehe! lovvvvvvvvvvvvve them damn muchhhhhhh! haha! Anyway! I'm watching "命中注定我愛你", Fated to Loved you! haha! ... feeling so tired! sad~ Yesterday got called to go for work by Jahan, I work till 10pm, reach home nearly 11pm, went for bed nearly midnight! omgggg~ ... Got up from bed at nearly 8.45am SAD! Later working 12pm, dua pek gong shift!!! SO DAMN siannnnnnnnn!!! ... Alright till here then hehe! see ya~
Afternoon! ^^ Today I didn't go for work! so sad that my back injured, in pain badly! sigh ... till I can't sleep well ... sigh! Hope Thursday I'll feel better ... I'm watching drama show ... haha! don't know what to do for today! ... tired ...

HEHE!!! finally this show is airing toniggggggght ^~^ can't wait to watch it! I'm so in love with this kind of drama show! ^^Y

omooooooo!!! ^O^ Solbi eonnnnnnnni hehe!!! became so beautiful~ Love her sooooooo mucccchhh! hehe! She got so thin now! lost kinda much of weight! chukha~~~ ^^
Hello!!! ^^ hehe it's been like for almost one week since I last posted!? Haha! Really busy and tired of work!!! Omgggggg!!! My back started to feel pain on Saturday morning! When I woke up and prepare for work ... I only off on Monday, working on Tuesday and Wednesday! Thursday crew outing reached home is already after midnight and went to sleep at 1.30am plus ... Friday I got work at 9am ... AWESOME! My back starts to feel pain on Friday night actually, didn't have a good rest! so sad! and FINALLY!!!~~~~ tomorrow I'm oooooooff!!! omggggg~ can rest already hehe ^^
Happy Father's Day!!!to all the strong and hard working father all around the world!

"My dearest papa!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work that you have gave for the family, please stay healthy and happy everytime! I still want to be your daughter for my next life, my every next life! I LOVE YOU! ^^ "

Hello! ^^ Today have dinner at hougang mall 805 coffee shop with my aunty and uncle ... It Father's Day dinner hehe! yummmmmmy~~~ have chicken rice for my dinner and share a plate of chicken chop with sister, haha! like everything's chicken! :D After I went to buy ice cream cone for McD hehe! From ZhouJing again ^^ after went for walk around the mall with sister, saw Jingkai at game shop haha! LOL!

Tomorrow I'm going for morning walk with sister! haha! after we're going to clean the house, especially out rooooom! oh boy!!! D: after cleaning we're going plaza sing daiso ^^ Alright I'll stop here for today, that's for today! hehe! Goooooooooooooood Night!!! zzzZZzzZZZzzz
Omg! I can't believe I'm posting at this late night haha!!! It's 11pm hmm! Not really that late haha! Feeling so tired! Heading for sleep soon haha! I got home at 10.15pm!? I ended work at 6pm and then I went to arrange the store room, in a bit mess after that help Kelvin and Jahan with the work order documents ... In doubts haha!!! I done with everything at 8.10pm!? I waited for Zhou Jing as she said she got a lot of things to tell me! We set off at 9.20pm!? Haha! We went void deck for chit chat till 10.10pm!? Haha! Lucky daddy mummy never nag me hehe!!!

One more thing!!! Really omg and I seriously can't believe I waste half inner of caramel syrup!!! I set up the caramel syrup, I wanted to plug out the outside cap but I accidentally plug out the whole cap omg! And then merlion caramel haha!!! Jahan was standing beside me and we're both stun!!!! Hahahaha!!! Lucky I react~ so funny sia!!! And unlucky! Sad!

Some brainless people really seriously ! I rather they keep their comments to them! Angry! Stupid brainless people! Stupid mouth.!!! Rooooooooooaaaaaarr~~~
Good morning!!! ... Sigh feeling really very unwell and have been having bad headaches recently! So as my backs in pain too! Got knock by freezer hander and sister said I stand too long for work as my muscle is feeling weak! Makes me feel pain! So sad ... Can't sleep well recently, like having too much in mind to think of it .. Omg! Like dying~ plus yesterday I'm off and stay at home almost the whole day! Driving me crazy, the weather is damn warm and hooooooooot! BBQing me ! Dang it mah~ can't take it! I can't even sleep in the afternoon as I try to~ the weather just makes me can't !

