안녕~ 여러분 ! 굿모닝 ㅅㅅ
Morningggggggg! having a hard time now ... sleepy ... tired ... sad! having menses early in the morning ... haha! yesterday went CL class, hmmmm~ fun and interesting :)I was surprised to see my ex store member hehe!!! Aunty Fatimah and Raidah OMG! miss them sooooooooo much, they said that I really slim down damn lot when the last time they saw me haha! They tell all this to Hazim man! awkward! haha!!!
Yesterday class we got role play, games and examination! haha ... I'm so glad and happy that I got the Dean's List badge hehe!!! Really thought I'm gonna get nothing but I just think that I'm lucky haha!
Went store to meet Hazim early in the morning 6am, but he was late. He told me he woke up slightly late but he reached quite in time, and we are not late for the class too cause lesson starts at 8.30am as I thought it's 8am. After class ended we went back store as I also meet Choon Yen mummy haha!

She was packing the condiments for the large order and then we went pizza hut along with Hazim, he can't go bakc JB at that time cause jam!? peak hour! haha! We ate so full and talk a lot, jokes around haha! and very sad that I didn't took the picture of what we ate! cause I left my phone at store charging, phone really dead haha

After dinner went back store again haha! I help kelvin with his schedule, omg! really spent hours to complete haha! and choon yen mummy get back to her condiments packing which I mention I'll help her but in the end Hazim helped her hehe!

This few days I'm tired to post ... Having meeting next month so as my appointment, everything comes together! oh boy ... Mummy having SGH appointment today, don't feel like going somehow having menses some more it's all the way at Outram Park. Tired to go so far plus I still got work haha! awesome~ ... Think gonna accompany mummy to SGH first then go for work, hope it's possible and in time ... rushhhhhhh

Few days ago I went to watch DREDD with hubby haha! the movie is not bad to watch, I'll rate **** ... haha!
The day before I went home after work sister sent me this picture haha! so cuuuuuuuuuteeeee! ^^ That baby is my neighbour so cubby man! They're sitting on a chair together hehe!

I'm gonna change my wallpaper ... hmmmmm~
Good Evening~ ... feeling so bored todayyyyy! haha! My another off days! lol! so difficult to get off days on weekends ... But feel so great to stay at home although I'm bored hehe! ... This two days I watched Resident Evil muahahaha!!! I'm addicted after I went for the movie, " Resident Evil : Revolution " ... Love the movie ^^ hehehehehehe!!! Alice is always so cool and awesome! I also went to watch " The Fierce Wife / 犀利人妻 " It's the ending for the female leading role to choose which guy for her happiness, her ex-husband or the guy that help her out from the horror situation that her ex-husband did to her ... It's ending from the drama series actually, go watch it! ^^ It's really an awesome drama! I rate 5 * hahahaha

Recently I've kept listening to 태티서 " TWINKLE, BABY STEP " and 서인영 " ANYMORE / 애니모어 " haha!!! Lovvvvvvev their voiceeeee oh boyyyyy! and I seriously can't wait for Miley Cyrus new album OMGGGG!!! I'm so freaking out XD Ooooohhhh! I'm watching " To The Beautiful You / 아름다운 그대에게 " I feel that I'm slow to watch it haha but I really seldom used computer ot even have the time to watch it, but now I download Fushion app from App Store! Mine only can be download when I connect WiFi ... LOL! so I can lie on bed and watch it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ! 만세~~~

I bought this few days a go haha! there's two cover page, 샤이니 & 투애니원 ㅎㅎㅎ! 
Yesterday I woke up in the morning to watch this LOL! my favourite childhood show hehehe

Hello! really sad I seldom post, really tired my best to get time to post but just can't and some time sky turned dark and I'm tired so lazy to post haha! Today it's my last day of off days from work to enjoy my off days with hubby hehe ! I got exactly four days off, cool and fun! ROCK! haha! Today going out with hubby again, I didn't accompany mummy for her heart appointment today! sorry! But lucky I remember to take money for mummy cause I scare she needs the money ... Gotta go for datinggggg! hehe byeeeeee ^^
오늘은 여봉 생일인데! ^^ ㅎㅎㅎ~ 사랑해요 !!! ㅅㅅ 여봉~~~~~

Today woke up early in the morning to settle the cake decoration but failed to! so sad ... But lucky I manage to save it hehe! went over to 여봉 house with a box of cheese cake but sad that I took the picture of before baking instead of after baking ... oh god! haha but the cake taste so yummmmmy~~~ hehe!

