last day of May !

It's the last day of month May and I'm here to post, posting about what will be going on for the upcoming month ... 

putting a throwback photo of me and Jerald ! Wanted to say that Jerald is actually really a good boy just that he's kind of playful and I just wish that I could bring him out often ...

Time now is 23:20 already and I'm Glad that everyone is asleep, Javier slept early as well as he have some medication. 

throwback photo of Javier holing milk bottle and drinking it on his own hehe! today morning in laws and hubby brought Javier to Family clinic for consultation as Javier keep having runny nose, cough and some time vomit.

Got a throwback photo of Jerald having fun with his little Brother haha! tonight Jerald went for bed early as well ^^ just hope that he could have more rest and also enough sleep for the next day of school.

throwback of my two prince having fun together and Javier also disturb Jerald with the ipad hahaha! Alright~ the upcoming month which is the month of June, I won't be going for work but just twice in the month. I also have to do house work, look after my two prince and  also the family! my in laws!

My MIL is going for Corneal transplant and also concentrated laser eye. Just hope nothing will happen, everything will be good and smooth! God bless and hope MIL will be strong enough throughout the process! 

it's ok that I've got lots of things to do and also look after my two prince or the the house and my in laws. I feels like it's kind of my responsibility and I don't know why hahaha!

throwback 26/05/16, Thursday

Wanted to do a post throwback of Thursday, 26th May ... Me and hubby brought Jerald to Pororo Park as that day we have a meet up with our dearest Friend, Jennifer Estola and her family.

We went out in the afternoon and before leaving the house I was packing the bag. I've been reminding myself that I've got to bring the socks for the Pororo park but in the end~ I still forgotten. No choice but still got to purchase a new pair of socks for each of use haha! $3.50 per pair.

It's a weekday and not yet school holidays so it's really not that crowded and it's kind of quiet actually haha! jerked was having runny nose actually and also the place was really cold so I decided to change his top to a Long sleeve.

He was really so happy, so excited when we got there. He really have so much fun and I believe he did enjoy a lot, so do I haha!

After having fun at the Pororo Park we went for our meal, I was really really so hungry actually haha! we did bought a nugget set meal for Jerald and we proceed to The Galleries Food Court for our meal. 

Wanted to ordered the Japanese food for myself but in the end I would like to try the western. I regretted somehow haha because it doesn't really taste that good, doesn't really have the standard I guess ...

After our meal me and hubby actually discussed how are we suppose to get over to MBS. I've told hubby that it's better to take transport instead of walking over although the distance it's kind of near.

We look through the SG map App and follow the direction it shows us. we walk over to the Millenia Walk and just nice we're kind of stuck so we just took the CC line train from Promenate to Bayfront station.

when we reach the place we just follow the sign board haha! it's the first time and we went there but sad is that we didn't take any photo together or even snap photo of the hotel and the view.

I save the photo from my friends FB because we did not take selfies as well haha! She went to Canada for almost three years and this time round she came back to SG for a visit and holiday for around a week. After that she will be going back to her hometown, Philippines with her parent and Husband.

Lunch date with Sister today !

Yup! it's Friday~ TGIF! went out for a short date with my beloved Sister ❤️ Always thought of my Sister when everytime I feel lonely and sad, so I just got to WhatsApp her haha! can't live without her in my life hehe!

today we specially went to Bugis Juction because of the Totetease push cart bags sales. Wanted to thank Sister for purchasing the bag for me, I really love it~ Thank you so much! appreciated everything!

Actually we wanted to go for Amos burger after purchasing our bags but in the end the restuarant have closed down. so we were thinking and walking around what to have for lunch.

We went 旺角 (WangJiao) hongkong restaurant for our lunch. I ordered the Ice Lemon Green Tea and somehow I regretted haha! Sister order the blended chocolate coffee omggg~ taste so great! 

We ordered and shared Carbonara, really taste not bad actually haha! After lunch we went down to basement and purchase 雞蛋仔, its kind of like HK style egg waffle. crispy waffle haha!

After all the walking around and eating finally it's time to go off, we took bus to BoonKeng station and change transport to MRT train to Hougang. Sister accompany me to get my stuff before she went for her work.

