Can't believe the time is already 1am plus now, didn't realize the time today... Haha I guess I enjoy my day and busy as well...

Throwback photo of hubby and baby Jerald ^.^ (didn't get to take any photo while having fun, overjoy haha)

Having fun with Jerald and hubby ❤️ all of us were inside the room, Jerald being naughty climbing up and down our bed... 

Throwback photo of Javier, taken yesterday... (Didn't take any photo as time is late and I'm tired haha)

Gave Javier shower again just now late night ... because when I was changing diapers for Javier while wiping his butt, he pass urine -_-!!! Haha~ the bed it's fine but Javier's face and body got stain of his own urine ... Poor baby >.< 

I was so surprised and shocked, faster clean up Javier face :( poor thing! So sorry baby~ it's mummy's bad :(

Another throwback photo :)

Just a while ago, put Javier for bed already... He was having a little hard time drinking milk, so just now he got choke and vomit out the phelm ... Lucky~ I guess I have to plan giving him some plain water daily :)

Have to wake up early in the morning once for Javier's appointment, it will be a busy and rushing day as well ... And also hubby is working closing tomorrow :(

Haha I will be regret to spend my time posting this post, cause it's late and I'm really tired :P Good Night ~ ❤️❤️❤️

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