Dinner date with hubby! ❤️

Yesterday went City Square Mall the Hong Kong Street Restaurant for dinner with hubby, after he ended his meeting.

The milk tea taste good actually haha

I expected that the fried dumplings will be dried on both sides but I'm so disappointed that it's quite sticky, soft and only fried on one side.

Hubby have this chicken chop rice? I think haha it's a Halal restaurant so the rice looks and taste a bit different from normal we eat. Hubby say that he can't taste what exactly the rice is made and mix of haha! But overal taste still acceptable haha

For me ! It's really such a disappointment! Cheesy baked chicken chop spaghetti. It really taste so bad!!! Worst pasta I have ever in my whole life. The whole plate of food I could only just taste the cheese, other than the meat and the pasta. I taste nothing, really! 

The pasta just taste like pasta with no sauce, so as the meat just taste like a baked meat!? Lol~

Spoiled my dinner haha overall as what hubby always say! Overall, Halal food is not really our taste.

Jerald down with fever ...

Poor thing! My Jerald have fever since Monday midnight :(

Jerald's second day of fever ...

Yesterday is Jerald third day of fever and out of sudden his temperature just went so high of 39.3 degree celcius... That's the time when I starts to worry and got anxious :( so I decide to bring him for consultations at KKH ...

We arrive at KKH children A&E and the time was around 11pm plus. The place was really crowded when we alight the cab... One word to describe "wow!" And it just looks like we're at the Expo baby fair LOL!


Happy birthday Sister ❤️

Today it's a special day, my beloved Sister birthday ! And the day my mummy gave birth to my elder Sister~ thank you both my mummy and Sister to be part of my family. I'm bliss~ 

And of cause! Went for dating with my Sister ❤️ hehe! We meet at Plaza Singapura and we went HongKong Cafe for our lunch :)

Ice milk tea float for me and Iced YuanYang float for Sister. It's really such a big cup! Can't even finish even a half cup haha in the end we finish all the food we've ordered but not the drinks. We takeaway the drinks haha

Luncheon meat sandwich! Sister ordered it haha and it taste not bad actually but the sauce just a little too much. 

This two are my favourite for the day! Omggggg~ so yummy! Haha! Baked cheese pork spaghetti and fried wanton! Drooling~ haha!

After our lunch we went for our shopping! Like a finally~ 

Went for John little for a walk actually but in the end I bought myself a Long sleeve clothes. Sister bought CNY clothes for papa and mummy :) hehe! 

Went Starbucks to get myself a bottle which is a sales for Valentines Day! Too bad that I did not get to have what I wanted actually but this design looks not bad too. Put she the bottle and I get have a free drinks and a packet or CNY red packet.

After Starbucks we went Orchard road, we walk over Orchard from PS. Went 313 Somerset, Takashimaya, Far East ! Haha~ went Cineleisure as well, bought ear rings and minions phone casing for myself.

At last we went ION Sephora for eye liner, bought one for Sister as well! Hehe~

After Orchard went took MRT to AMK for our dinner and a walk outside the HUB. Ajisen Ramen for dinner, was feeling quite full actually haha but we shared a bowl of ramen set :) hehe

After the dinner and walking we went home at last. Really enjoy myself so much today, I don't mind to spent money on your special day or even not your special day although when I've not much cash with me.

I'm just willing to do anything or even spend money to get you stuff no matter what ❤️ hehe! This is what it calls as Sisters Love !? Haha

Before the tonight ends! To my beloved Sister, your meimei here would like to wish you a Blissful Birthday! Happy Birthday my dear ❤️ hehe! Really hope that you enjoy yourself today, let's celebrate until our hair turn white haha! Lastly~ I LOVE YOU! So so so muchhhhh ❤️❤️❤️

Happy 5th Months to baby Javier ❤️

Today is exactly Javier's 5 months old! Wow~ already 5 months my baby Javier hehe

Mummy just wish you will be fine and healthy. Be a good boy as well ❤️ love you so much~ haha

Have my first meal at NEX Mall Mos Burger, can't believe I ate fast food again and again. Really have to watch out for my diet, seriously! If not I will be scolded by doctor and dietitian... Sighhhhh~

No life! Can't eat what I wanted, always craves for food that is unhealthy and bad for me... Try my best to have a good meal and diet, stay strong! 