Sigh! Now Kelvin take over schedule for a period! Some times I don't know it's a bad or good to let kelvin do schedule! Haha~ better than that Robby take no action! On kelvin's hand we suffer but on Robby's hand we suffer more! Can push us to hell man! I rather suffer than going to hell! Haha!!! Sad that next week I only get to off one day which is Crew outing that day!!! Omgggggg! Sob sob~ ... Tired die me! Haha ...

Today is Kiss Day!!! ^.^ hehe~ hope I can get to kiss my loves one!!! ^#^ alright I needa go prepare for breakfast and then off for work! Sad that I hope my backs pain won't get worst!!! God bless me!!!
Happy 15th month anniversary!!! ^^ hehe~ ILY naughty !!! 쪽~~~

Omg! Time flies haha~ today can't go out celebrate cause naughty is working! So sad but manage to go for dinner with naughty!!! Haha! Unlucky that this date is when my menses came~ hahaha! Cramp like hell man! Oh boy~

HEHE!!!! I'm sooooooo happy for Miam ^^ they're engaged! Excited for Miley's new album and curious bout her wedding and dress! So cooooooooool! Really wih them happiness! I guess the whole world will bless this cute little couple =]]] hees! Lovvvvvvvvvvve ya ^^ little peeeeeps! here's the image of the ring that Liam propose to Miley!!! ^~^

Hello!!! Goooooood morning~ ... Feeling tired! Didn't sleep well! Sad~ ... Working 9.30am today! Now it's already 9am hahahahahaa!!!! Today got large order! 200 McChicken! LOL ... Just saw twitter timeline of mine, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are engaged OMGGGG!!! Like Finally!? hehe!!! ^^ LOVVVVVVVVE THEM! Soooooooo damn much! ^~^ ohhhhh! Boy~ I really can't wait for Miley's new album to be out! And~~~ the new album will out before their wedding!!!! ^0^ awesome !!! Miley's also shooting for Marie Claire magazine of september! Hope Singapore will have it!? Haha! I will get it! ^^
Morning! ... Sad wake up early again! Thought I could sleep and rest more sighhhhh ... Lying on bed now feeling hungry! Lol! Didn't have dinner yesterday! Haha ... Yesterday was seriously a sucks Monday and sad Monday! Sucks in the day, sad in the night ... I cried in the night! ... Cause I was so worry bought naughty! Naughty didn't reply my message as I've already spam him but finally naughty replied! Naughty call me immediately! Naughty told me that he was on phone call with boss!? worst still that he wanted to end the call but boss carry on LOL!

I don't know what to say when naughty call up ... Sigh! I ended up crying when he starts to apologize! But I understand ! At least naughty replied me to let me know that he's fine and safe! I didn't blame naughty but naughty said that I did! I feel more sad and speechless ... Sigh ... I cried again ! ... Phone hanged! I cried again before I go to sleep! ... I guess I really too tired yesterday~ some more I thinking a lot! Till Depression! Haha~ sometimes actually crying is the best! ^^
Hello!!! ^^ I'm back hehe~ from work! drying my hair now as I just done with my shower! using sister lappy now and just nice that the minute I on her lappy she came home! haha~ ... sister bought this when she came home but it's not for me haha! too bad~
Feeling tired! I feel bad and sad cause I'm not going with mummy for her appointment tomorrow~ ... sorry! mummy! ILY~ ^^ But mummy understands me ! I feel so bless, I ask her whether I doesn't need to go with her and she's ok with it! I'm so happy hehe!!! Then I must do housework tomorrow before I go out to meet naughty =P

