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Went out with my parent today ❤️

Today I went City Square Mall with my parent and I brought Jerald along. Feel sorry to let them waited for more than half an hour. Because my Father asked me to bring Jerald along which I didn't wish too, so I took him along with me last minute haha
My papa always wish to bring him out to shopping mall so I wish to let them bond and let papa have fun with Jerald :) although I'm really tired but I'm glad that I let them have fun together and it has been quite some time.

After having our lunch together me and mummy went Metro for shopping. But papa bring Jerald around the mall as Metro is totally, crazily crowded because it's the last day of moving out sales? Clearance sales? ... Yup the Metro at City Square Mall will be closed down after today operation ...
Went to find birthday gift for Uncle Ben's birthday, which is next month :) 

I bought a match of Goldlion Brand wallet and belt for Uncle Ben :) hehe~ it cost $89, hope he will love it ...

Actually I wanted to bring m…

SATURDAY, 21/11/1015

Yup~ throwback on yesterday haha 
As usual statue day, family day! Went home with my two boys and hubby off day, he brought us back to my home for gathering :) 

Have an awesome Saturday as Sister took leave and we asked Uncle Ben to came over for steamboat as dinner. 
Sadly that I didn't snap any photos haha too busy and forgotten. And also feel very bad that I went off at around 7pm plus but I told Sister that I will go off at about 8 or 9pm ...
Due to hubby working schedule today, he work early in the morning ... So I got to go off early, didn't even finish eating and clear stuff and yet I just went off like this. So bad~ :(

Went home today ...

Yup~ it's Wednesday today, 18th November 2015. Went home today and my parent fetch me home, my mummy went KKH for her appointment follow up. My papa didn't go for work but accompany my mummy to see the results...
My mummy have called me up and  say that they will be going over to my house and visit my two prince. But once I wake up I called my mummy that I wish to go back home and she say alright...

I told them that I needed to buy Jerald's and Javier's milk powder so I thought of going HGM, how would I know when they arrive at my house my papa wanted to go Kallang Bahru.
We were all on the way to the NTUC, my parent me and my two boys. In the end it's was all misunderstanding, sighhhhh~ makes me a little fed up haha

My mummy didn't inform or say clearly that I'm going back home and wanted to go HGM NTUC for a walk. In the end we really went Kallang Bahru as no choice we're already half way haha and then after buying what I need, we took cab from the other …

Lonely Sunday ...

Yesterday hubby came home during midnight and both of us are hungry so I decided to cook instant noodle for supper. Oops~ hehe
Hubby wants to microwave the Seaweed Chicken and the Garlic Fried Chicken. Our side dish for our instand noodle and sadly that there's only one egg Liao in the fridge. But I gave it all to hubby, wanted him to have more as he have been working for the whole day. 
Most of the time k really wish I could cook and stir fried for hubby to eat. But I don't dare to use the kitchen. 

I was feeling bored during evening time, and was having fun with Javier. Before Jerald is awake haha so I posted photo of Javier lying on my lap ^.^ hehe my lovely boy~ 

And also I was missing my dearest lovely hubby as he has been working quite often recently. So I posted of a photo of him and Jerald, took it before hubby went out for work today ❤️❤️❤️ Just love them so much! My most important three man in my life~

weekend, Family Day~

Hehe today I went home, my papa came to fetch me over... Time flies, it's already another week of family day ^.^

Reached home at around 1pm plus and have my meal too hehe

Around 4pm plus me, Sister and Brother decided to go mall as I need to get diapers wipe and there's no more at home.
We went to buy KOI drink before we head home haha and the most surprisingly is we left Jerald and Javier at home for papa mama to look after. 
We went for a quick shop, speed up and then took bus home haha

I still wanna say thank you every little small thing they did for me and my Teo prince! Love you all~ ❤️❤️❤️

Farewell my Friend, XiaoYue ❤️

Today I went out again and it's a Friday. Of cause I went dating with my beloved Sister haha

Meet Sister at AMK Hub for lunch before heading over to Yishun/Khatib McD to find hubby and XiaoYue. Wanted to find XiaoYue at hubby's work place just because it was her last day of work.
She have told me that she will be leaving when I'm on my maternity leave. 

Went to have Subway with Sister ^.^ hehe after that we walk around the mall but somehow didn't get to buy anything. As for Sister, she bought two tee shirt from SPRINT clothes shop.

We went Coffee Bean for lunch tea  before we head over to hubby's outlet haha I'm Kind of regret to go Coffee Bean and I order wrong drinks for Sister~ sighhhh! Why do I always being so blur and makes mistakes. Hope Sister is not mad about it oops~

Have Tiramisu Cake at Coffee Bean, doesn't taste that nice as I expected. Should have order the cheese cake instead haha maybe next time hehe
I order small Hot Vanilla and I order Ice blende…

Throwback Wednesday, 11th November 2015

Yup~ it's Thursday, 12th November 2015 ... Soon Weekends will be here, time flies~ wanted to post bout yesterday ...