I'm very thankful towards my Sister for everything she gave me, she spent on me and the endless love towards me and my two boys. Most of the time, other than I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU! there really nothing much and no words could describe how much love and how thankful I am ! 

Javier's appointment

hello~ today me and hubby brought Javier out for his growing development appointment at TPY Polyclinic. Took cab over and while on the way I took selfie with Javier hehehe! chubby Javier! muacks!

we were so so hungry since before the appointment ended, so once everything's done we went TPY HUB for some food to fill our stomach haha! I have Yong Tau Hu, full of vegetable hahaha!

after eating we went up to level 3 Kiddy Palace to get some pajamas for my two boys. The above image is the pajamas that I get for Jerald, but somehow it's seems quite small when Jerald wear it. sighhhh~ 

I also did get some snacks for my two boys haha! have no idea whether they will eat it or not because kids keep changing their appetite haha!

I get the cooling pad pillow for Javier as well because nowadays the weather is really so hot and I'm afraid he can't tolerate the hotness.

throwback on Saturday~

As usual on the Saturday, hubby brought me and my two boys back to my mama house. Hubby works afternoon shift, so we put the two boys with my family and then went down 435 coffee shop to have our very first meal. We have chicken rice and somehow I find that the chicken rice doesn't really taste as great as before nowadays.

kekeke! muahahahaha! once again still got pamper by my siblings and family! My Brother ordered Domino's pizza~ hehe! yum yum~

I really love eating, love pizza! and they knew that hahaha! really thankful and excited when every time I got home because I feels like I've got treated like a small kids, feed with so much good food!

We did ordered the Lava Cake from Domino's Pizza, the dessert really taste good! loving it actually~ haha! but I really have to look out for my diet and sugar already! omg~

Happy Mother's Day! 2016

Yup! Today it's a day for all Mothers all around the world ^.^ was having a good mood since I wake up, also told myself that I need to calm down no matter how bad my mood is... 

Today I went NEX mall for MOS burger and it's the first meal of the day... I rushed to eat my meal, rushed to get my stuff and rushed to go home because I was afraid that in law can't handle my two boys.

So when I got home, this two boys just doesn't want to sleep, I looked after them as MIL was settling the dinner and FIL was having his nap... I always told myself it's ok, I can handle them well and have to calm down. I have to control my anger especially ...

I did! I really did and have fun with my two cutie pie! Haha ❤️❤️❤️

Talking about Mother's Day! Haha! Wanted to thank my Brother and Sister for always feeding me, wanted to thank my family for always being by my side or even supporting me when I'm broken!

Tonight's dinner! MIL home made and home cooked, Red Wine Chicken! Her very own recipes haha! Finally got to eat on this special day ^.^

In the afternoon I bought all these dessert to pamper myself for this year Mother's Day. And of cause I also have to pamper my in laws, bought the strudel mini durian. In laws say the durian pie really taste so great~ she say that next time can buy it again haha

My beloved hubby bought this yummy beautiful fruits cake for me and her mum haha! can't leave out her mum although hubby wanted to pamper me hahaha!

Friday, went for dating with Sister

Hello~ it's Friday already, time flies haha! Today went for lunch with my sister ^^ we went NEX Mall, Hot Tomato restaurant for our lunch ... Each of us have ordered a main course with a complete set meal. It comes with Mushroom soup (today) and we ordered ice lemon tea for our drinks ...

I was tempt to have some appetizer actually so I odered a Hot Tomato Combo ... But in the end we can't manage to finish all so we left with one drum and one sausage haha

I ordered the smoked turkey bacon Aglio Olio. The cooked cherry tomato taste not that good when it's cooked actually haha! But overall it's not bad actually ...

After eating we went Waterway Point for shopping haha! We went Uniqlo, H&M and just walk around the mall. Lastly we went NTUC haha!

Before we head home we were queueing to get KOI drink but while waiting for our queue number we have been smelling durian but just can't find which store it was. Lastly we found it, the store washouts located beside the KOI cafe.

Sister told me that she have actually tried this durian puff before and she mention that it taste really good. So we decided to buy it home haha

What I can say that the puff was really really good!!! I will definitely go for it again!

Sad Tuesday ...

