HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! long time no post! ... haha ... having salad for dinner today, eating and posting on the same time~! hehehe!!! ...

recently I felt so lazy to update and post my blog haha, so dead man! ... hmmmm~ last week went for appointment in the really the result is really what I expected but worst a little ... feel sad ! feel stress and tired to maintain everything .... sigh .... sometimes I really don't know who I can talk to .... very sad ... my HBA1C is 8.3% if I'm not wrong, it's really high and lucky that all my previous data is good ... I really scare to get back Insulin I can't afford and take it ... it's really tiring and hurt!

Needa add on more exercise, but I lost weight till 51kg now ... I really spent like almost four years to settle myself back to healthy life style, happy moments ! :) I'm so glad actually, I used to be 60kg and more fat than now, but sad that I still look cubby .... haha! oh man! I put too much Thousand Island cream sauce on my salad haha!!! oh well there's no picture for the day haha ... byeeeeeeeeee

  before going off, hehe! SS501~ 너무 보고 싶었어! 사랑해~ ^^
12th OCTOBER 2012 POST!

헬로~ ... ㅎㅎ! ^^

It's night time ... hmmmm. today went for blood test, think won't be hearing good result next week appointment! sad .... feeling stress and really tired to take care of so many things, really tiring ... Can't hang on any longer ... But I still have to live on, sighhhh! really thought of giving up already ... I'm lost! I don't know what to do ...

This the first post of OCTOBER! :))) oh god~ ... Christmas coming soon hahaha!!! wonder this year there's Christmas party @ McD a not! hehe ... Today went to relax myself  ^^ I'm using sister lappy now haha! hmmm! this time there's no picture of anything haha! cause I didn't online for Instagram but twitter ... also not that often! nothing interesting .... been busy for work! went to do closing hahaha! awesome! and feeling bored to post ... nothing much and although I did said to post often when I'm free but somehow I just feel when I'm busy with work and tired! my blog is really dead .... haha!

Few days ago I get to work with Mattew DiDi haha! He told me that he went to view my blog! Good Job! :))) Very sad that I don't know what time I'm working tomorrow ... Forgot to see schedule yesterday as I was in rush to go home haha! Sunday there's large order, 250 McChicken and have to settle everything by 10am. Only me and Karen get to settle but maybe there's more crew to help but not sure yet! sighhhhhh~ busy ...

안녕! ㅅㅅ
ㅋㅋㅋ~ 잘자요!!!

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