Hubby's coming home today !

So happy !!! And excited that hubby is coming home, TODAY! Hehehe! ❤️❤️❤️ hope he have fun and did enjoy himself on the Bali trip.

Hehe! Missing hubby so so much ❤️

2nd day without hubby in SG

Today after work I went to get my dinner before going home ... And also today it's the second day without hubby is SG, missing him so much. Just wish and hope he will be safe no matter what, and be back home in peace and safe too.

I have the left over soup of yesterday dinner. In the end I did not have appetite to have my dinner, I've only ate half packet of the rice I bought.

Hubby sent me photo from Bali Island today ... Not sure where they went or what are they doing haha! But I think hubby will not like the food over there.

Sunday short date with hubby

Me and hubby went NEX mall to get a luggage for hubby to go for his Bali trip tomorrow. Last minute thing haha! 

I asked hubby to took selfie with me as it have quite some time since we last took selfie hehe!

Took photo of hubby as well hehe and this two photo is just one of them. I spam and took about 6 photos of hubby hehe ❤️❤️❤️

Shopping with hubby ❤️ hehe

We went Isetan at first to look for luggage but the prices are not what we expected haha! So I suggest hubby that FairPrice do sell luggage as well...

We did bought luggage from FairPrice haha! There points for member as well, one shot hit two bird lol haha

We bought the standard size for the luggage instead of the hand carry. Cause we thought of future that we might have chances to use it hehe!

Usual price was $200++ but it's having a special offer of $100++ and kind of worth it.

After we bought the luggage we went around the mall and hubby mention that he wanted to get some clothes over to Bali Trip. So I suggested Uniqlo haha! 

Me and hubby bought couple tee hehe! Mackey mouuuuuse haha! Was surprise that it's a last day of special offer price of $12.90 per piece! 

Hubby purchase one more piece of the Mickey Mouse tee! Haha sorry please don't mind baby Javier's feet hehe!

Hope hubby and everyone who's going for the Bali trip to have a safe and peaceful trip throughout. God bless!

Once we got home we were bonding with out beloved two darling boys. Hehe! Especially hubby, he will be going for his trip tomorrow.  

Happy Birthday ! Hippooooo ^.^

Made a DIY birthday card for my dearest Friend shiyu but forgot to mail it so have to wait till tomorrow. So sad that I didn't make it to send the mail before her birthday but I believe she won't mind haha! 

Really hope in future there's still have time and chances for us to meet up. Still remember all those time that we spend time together haha! 

My Friend ! Wish you all the best in your health, wealth and life! Never give up for getting what you want, God bless !

Happy Birthday ! Girl ❤️❤️❤️

Good Friday! Went home ❤️

TGIF ! Hehe! It's a awesome day today, it's Good Friday and hubby brought me and my two darling home.

Haha! See~ Jerald always being so naughty and disturb his DiDi. Heard that Uncle Ben also going back to Hougang home and just nice everyone are on their off days! It's public holiday haha

Actually me and hubby have already discuss and mention that we would like to go Hougang Mall for a walk to see luggage as hubby is going Indonesia Bali on Monday. He say that few days ago he came down to HGM and saw got offer for luggage so he wanted to check out.

We bought this naughty boy along with us haha! He wanted to go out with us when we said Bye Bye to him! 

So as always, he wanted to come down from the pram! Headache! Just can't stop running around omg~!

Bought him Happy Meal nugget for him to let him stay put on the pram for a while haha! So that we could take a look of our stuff and walk around the mall.

When we were about to go home and saw the sky was so dark, it's like about to rain so me and Jerald waited for hubby at the bus interchange. As hubby need to go POSB bank to settle some deposit...

When we got home the delivery was already here before I got home. My bro ordered KFC, as he mention that the new chicken taste not bad haha! 

When home around 9 plus haha! And my 2016 Good Friday ended just like that.

Thursday movie date ❤️

Finally today I've got the chance to have a date with my beloved hubby! It's been quite some time since we last went for movie date and dating...

We went Boon Keng for our first meal before we head for Bugis, GuanYin temple for a pray. Wanted to pray for hubby to have a safe trip throughout the Bali Trip.

After the temple we went Chinatown to get some stuff as MIL get me and hubby to purchase for her. We also went there to look for luggage but nothing there.

After Chinatown me and hubby went to take MRT to City Square Mall, for a movie. Haha we watched Batman vs Superman !

Actually in the first place I bought a meatball combo for myself as hubby doesn't want to have anything. In the end  we bought another Batman Vs Superman popcorn combo set with a figure of Superman.

Why bought another combo!? Haha I was so stupid to tell hubby that the movie duration is about 2 hours scare we have nothing to eat haha!

Somehow I really love the combo, garnish with Nacho Cheese! Omgggg~ drooling haha!

Two darling went for jab ...

Today morning took photo of Javier hehe once he's awake and I look after him as MIL is settling the laundry ... Poor hubby came home this morning around 8pm plus as he's doing stock take yesterday night ...

So I let hubby to sleep before bringing our two darling for their Jabs today. I'm kind of nervous and scared actually although I'm not the one having the jabs haha!

Throwback photo of Javier and Jerald having fun together hehe!

Javier have his PCV and Infanrix - Hexa Jabs ... Two jabs straight Ong! Poor little baby was crying so badly but just for a while, I'm so Glad ! Hehe! 

For Jerald he have his first flu dose. But hubby brought Jerald into the room alone as I settle Javier with MIL. Haha! 

We took can home straight after we have done with the appointment and payment. When reached home we settle down awhile, after that me and hubby went out to get dinner.

In the end me and hubby went Pizza Hut for our meal first before we went to get dinner for in laws. Wanted to thank hubby for always thinking on my sides no matter what! I love you hubby ❤️❤️❤️ 

We both ordered a complete set meal each... Hubby get himself a Ice Green Tea and day of the soup which is Creamy corn chicken ... For me I have Ice lemon tea ...

For myself I also upgraded my soup to mushroom soup hehe!

Ordered a Turkey Baccon Carbonara for myself once again. I guess I would be having this after today haha! Kind of expensive and should have just shared a set meal with hubby ... Once again thank you hubby for always thinking on my side.

Hehe! Hubby ordered himself a Regular Hawaii Pan pizza set meal and also add on a 6 pieces sweet n spicy drumlets.

I was feeling so so full after eating all these haha! I guess hubby was feeling full like me as well haha! Thank you hubby for the meal ❤️

After eating we faster rush to Best Denki to purchase a small Electronic casserole. MIL wanted it just to cook porridge for Javier ... Bought it for $47 ! 

We went to buy rice after getting our stuff and then straight home. The time when we got home was around 08:30pm, feel so bad to be home late as in laws should be hungry already.

For supper hubby suddenly feel of eating Glutinous Rice Balls... Omgggg I just can't believe that I ate so much today! Haha~

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