YUP! I did scold!? shout at the TM when I reach store! I was really pissed off at that time! really too much to call me early in the morning!!! very upset! one more is that her tone was loud when she did something wrong! she still dare to talk to me and my crew loudly! What's this man! You're a manager! But Jahan said she's new, ok! fine~ Then I tell you that I'm training you!!! Whatever she knew that I'm unhappy of her or what! I'm just me! I won't change for you! ... ANGRY!!! :(

Not a good day! BC Steven came down to store don't know for what haha! I told Jahan "today so suai! why he come down sia!?" HAHA! I'm not sure he heard me a not!? XD oh ya!!! there's CL meeting tomorrow! too bad it's a short notice! I can't attend! ^^ I also don't want go even if I'm free from work! ... DON'T LIKE hehe! sad that I cut my hand! by Paper LOL! and so sweet of seah to gave me a plaster ^^ hehe! Thank You!
I ate this before I came home! haha! and with one big bags of 1litre of HL milk!!! Daddy called me to help him buy yesterday! so cute ^^ hehe ! heavy man haha! ...
HEHE! finishing this ^^ love this! sad that I can't find this at normal fair price!? I bought it AMK hub fairprice extra haha! LOVVVVVVE IT ^.^Blog till here for today! see ya tomorrow! I guess hehe! needa go living room company daddy mummy to watch tv! Daddy didn't OT today! good! so that he can rest more! :) Bye! MUACKS!
굿모닝!!! =.= I very FED UP!!! Fed up!!! Fed up~~~~~~~~~~~~ stupid McD call me early in the morning!!! 6.50am call my home some more~ just to inform me that i start work at 9am instead of 12pm! Idiot!!! Early in the morning ! Think I very free! U guys no need to sleep doesn't mean others don't need too right !!! ANGRY~~~~~ ... Awesome that I no need to sleep already cause if I really go home I difficult to wake up! Some more I have to wake up at 8am as now is already 7.15! Like stupid sia! ... Disturb my sleep!!! I angry till on go tweet and it's link to Facebook! Good Job! ^^
헬로~~~ ^^ I'm back hehe! It's afternoon now ... nothing much to do and I'm still using sister lappy haha~ ... It's 4th June today! Rainie's birthday! ^^ hehe~ I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! hmmm! wondering what else can I do today!? meeting naughty at evening time, I'm waiting for my paid to come ... I so wish I can spend all my money on shopping ... sad! ...

This "logo" actually I used marker to sign and then took picture of it haha!

醉後決定愛上你 will be air tonight 10PM at channel u ^^ I'm so excited! and it's Rainie's birthday today! so cool :))))) hehehehe!!!!

굿모닝!!! ㅎㅎㅎ~ The sky just rain ... aweome start for the week ^^ head of June haha! Have porridge for breakfast! hehe! sister just WhatsApp me ^~^ she also every time sweet talk to me hahaha ^#^ I changed my title background!!! I'm so in love with it OMGGGG! isn't is pretty!? nice!? wonderfuuuuul!!!? :D hehehe~ I just told sister bout it and she said "帅哥" oooooooh boy! But I guess people only notice the image haha! center of the image there's a logo there! my logo for the blog! I mean websites!? haha! "MAGworld" ... ^^

I'm using sister lappy!!! hehe~ and today I'm off ... feeling boring ... so sad ... I'm so wanna go kbox recently haha! ... so fast that my birthday is coming!!! hehe! excited cause this year I held chalet for my birthday but on the actual day I've appointment at Boon Keng Diabetic Society central and so lucky that it's at 9am, I'm so bless hehe!!! hmmmm~ still have no event on my actual day yet ... thinking~~~ ... wish I could go kbox with my friends that day and got 10% discount if I'm not wrong as I've member card haha!
Done shower!!! Lol!!! I'm so bored~ so I came to blog again! Haha~~~ omg! I can believe that I ate two McD meals today!!! McChicken meal in the afternoon and then Filet ininderstan the evening! Dang it! Haha! I just have to say that! I'm so addicted to the Criss Cut Fries!!! =P oooooooh boy~~~! So in love with it! ^^ hehe! Hai ... Feeling so moody now ... Sad~ ... Most of the time I rather go work, after work I'll stay to help my manager or do FOC than going home to see and feel what I don't like the most! ... Hate to be treated in this horrible way ... I pity my daddy mummy! Too~ ... I Love them so much!!! ^.^ MUACKS~

wish daddy mummy will stay healthy and strong! Hope I can let them enjoy their life and really hope this day will come fast! I need to work more harder! ^^ 화이팅~~~ ㅎㅎ! I'm being so random suddenly! Like I'm will be disappear in anytime!? ... Haha! Sometimes without all this trouble! I'll feel more happiness... And really have a very warm and sweet home!!!