Went and shop around the mall after that I met hubby as well as he release early today from the army. Yup~ hubby is attending his re-service already, today hubby went for talking session for the first day. Tomorrow will be his official day starts for re-service.

Met hubby at NEX Mall and then we were at NTUC to buy some needs which MIL ask to purchase. We bought quite a lot of things actually ... 

Javiers diapers, Jerald kids Apple juice, Diapers Wipe, knife (haha), Dettll Value Pack (finally there's offer) and etc haha cost for than $100 ... Oops~

Excuse for work today ...

Hello~ the time now is already 23:05 and I'm trying my best to put Javier for bed ... Today I got excuse for work as I'm really feeling unwell, I guess due to my hand infection that makes my body feeling so weak ... Wish to go for a doctor but can't go for it without hubby by my side whichI  would like to go for hubby's family doctor clinic ... Not sure whether there's medications for it or not ...

My little darling wakes me up with his beautiful smile, it really makes me melt hehe~

Was talking to Javier once he's awake ... Woke up in the middle of the night to feed him milk and changes his diapers and clothes twice ... Sighhhhhh~

No wonder I can't get to rest well and getting more tired recently haha! Got to work and then have to look after them after work ... So rushing and tiring, feeling so upset actually !

Also took a selfie with Jerald in the morning when he came into my room, change his clothes to prepare for school ...  Naughty as always haha

Kids do really love to climb the staircase ? Haha~ Jerald always feel so excited to go for school, he will take his shoes and water bottle. He will hurry me to bring him go for school hehe my good boy. 

Jerald is still crying when register to go into the school or once we have enter the entrance door of the school. He will be crying, waving and saying bye bye already, I'm glad actually as he knew that he got to go for school.

He will stops crying once the teacher brings him into the classroom and once I leave his eye sight. But once I exit the entrance I will still peek on him to see what he's doing or whether he's still crying or not ... Haha~ interesting :D

Tiring day! Once again~

Hello! It's Tuesday, 5th Jan 2016 ... The time now is 22:30 and I'm feeling really tired. My sleeping mode is already on since 21:00 plus but I've got no choice that I have to settle Javier to go for bed as he's crying and wanted to sleep ...

When time passes by each day, I got more tired and stress. Have lots of thing keeping in mind thinking what's my next step to move... Also when days just pass on like this I get more familiar with Javier crying and what he needs. I can totally knew why is he crying for, I'm Glad haha!

Just now randomly I wanted to put a picture from my phone gallery as my lock screen. I spend quite a moment till I got a photo that I'm satisfied with, but not that satisfied actually hahaha

1st week Monday Blues of 2016

Hello~ it's Monday blue today, feeling so not blue actually haha after a long day of  stressful work ... Putting Javier for bed now after having some milk hehe miss my two boys so so much! Really feel so so so much better when I get to see them after a Long day of stupid work lol

They are really my sunshine hehe ❤️ went to fetch Jerald after 6pm today ... Ended work a bit late as today work is really whole lot of mess and stupid manager ... Feel like killing it~ 

Took selfie with my lovely boy early in the morning before sending Jerald off for school. My good boy~ happy that's he's eating some lunch tea snacks already but proper meal he still rejected. Hope Jerald will get to eat the meal in the school soon ^.^ also wanted to thank all the Teachers for their kindness and caring to my boy :)

Hehe took photo of Javier too! In the morning before I go out for work ... Miss my little boy ❤️❤️❤️ but really soon that August month will be here and he will be going for toddler class maybe this year or next year. Depends I Guess haha there privilege actually :)

Have my breakfast before going for work and finally have a meal together alone with my dearest loving hubby! It's been quite some times since we sat down and have meal together :) I miss those times actually! 

3rd day of 2016

Time now is 10:35pm ... I'm trying to put Javier for bed, he was sleeping but while I just started iron my uniform he's awake. Sighhhh~ so I leave him awake but in the end how would I know that my iron thing spoiled ! I was so fed up but no choice, lucky that I have iron one set of my uniform if not I will be looking so unprofessional with the crumple uniform haha

Today went NEX Mall for my lunch and a walk ... Went to buy perfume for hubby but in the end he say he can't really spray the perfume for work as his manager is kind of sensitive with perfume ... 

Went home and then took selfie with Javier haha while Jerald is sleeping. Hehe!!!

My lovely boy ! 

Lastly! Good night ... Tomorrow will be a brand new week ! 加油~加油~再加油!

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