I'm back~ ^^ HEHE!

OMG!!!! I have bad headaches and stomach cramp while I'm working today! SAD~~~ everyone said I'm showing black face!? Lol~ I just knew that I'm in pain!!!! T.T sigh~~~ some more there's someone who offended me! *angry~* ...
HEHE! finally I'm back to blog~ just edit some post haha~ hmmm! I've rest enough and I'm ok now ^^ Tomorrow finally I can work!!! sad!!! have been sick for dayssss! haha~ and by the way coke glass is back and I don't want to wear the promotion tee shirt!!! UGLY~~~ hehe
SHOW LUOS CONCERT!!!!! ended T.T sad!!! and so fast! haha! the stage is just soooo~ bright till I can't take photo of him clearly LOL! and my phone was seriously dead at that time OMG~~~ heart breaks! sad! haha~

My poor LaoGong!!! trouble him here and there SAD!!! hehe~ he bought me STAGE iphone cases ^^ Sad~ the concert merchandise the most I want is sold out!!!! the light stick!! T.T Laogong come meet me before the concert so we three actually wanted to go for dinner together BUT! no places for us to eat haha at the end we went starbucks for drink lol! we ate Cinnamon's roll and raspberry cheese cake haha! Me and sister went for the concert and LaoGong went home and come back again to fetch us home hmmm~ company us home haha! poor thing he came hougang and have to go all the way back home! he took cab but reached home after shower he fall asleep!!!!

Poor thing he must be realy tired!!! MUACKS~~~ sorry for the trouble! LOVE YOUUUU~ ^^ hehe
HEHE! can't believe I've actually leave my blog dead for more than 2 months!??? LOL~ gonna start my blog back =P Now the time and date is 14th May 2011, 2.30am !!! HEHE~~~~ Tonight will be SHOW LUO'S concert!!!!! OMG~~~~ \^0^/ can't wait!!!

This two months there's really sooo~ much things to settle! =) its actually a short two months BUT it feels like kinda half a year gone haha! There's someone special appeared in my life! I also can't believe that we are together ^^ so bless~ =]

"Our love is just like a maze game but its an interesting game ^^ haha"

Wednesday, 11th May is MeiHui birthday haha! ^^ we went out~ four of us again =.= LOL! hehe
there pictures of it ^^ and video~~~ COOL

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