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*-* Monday 31st December 2007 *-*

Haha today is the last day of 2007 le worx^^
This few days nv post cos veri lazy, sian and busy lor :P ps leh^^ hehe... two more days sch going reopen le so happy can see all mai frens le haha, the first day of sch in the morning I meet mai fren Ying Jing near her house there which oso I drop off at.
OH! yah hor mai report book still haven sign leh haha... 2moro night must rember to give mai daddy sign or else the teacher will nag, haix.... don noe who is mai form teacher next year leh dots...

On Wednesday Mai mummy and Aunty go malaysia to pray mai grandmother they take train and actually they wanted at night go de thenmai daddy said take the morning train cos mai mummy eyes signt not really good then mai aunty nedd to hold somebody hand cos at night mah scared fall down...
den they today come back don noe whether got buy things for us a not leh think no bahx haha...
*-* Sunday 16th December 2007 *-*

Haix.... feel so sad and disappointed! I thought Friday can go Junction8 see xiaozhu at the end nv go lor, Friday bout 5pm plus I listen to Yes933 cos xiaozhu on the air at bout ending le they said can sign de book worx the xiaozhu book tht he realise den I like fall into a veri veri veri deep till no end de hole lor =(

Mai jiejie actually ask mi if wan go a not cos tht time I veri angry and disappointed cos at first mi, jiejie, her fren and mai fren going together de den mai jiejie fren don wan go le cos wanna see show den I okie lor nvm.I msg mai fren she said her uncle not at home cos I ask her to borrow camera from her uncle mah den I told nvm lor and I ask her if she wan go mah she said sry leh cos she going out with her mum the next day haix.... den i said okie lor den nvm....Den left mi and mai jiejie le den suddenly mai shi yu marmie msg mi she told mi tht xiaozhu at junction8 at friday leh den we chat chat chat[msg] she said she wan go cos her …
*-*12th December 2007*-*
Haha!^^ so happy I decided to go see xiaozhu le but only can go Friday de I wish I can go both days leh =(
But nvm lah haha cos can see xiaozhu in personal I a ready very happy le like can celebrate le worx^O^ cos I love him veri much !!!

I feel veri bad leh cos yesterday I got post mah I post tht mai jiejie don wan go with mi see xiaozhu like her face veri sian like this leh, I feel so x1000000 bad worx!!!
hope tht mai jiejie don angry or sad leh or else I will feel veri guilty de leh=( ps and sry leh mai baobei jiejie^^ I love euu lots!!! :P

So excited worx don noe wat time go off leh^^ I go with mai BEST BEST fren Eileen we had known each other since we were pri 5 bahx haha and with mai jiejie and her fren xiu qin oso^O^ wow! den like this the day will be veri fun worx haha! :P
But den still feel a bit sad leh cos cant have xiaozhu signature haix...
*-*Today Tuesday, 11th December 2007 *-*
Yesterday eh no lah is today morning 12.55am wake up watch Yu Le Bai Fen Bai [100%Entertainment] 1pm den start^^
Before 1am I switch on the TV and I turn the channel to channel8 I saw xiaozhu de program it said tht he will be having two qian chang hui at Bishan Junction8 Top Of the 8[14th December 2007] another place is Marina Square I think so lah [15th December 2007].
And oso it said tht must have singapore chu de Taiwan ban album den can let him sign worx!haix... so sad I don have I bought the wrong wan lor!!! =( x10000 0000 00

Feel like jumping down from Taipei 101DaSha! ai yo mai heart hurts !!! so pain, feel like crying till I enough haix... but mai mummy allow mi to go lah but I don noe if I wan to go a not leh cos I buy wrong album cant letxiaozhu sign and if I go I cant see xiaozhu oso cos I'm a kid so short tht can see xiaozhu head and neck only worx... dot......... lol............. -_-!!!
I ask mai jiejie if she wan to go a not she li…
*-Today Monday, 10th December 2007*
I go out with mai BEST fren Eileen^^ I company her go repair her laptop and her handphone lor, we go orchard and bugis.
So fun worx haha^O^

Haix... XIAOZHU coming to singapore on 14th December, Friday at Bishan Juntion8 Top Of The 8 I WAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mai mummy actually allow mi go lah but the album I buy wrong lah so angry lor!!! FEEL SO SIA!!!!!!!!! =(
I wan xiaozhu signature lah!!! the album cost $18 to $20 leh I wish "Santa Claus" will give mi haha... dreaming...................HAIX~............

Shi Yu marmie I miss euu alot sia! wish can go out with her again, marmie I love euu FOREVER just like I love xiaozhu haha ^O^
AI YO veri angry la the previous blogskins make mi veri pek chey and tu lan leh haix....
like I post something on Monday 3rd December hor it appear Saturday December 1 leh and one more I Tuesday 4th December post hor it turn to be Monday December 3 worx -_-!!! lol....
Den now cannot change le lor so angry!!!
Ai Yo yesterday go KK hospital check up veri long leh bout 5pm plus den mai turn haix... wait till siao and veri pek chey leh mi, jiejie and mummy go together haha we bout 11.30am plus den go de how we know must wait so long.
Before we go see the doctor I go X-Ray first actually I don really like X-Ray leh veri trouble some! I every year must go KK hospital check up till I 17 or 18 year old bah haha cos I got kidney problem and thats why mai sports is veri weak, sec one is mai veri first time taking narfa test and I fail so as sec two haha... bleah^^

Mai right kidney is at the originally place but the left wan is below and a bit smaller, mai doctor said that the small wan is growing haha so happy and every thing is veri okie leh^O^
Doctor said mai left wan last year is 7.2cm this year is 9cm le worx ^^ WOW!
Mai uncle work there and at his lunch time he come find us we at mac eating den after every thing le is bout 5.10pm bahx we go find him where he was working, he so cute lor haha and m…
Haha... yesterday go relative wedding so fun sia, inside the church bout 2hours stand sing song sit, stand sing song sit ai yo so trouble some worx :P
Quite boring lor inside the church listen to the person talk talk talk and speak thailand some more mai cousin married with a thailand girl talk all the way almost felt asleep haha :P ^^
I wear mai mummy shoe hor both of mai leg last toe swallow veri pain leh!

Mai cousin Jin Feng jiejie so good she got go xiaozhu concert leh! so jealous lor =(
she said her friend got 1 pair of ticket and they go together lor, haix.... concert is already over le feel like crying lor cant see xiaozhu concert!!! I now listening to xiaozhu songs.... if xiaozhu next time come singapore open concert I 100% will go de^O^
Ai yo today I so early wake up sia cos need go to mai relative wedding but we go church sian lor...
don noe go there how long leh -_-!!!......

Haix... so sad today xiaozhu concert leh! AI YO wanna cry liao la =(
so wish that I can go lor !!! haix.... nvm la after tonight everything is over le but mai heart veri pain sia miss this concert and I nv been to concert before leh^^ hehe wish next time got chance to go bahx^^
MUACKS! love and support xiaozhu luo zhi xiang FOREVER!!!^O^