Have brunch once again, waited for hubby to be awake haha in the hubby is already awake but still got drag for some time. Till almost 2pm we finally have our first meal haha
We decided to go NTUC to purchase some groceries as there's really nothing much left at home for us to eat ... No bread, no biscuit no milk no nothing lol
Actually thought of watching movie but in the end we find the time is a little late, so we decided to take a walk at Mustafa and City Square Mall ...

We went out at about 3:30pm, went Mustafa first after that City Square Mall ... At the mall we went to buy Koi drink hehe after that we went Daiso follow by Toyrus to purchase toys for our two prince haha

After shopping, finally we went NTUC to get our groceries... We were rushing as the time is getting late, around 8:30pm. As we need to buy dinner for in laws so we rushed ourselves and in the end…

Went home on Deepavali, PH ^.~

Somehow I feel sorry to inform my family that I wanted to go home last minute. Then my papa came to fetch me and my twoprince home... Cause them to rush here and there! Feel so bad~ 
Sister, Brother and mummy went Hougang Mall to purchase Javier's milk powder for me! I'm so thankful for their time and help and also effort ❤️ hehe they bought me Koi drink as well haha  

While on the cab I was WhatsApp~ing sister and they told me that everyone went out so papa doesn't have any house key with him. haha in the end papa feeling a little fed up, oops~

So after we alight at Hougang house, we went to the coffee shop to have my first meal. Meanwhile waiting for my mummy and siblings to reached, love the CharSiew rice over there hehe

Hehe once we went up home everyone was busy, busy carrying and sayang Javier. ^.^ 

So as Jerald, he was busy eating as always haha my naughty boy! "AiJiak!~" hahaha

❤️ as per usual, Aunt and nephew bonding time. Hehe my Sister really love my two pri…

Happy Deepavali~ haha

It's Tuesday, 10th November 2015. Today it's an PH, wishing all the Indian people "Happy Deepavali" :) love all the lights hanging on the trees at some areas, Farrer Park/ Little Indian/ Tekka looking so beautiful during night time :)
Remind me of Christmas Season hehe~ town area will be having decorated Christmas tree~ ohhhh God! Really missed those times hanging out :( haha

Hehe throwback selfie with Jerald on Monday blue ^.~
Wanted to thank my hubby for always think for me... Yup~ I went home today, it's a PH and both my papa and Brother are not working. So I decided to go home and bonding together hahaha
Thank you~ my love for not wanting to upset me or to see me being sad at home ! I love you so much my dear~ ❤️❤️❤️

We love you ~ hubby! Daddy of our two prince ❤️❤️❤️

Sunday, 8th November 2015

Throwback on the 8th November 2015, Sunday... Hubby was off on Saturday and Sunday hehe I'm a happy Wife ^.~ spend my Sunday at home with hubby and the two prince ...

Hubby went BoonKeng station to takeaway our first meal, me and hubby ate mix vegetables rice and for Jerald hubby bought McD nuggets happy meal for him haha and it's a Ninja Turtles toy.

Have our first meal at almost 1pm, after that around 4pm plus, MIL steam some DimSum and we eat altogether hehe the CharSiew Bun and the Ha Gau (Steamed Shrimp Dumplings), hubby's God-sis gave it to us when we're at her daughter's birthday party on the passed Saturday...
God-sis ordered too much and there's quite a lot of left over, especially DimSum so she gave it out to the relatives and friends haha always so generous of her :)

And also! MIL cook my craving dessert, 白果薏米腐竹 (Barley and Beancurb Dessert with Ginkgo). Always so delicious haha

Dinner for that day ^.^

Raines~ 21st Birthday celebration

Throwback on Saturday, 7th November 2015 at hubby's God-sister Daughter 21st birthday party.
When we reached and was standing outside the door step, we can really see that it was really crowded and everyone are enjoying haha

My two lovely prince fall asleep while other people are having fun, eating and chatting ... Jerald falls asleep in the cab while on the way to the party, as for Javier he falls asleep when we got there...

Hubby's God-sis called us to proceed to her Son room as our two prince are sleeping. To let them lie on the bed so that me and hubby could take a rest or even eat ... Thanks for the thoughts~ haha

The is the bracelet that me and hubby bought for God-sis daughter for her 21st birthday ^.^ hope she will love it haha that's her name on the front and as on the back we status "生日快樂", it's a Happy Birthday in Chinese :)

Hehe me and hubby took selfie in the room while the boys are asleep haha ❤️❤️❤️ really enjoy ourselves that day although we are re…