woah!~ so surprise that I reached home quite early, nearly 9.30pm or 9.45 pm!? haha! Today I went orchard with my secondary school friends =) We went cineleisure for pool... what I can said is, FUN! haha! I'm happy that we still contact each other ^^ hmmm~ actually I've one close friend in secondary school that I've never forget, we go out very often too! So now there's another two or three more that we gonna get close and contact again, I'm glad haha! =D Paulyn and Ying Jing, this two girl tweenies to each other, cute!? =) lol!~

We play pool for around 2 hour!? I think =P follow by dinner at Far East Plaza we ate Thailand food!? haha! delicious =) The shop keeper hmm~ should I said boss or something!? cause to me he kinda look like boss hehe!~ He's such a kind and cute person ^^ haha! lols~ =P There's totally 6 of us eating so~ .... we kinda like giving some problem!? O.o He was so patience haha! So as the four customer, actually we gonna split and eat but they [the four customer] shift to another table so that we all could sit together haha! Really thankful to them ["boss" & the four customer] ^-^

After we've finish our dinner we went home haha~ but me and Claudia went to Ion for photo taking LOL! we went to the same washroom again -_- haha! really~ everytime we went orchard and whenever we wanna take photo we will think bout the same place hmmm~ I mean same washroom!? LOL! XD

Yesterday was an rush day for me T^T
I end work at 5pm but I'm thought of going home straight but Eileen came cause I promise to buy her the Cotton On that black jacket for her birthday present. Although her birthday is in August haha! I just really can't think of any stuff to buy for her so she said she wanted that so we met up bought it =) Meanwhile we bought the same bag AND jacket.. lols!~ XD

After that we took bus 74, I went home but she gonna go AMK take train to orchard to met her friend. After my shower I've to rush and prepare myself to go Plaza Singapura to meet up my sister and her friends, cause she needs my help to buy cake for Yu Jia [her friend] for surprise. So I went and totally in doubt of what cake should I buy haha! After I've decided the shop keeper asked me how many candles I need!? I was totally stunt haha! but lucky I notice that they're the same age so I told the shop keeper 18. she reply, 38!!!? LOL!~
It was fun haha! =D

Alright then! gonna turn in now Z_z I'm tired and sleepy hehe!~ weekends have to work T^T GOOD NIGHT! ^^
Woah! Woah! Woah!!!! 마지막으로 =)
Finally I've the heart to settle my blog ^^ hmmm~ or should I said I don't want my to rot haha! Cause The still some post that I never post it out BUT! save it LOL! for nothing cause I just type some note on the day post then leave to the next day and finish it! 하하하! 하지만~ I didn't even gonna know when's the next day gonna be/come =P so I save, save, save till now so TODAY! 예! 오늘하고지금! ^^ heh~ heh~ I'm gonna complete [list]:

1) those post ...
2) updated my blogskins and etc ...
So hopefully I can finish by today @_@

This few weeks and past 2months!? been busy working so as working on some stupid stuff =P hehe~ Plus I lazy to blog and post stuff so till end my blog really can't survive! and I really can't stand to see my blog continue rotting =X but I was lazy to post it so my sister comment to close/delete T^T I thought of it too!
하지만!~ 안돼~~~ 我舍不得啦! this blog have lots of my memories haha~ =P Now I'm gonna post in english language hmm~ maybe will mix some korean and chinese words =P I'm really! seriously! anxious to learn korean T^T wanna go for lesson yah~ *sign!* haha~ hope the day will come soon =D

on the 16th October I went to Rainie concert with my elder sister and Uncle Ben, 오모!!! This was my first time to go for a concert so as my sister =) We're both seriously excited and curious haha! lols~ XD I bought some concert stuff! cool~! ㅋㅋㅋ!
hmmm~ I'm wondering whose concert I gonna go next oops~~~! hehe~ hmmm! I've to earn as much money as I can *sigh~* haha! anyway I'm gonna go for scholl next year!
yohoo!!!~ =D although is ITE but... isn't it still a school life haha! I miss it SOOOOO~ much but now the problem is that I really in doubt of what course to go haha!

I've been listening to korean songs so much this two months haha! I suddenly! totally! in LOVE with 샤이니!!!!! 아아아~~~~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ! =P
After I watched the [ "Hello Baby season 2, 샤이니의 헬로 베이비" ] ! They're just so cute!
진짜요, 너무 귀엽다 ^^ Plus I've did an amazing thing! I can't believe I bought SHINee Hello Second Album Repackage LOL!~ I'm totally in shocked after I reached home the day I bought it~ ..... Cause I wanna buy SS501 Destination album since the day they debut it but just can't get the chance and the money to buy it but some how! I've spend it on SHINee HAHA! =P
I'm seriously in LOVE!~ with this two groups haha! Can't wait for next year ^^
Study in ITE and SS501 new album!!!! gonna come out next year muahahahahahaha!!!
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ XD

So what I'm gonna busy with these days and the coming days!? haha! I'm now actually busy with my korean "world" hehe~ =P WOWOWOW!~
Plus have to spent more time on my dance, cause Eileen wants me to learn SHINee 헬로 Dance lol! plus I'm learing Lucifer, so~~ out of sudden! She phone called me on the Monday which I'm still in my Lalaland and she's schooling~ I walked to the living room with my phone vibrating -_- I answer guess what she said!

"annyeong!~" "just wake up!?"
"hehe! [evil laughter] I called you with purpose just to wake you up muahahaha!"
"hey! I'm watching SHINee Hello MV"
"you said you wanna learn Lucifer dance or Hello dance"
"Learn Hello dance~ Please!!!~ [I can feel her puppy eyes, haha!]"
LOL! I'm totally speechless! haha~ although I've answer her but answering her in a tone that~ ... dots~ can't describe haha!

yup! that's my BEST FRIEND =D The only best friend that no one can replace her in my world muahahahahaha! she's all mine ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ! XD
Shes always been so cute and had a smart, warm, silly, cute and funny Mentality ^^
♥ 사랑해~ ♥

okay back to the point =P hmm~ where am I!??? opps~ oh ya! my busy schdule lols~ hmmm!~ next month gonna go for a hygenie class cuase of my job, mcdonale! this job really can work on cause I seriously hate it! watse my time go for the class although they paid me BUT! I still think that it's not worth it to soent my time on it haha! oops~ I've been there once but fail the exam so have to go again ..... I must proof to boss so I must pass! FIGHTING~~~ ^-^
I have to learn the dance when I'm off but I've been finding dance version video for almost one week, I've some result now so hope I can do it =)

last few days some serious thing happened to S.H.E, Selina! Really wish she could recover soon with peace and we love you! Hope to see you next year with a bribe costume! You will be the asia most beautiful bribe! ^^ FIGHTING!~

OH YA!!!! today I saw a BIG! new that my heart gonna stop beating!
SHINee Kim jongHyun is ATTCAHED!!!!! Heart feel so pain and my mood was really and seriously DOWN! lols~ haha! hmm~ but happy that he found his LOVE, hope Sin Se Kyung treats him well =P hehe! ♥ 축하해 ♥ ^-^

hmm~ have to go settle my blog stuff ^^
안녕~ ♥

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