Hello! hehe~ afternoon! finally I got to sleep now!!! have been insomia for like weeks!? oh man~ haha! but sad that now is LaoGong's turn to insonmia! sadddddd~ sigh! he still have reservice some more OMG! poor thing~ hope he'll get well! miss my baby boy! HEHE! yesterday is our 10th months anniversary! oh boy~~~ haha! went shopping with sister at bugis and then far east! I bought two dress!!! hehe~ seriously can't really go shopping on weekends! flooded~ with people haha!

I finally found and bought the CDs that I've been searching for weeks! haha! Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed album and Rainie Yang new album!

楊丞琳 仰望 慶功典藏版

Miley Cyrus Can't Be Tamed Deluxe Edition/CD + DVD album
hello!!! morning~~~ hehe!!! Happy New Year~ ^^ haha!!! omg~ so fast it's a brand new year, hope a new year everything will be and get better! more smooth and well! PEACE! ^^Y haha. somehow I cried on the first day of 2012~ oh boy! so sad! haha~ fine everything are good and fine now! I just to need to think more haha! I LOVE U~~~ My Dearest Baby LaoGong! my Boy Boy! hehe!!! This Sunday, 8th is our 10th months anniversary! haha~ so cool and fast! March's our one year anniversary and we're going chalet at that time!!! OOOOMG~ can't wait!!!

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