Time now is 23:00 ... I'm feeling kind of sleepy actually, but Jerald is still awake. These few days I have been thinking a lot, it just making me so sad and upset but I can't do anything. I just feels that nobody will want to know why I'm being like this or what I really need.

Example today morning when hubby got home from work, he worked for about 15 hours or more. He came home and I was sleeping, I said Hi to him and we chat don't know about what and I was still in a sleepy mood. After that I told him to have his meal and faster to take a rest after that, also said that I was feeling kind of tired.

He told me that why am I feeling tired as I'm staying at home (almost Everyday) and not even working. I was really sad and pissed off at the moment ...

Seriously! What is the hell wrong with it to stays at home and not feeling tired at all!?  Yup ok! I doesn't need to do house work, doesn't need to cook. I'm useless after all! If it's not for our boy you think I would stays at home!? 

Most of the time I don't argue because I finds it no point, in the end we just moving apart or even have a very bad attitude towards one another in future.

Actually I'm really suffering a lot! Really a lot in this house! Can anybody just tell me how would you live under a roof of people whereby they're totally a strangers to you and doesn't really know them well.

I have to tolerate every single thing but who ever listens to me!? Even there's someone in the end it's just shooting me back, it's like I'm the one I fault or even you all could blame on my family/relatives.

You all have step on my limits but I did nothing, I've never even voice out for my rights because I show respect. But doesn't mean you all could take advantages, yup! Maybe I'm a teenager in the first place when I step into the house.

But nowadays or even I dare to say this generation where you could find a Daughter in law willing to live with her Husband sides to tolerate and to look after the house some times. Or even have to look after the old ones and the small ones. 10% out of 100%!!!

Most of the times its not that I wanted to or not speaking about anything towards my hubby, because he will finds it irritates him or he can't do anything. Overall I could say that he will have stress because of me at the end of the day. So no point talking about it.

When if I talk about it to my Sister, I was being say why I got to talk to my Sister instead of my hubby!? Seriously it just makes me nobody to talk to. So in the end I've depression.

Actually, a lot of things, situation, words that have all hurts me a lot, really a lot! I have all memories of them!

Throwback yesterday !

Would like to do a throwback post of yesterday and it's also a pay back day for Sunday, 1st May. Labour Day ! 

Yup I went home because my papa and Brother is not working haha! In the end I got pampered with delicious food omg!

I reached my mama's house not for Long I went off to HGM with my mum to get some groceries and etc. 

In the mean time my bro went to get meal for all of us haha! It's really been a Long Long time omggg! Kway Chap! Duck noodle! Duck meat!!! Really can't stop eating till I'm full hahaha! 

Feel so loved and happy hehe! Thank you all my parent and siblings! ❤️

Went home quite early actually, reached home around 8pm I guess. After my parent went off as they sent me home, I cooked instant noodle again cause was feeling kind of hungry haha

I took some photo of Jerald at my mama's house because he was really funny, he took my Sister Loreal brand Toner as a phone. He keep putting close to his ear and says hello hahaha! So cute~

As for Javier! It's a throwback photo like one or two weeks ago. I posted it on Instagram during yesterday midnight because he was not sleeping. In laws went to sleep and Jerald sleeps early so left me and Javier.

I played with him for awhile before I put him for bed, out of sudden I just being curious of wanting to touch and feel whether his teeth is growing out or not.

So surprisingly, YES! There's one teeth growing out on the bottom hehehe! I was so happy and excited because I was kind of worry when will his tooth be growing out. So far so good that Javier's development is really well and smooth hehe! Glad~

This photo was taken by my Sister haha! Interesting huh~


Hello! Good morning~ it's Tuesday today and Jerald's school is close for today so I have cancel to go for work. I have decided to bring Jerald out in the afternoon because I has been quite some time since me and hubby last brought him out for some fun.

Today I'll be bringing Jerald out alone because hubby is really really very busy for work... If I'm not hubby mention that he doesn't really have off day for this month. How awesome !??? Actually I'm kind of used to it that hubby is not home often, busy for so much things. 

I always understands that hubby is busy for work and he also got no choice to keep using on phone calls. But it's always a disappointment when I heard what I doesn't wish to hear ...

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