I took picture of the box when I went out, I tied the ribbon hehe!!! so lovely ! LOL~

This the cake and cup cakes I made for hubby, there's left over cream cheese mixture so I did for cupcakes haha ...
I DIY birthday card too! hehe~ I love the card so much omg! can't believe I did it so well! Good job man LOL! :))) hehehehe! .. Here's the image of my baking haha ...
It's getting 11pm already ... feeling really tired! washed three pail of clothes ... my hand are totally numb so as my leg! haha ... cause mummy said she tired of washing so I washed it for her! OMG! really tiring! haha! This weekends I get to work morning full eight hours till evening time ... sighhhhh! thought of working really kills me most of the time... but medication totally kill me ... Can't manage my blood sugar well when I work night shift TIRED! ... feeling kinda stress ... I don't know what to do man ...

Today went Boon Keng Diabetic central appointment @ 9am ... slightly late haha! ... got no supplies today cause I didn't test my blood that often ... plus I don't usually got that much time and energy to do it .. haha ! went back HGM to meet mummy for breakfast! and then groceries! went home after that but went out to HGM mall again to meet sister hahahaha! I was freaking lack of sleep and yet I still can go out two times ...

Baked brownie cheesecake when we got home ... hmmm! taste not bad but just too bad and sad that it's not properly done haha! The Brownie cake was too much and thick, the cheese cake is too little and thin LOL! like no match!? haha ... Taste quite well actually haha! I'll upload the image some other days! off to sleep now!~ good night ^^

Wednesday, 12th September POST

안녕! ㅋㅋㅋ~ ... 오랜만의 블로그!
haha! using sister lappy now, it's 9.15pm! tomorrow working morning very tired! don't think I can be able to wake up so early ... Friday going for care central appointment sighhhhh ... I don't like appointment ... Today went plaza singapura with hubby hehe! Went to get this for Eileen haha! spent around $30 to caught it!
But sad that only spent few hours together cause hubby got to go for his run and have to reach by 6pm ... plus we really have been a very long time since we last went for dating together ... sad ... I miss those days when we spent the whole day together for movies! shopping! hehe ... but I just have to bear with two more weeks hehe!!! Hubby birthday ^^ went to buy all this! hehe ... DIY birthday cards for hubby kekeke
went kopitiam for our breakfast and lunch haha! cause we meet up quite late ... sad! we never miss to have the Indonesia cuisine meal haha! yummy! but next time we really have to share one plate for our next visit! it's really too much for one person serving haha ...

Yesterday Tuesday, 11th ...
Went for work in the morning, attachment manager came around 11am!? cause our store manager having meeting ... while they've meeting there's one stupid customer insist to get a curry sauce, he order one Large fries and one apple pie ... But too bad our rules changed! We refund him his money as he asked for it, too bad that he have nothing to eat ... go complain I don't care if you think NEX mall got the better service then what for you come HGM!? ... lol ... I went home early that day, 8pm+++ haha ... feeling tired of staying late haha

Monday, 10th ...
omg! I can't recall haha! if I'm not wrong I got work that day ... I don't usually work on Monday cause after weekends I'll sure feel tiref but just nice that I took off on the Sunday, 9th ... I went to meet my best friend. EILEEN at PS for lunch and shopping! we went flea market and I bought a bag! rings! earring! haha! spent almost $100 HEHE! miss shopping
 I forgot to take the picture of the earrings haha ...

haha! I suddenlt remember that I forgotten to upload the image of all the bakery I bought few days ago but sad that didn't get all the ingredient yet! haha~ still left out some ...

I still needa go Daiso for some equipment haha! gonna find some times too! And this Friday I finally get to meet my dearest darling Eileen! ^^ gonna pass her the birthday present hehe! rushing to made her a birthday card too haha!

