Gonna spam weddings photo ^^ hehe ... That day was really very busy and rushing, make us all so tired and confuse haha but it's really a memories ^^ Have our wedding dinner held at Bubby's flat restaurant ... LAIWAH restaurant ^^ yum yummmm~ love the food so much ... It's a history restaurant too keke

HEHE! gonna spam photo now before December is here ... 20 minutes left ...

MUACKS! love baby Jerald sooooo much keke! Jerald's growing every single day and everyday looks different!? ^^ hehe!

Created this last month I guess I guess, I kinda love it ^^ using a APP from iphone but can't use it anymore as need payment LOL!

OMGGGGGGG! Guess what !!!!! Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy SHOW LUO IS COMING SG ^^ muahahahahaha!!! waited for this day till my neck become so longggg already hehehe ;DDD There day I'm gonna go there early and I get my sister to go with me keke!!! not sure Bubby wanna join me a not :))) as I get bubby to get off that day too ^^ I miss those days that I keep chasing artist woo~ hoo~

Show Luo didn't came for autograph session for like two to three years already ... HEHE! can't wait for that day ^^

Hello! ... Its 11pm plus now haha last day of November! Time flieeeeeess so fast ... December is here already ... Still very busy recently haha taking care of my little prince hehehe ^^ So naughty ~ Today I'm spending the night with Jerald, Bubby went for work, night shift. having stock take today, he got himself prepared that he will end work till tomorrow morning around 11am ... so sad! Heart pain to see bubby to work like this! really hate this industry nowadays! so evil!

Tomorrow I'm heading home hehe ... Feeling so sleepy ... I'm tired! Everyone is tired... Bubby is having a hard time as well ... Love him so much! I'm gonna find a job next year, hopefully I'll find a good and well paid job hahaha!!! All the best to me ^^ yesterday bubby and me submitted the HDB application list, really wish we go selected but not draw... praying hard!!! We choose the flat nearby to our currently flat, two bus stops away I think hahaha!!! New building flat, Bendemeer Light block 10A, four room flat ... we choose the same level floor hehe!

Now we're waiting for the baby bonus letter to come ... the government already transfer the money to Bubby's bank account already, $3000 ... lolll

I'm backkkkkk !

Heeeeeeeeeello! ^^ hehe! finally I've got the time and stable down for blogging! miss it so much ... This year is really a happening year for me! haha~ ... complicated as well ... I got married ... gave birth and now I'm a housewife!? for temporarily lol!!! Hopefully next year I'm able to get a job and support the family with my bubby ^^

Didn't get to post for like almost more than half a year oh goshhhhhh! so serious haha! I got my blog renew and there's still some of the parts which I have to edit and add on ... so gonna take few days or weeks I guess haha ... Gonna post some image of my wedding after that follow by my baby Jerald's photo kekeke~ Baby Jerald is now 1 month and 15 days already :D

Hehe! I'll be back in other time ^^ byeeeee

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