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내 사랑스러운 어머니! 생일축하합니다~ ^^ 사랑해!!!

I bought Mummy nothing! cause she don't wanna anything but I did gave her money to maybe buy things that she wants! haha~ =]]] sigh~ but sad that yesterday have something big happened at home ... big matter! brother got pissed at mummy! sigh~ was slamming things and door~ and then after a while I was crying! At that time I was think that he's really being a bastard! ... sighhhhh~ ...

nothing to post! FULL STOP! ^^ hehe~ bye~

It's Qing Ming Festival season! today relative came over to my house for gather after the prayed, I didn't attend cause having menses! sigh~ they thought I used that as excuse! so sad~ ... haha! I washed the disher before they came back and dang it! I got my finger cuts by plastic cup~ ... Plus my leg have bruises and hand with burned scar! Good Job~ ... haha! Speechless~ =x

Sister tomorrow starts her attachment and Naughty off too!!! oh boy~ ^^ Sister! Good Luck~ =] hehe! I'm meeting Naughty for movie later on I guess!? hehe! Tomorrow another with Naughty too! awesome! haha ^^Y I so wanna go for shopping! haha~ I need to go HMV for SHINee newest album! "SHERLOCK" ... 313 somerset side sold out! sadddddd~