I'm now feeling stress! To control my diet and importantly my sugar level! Very sad~ as I'm trying my very best to treat it well! ... Sigh~ ... 我還是加油再加油吧! Yup~ ...
A very Happy Birthday!!! To my beloved Ah Kai korkor!!! ^^ hehe~

안녕히 주무세요! 나 너무 피곤해! ㅠㅠㅠ I'm resting now as sister is having shower~ ... Sister called me to buy McSpicy meal for her haha! I did~ and with new Criss Cut Fries! Lol~ ... Saw the news just now, a 2 year old boy from Hongkong got bird flu! Since a long period of 18 months from the bird flu! Omg~ scary!!! They said the boy is fine now so as the boy parents doesn't have any bad situation going on with their health! pray hard~~~

Daddy mummy bought Fish Soup for my dinner! As home got rice for me to eat haha! They're always so sweet and caring! hehe~ ^^ Today having kinda a bad day working~ thanks to some one! That some one which is the manager, even boss also cannot tolerate! That someone always think that it always the best! It always the right! I really don't know what it brain is thinking! Salute that someone! Fed up~ ... Bully my pregnant lady!!! Wanna find me trouble! BITCH~ you two BITCH!

Sigh!!! Feeling tired already~ ... Headache! ... Shall go for shower now!!! ^^ hehe~ 잘가!!!
안냥히 주무세요! ㅎㅎ~ it's 10pm now ... feeling tired ... but doesn't feel like sleeping yet! no idea why! Naughty didn't reply my message! sad~ :( don't know what's naughty doing ... sigh ... today I work till 5.15pm!? I guess haha but I stay on to help Jahan! ^^ she's a good manager! as she's trying to change her attitude toward work! I help her by tidy up the storeroom! but she also did called me to do some other things! haha~ Honestly~ it's really a very difficult environment for her work at McD! she's having stress plus she's already 5 month pregnant! oh boy~ ... poor Jahan!! pity her somehow! But I'm giving my best to help her! =))) hehe! she's cute too! ^^ hope her baby will born healthy and strong! ^^ 화이팅!!! MUACKS~~~

Thursday she told me bout some situations! causing her trouble and stress! my heart feel pain to see her being treated like this! really wanna to sayang her! she almost gonna cry out~ ... sigh! I so wish I could help her but naughty told me that better for me not to do anything~ ... sigh~ First time I've a very bad negative thoughts between the managers that she told me! ... really very bad! they treated a pregnant lady so bad~ ... speechless!!! ...

Yesterday went Kovan with naughty for dinner at Hong Kong Cafe! hehe! The menu changed!!! OMG~~~ so nicely and they updated new dish haha! so cool~~~ I went the second times after they changed menu! it's been kinda for like month since last I been there~ haha! Here's some new dish~ I'll get more photo on my every visit! hehe!

Haha! alright~ needa go for sleep! tomorrow there's work! again!!! siannnnnn~ ... Night Night ^^
Hello!!! afternoooooon~ ^^ it's the first daaaaaaay of JUNE! awwww! half of 2012 just passed like this!? haha! finally I change my template design haha! I'm so in LOVVVVVVE with Sakura the Cardcaptor!!! so wish I could buy the series/DVD sets! But I think it's very difficult cause it has been like for 10 years!? haha! ^^ But I'll still try ya! hehe~ I also would like to get myself the Hannah Montana series too ! hehe! And now I'm gonna edit and add in photo on some of my previous post which I did get to do it previously! haha! see ya~

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