Alright today till here then gotta read some notes and books before bed but have to rest early, got three days of work haha! rest well and take good care everybody! ^^
바이바이~ ㅎㅎ! 잘자요~ 여러분 ZzzzzZzzzz ....
안녕히 주무세요! 하하~
Just eaten my dinner :)) ㅋㅋㅋ~ feeling so full haha! Before my dinner I have Bean curd, soy bean and cheese pancake from Mr Bean! 오모~~~ Really so full now omg! haha! Using sister lappy now and she just came home! LOL! ... So sad tomorrow working 10am instead of 12pm, got called from Seah! so as Wednesday, will be working 9.30 instead of 10am ... OMG! nowadays my schedule really in a big mess! confused! ...

So wish I could stay at McCafe haha! wanna learn it! Practical better ... Today went CS meet hubby we ate old chang kee and then went for Toast box, we drink Ice Barley and he ate Curry rice but I ate kaya butter toast bread haha ... went hubby house after that ... have a while of sleep time before hubby go for his run ... then I went HGM after he drop off at Woodleight station to take bus!

I went popular to get some small note book and the new catalog is out, like finally! haha! i waited for so long man! ... after I went library to find Miley Cyrus "Miles To Go' book ... I found it! hahaha! can't find it at book store but I maybe should go KINOKUNIYA for a vist! maybe there have it haha!

Next week I got BoonKeng Central appointment, 27th! 28th having CL class and then next month having SGH appointment! oh god~~~ and I have lots of paper work to do and complete! OMG! ... 화이팅~~~ 아자! 아자! ㅅㅅ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
ㅎㅎ! 안녕~~~ ㅅㅅ 지금 오후 시간 하하! 시간이 너무 빨리 통과~ ㅠㅠㅠ 오모!
On my way to CS now! Meeting hubby for meal hehe and then his house after that! But can't stay for long so sad! Hubby have running later on ... Really miss those days when we're together! But when we finally got out off days things just gone so wrong! ... Real sad man ... But at least we've have some time together ^^ hehe!!! Got to go! I've reached hehe! I'm soooooooo hungry! ㅠㅠ

ㅋㅋ! 잘가~ ... ^^
헬로!!! ㅎㅎ~ 나 너무 피곤해 아~~~ ... ㅠㅠ
Finally I'm home and having rest now! Just done with my shower haha! Feel so fresh! ^^ Have a tough day today, really very busy! Usually there's no much sales on Sunday but surprisingly today was so different! It's just like Saturday haha!!! So many crowd~ ... Hmm! I guess maybe there no much crew working that's why we're having hard time working! ... Really tired! Everyone are tired! ... Haha!!!

When I was working just now my back starts to ache! Very sad ... Sigh ... Hope will not feel any pain like the previously! Really damn pain and I don't know why! Very sad ... Guess that I injured my back! ... :((( no energy now! Haha!!! Falling asleep! And it's nearly 9pm ... Tomorrow finally get to hubby but sad that he's having run tomorrow so only get to meet for some times! ...

And!!! One more thing! I don't know when I'm gonna start practicing my bakery haha!!! Haven got all the ingredient yet! So sad! No money tooooooo! Really sad~ ...
안녕!!! ^^ ㅎㅎ~
Omg!!! Feeling so tired when everytime I reached home after work haha! Sad that hubby is so tired and yet still have to work! Work will never be finished! But health will be gone easily! Hope each and everyone of us can take good care! Drink more water :))) Today its the first day of September!!! 잘가 AUGUST~ 헬로 SEPTEMBER~ ㅋㅋㅋ!

Hehe!!! Hubby's month! Ohhhhhhh boyyy!!! ^~^ hehe!!! Gonna have surprise for hubby! Will be posting and uploading the photo of what I bought for the bakery stuff yesterday ! ^.^ haha!!! I just got home resting and cooling a whole before heading for shower haha! Byeeeeeee!!! I'm working 9.30am tomorrow! Omg! Haha!!! Zombiesssssss

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