WAO KAO yesterday soooooooooooooo angry lor tht orjiao raj la idiot lor said wat i run away nv go help de old folks leh!!! I whole evening at de toilet there lor helping old folks open de door cos quite hard to open and help them go in de toilet lor cos some of their legs nt really de strong mah! de orjiao so bad wan lor said lyk i sit aside relaxing lor tok cork la!!!

So angry lor stupid orjiao every day eat shit wan lor so black de skin and some more use charcoal to wash face! BLEAH!!!!!! HATE HIM LOR! even miss neo is more gd den him lor^^
Haix.... yesterday so tired sia go don noe where lor and some more go with JULIET GOH wao kao sian lor hear her NAG all de way sia!!! I yesterday whole day nt at home lor from morning 7am till 8pm plus den reached home leh so tiring, I reached home le faster go bathe den sleep^^ haha!

Mi, Paulyn, Lynn, Ying Jing we four gals go lor and still gt some other class ppl lah bout almost 40 of SKSS student go. During lunch and dinner time hor tht paulyn ar ai yo yo eat more den one plate worx haha so cute lor ^O^ lyk eating competition haha...

Haix today osos nid to go sch lor VERI SIAN AND SUX lor! go sch for CIP sia to help de old folks, cos mai sch is opening don noe wat ting lor den de old folks com but nt in sch la is some where near mai sch lor. I don noe whether mai fren Lynn gt go a nt leh cos if she nv go den I will ne alone worx!!! I DON WAN!!! =( Hope she will go ^O^

Muz before 3pm reached de sch worx den bout 9pm to 10 pm pus den can go home lor veri late sia! OMG confirm will be veri tired wan lor =(

Gtg le BB! ^^ nxt time den post haha... MUACKS!

Haix... mai marmie[shiyu] nv com to sch again tis two daes lor! so sad!!! miss her verix1000000000000000000000 much worx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MARMIE COM BK TO SCH LA^^ ONE DAE OSO CAN LAH!? I really veri miss euu!!! ^O^

MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!..... so happy lor i no nid retain liao hehe^^ feel lyk celebrate lor bleah...
i pass all accept for math! heh heh ^^ but i still quite happy with mai result leh but don noe mai parent lor haix... ^^
The veri important ting is tht mai class 2T8 all will be de same class nxt year worx!!!!!! hehe... SO HAPPY LOR^^

Gt one more ting wanna said to mai two darling fren^^ : lynn, ying jing sry leh todae nv go to compass with euu all although mai fren eileen cant go out with mi!!! SRY don angry hor^^
I don wanna go with euu all is bcos tht I had no mood and some more i angry with mai darling boi boi lor! >> TA WU HUI WO LOR!!!<<[wanna cry!!! =( ]
Hope tht euu two understand^^ but I still wanna said>>> SRY!!!<<< ^^


Ai yo mai marmie[shi yu] tis two daes nv go sch haix..... same lor without her quite sian and lonely leh! ^o^
MARMIE I MISS EUU VERI MUCH!!!! hope tht the coming Tuesday euu will com to sch coz i gt a veri important ting to tell euu! veri veri important!!! so euu muz com to sch okie!?^^
And gt one more ting to tell euu is tht euu pass ur maths and english worx! and we all can go up to sec 3 le MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...........

Marmie i really veri miss euu lor =(

CONGRATEZ TO 2T8, HAHA^^ all of us will be same class nxt year again!!! MUAHAHA! so happy worx^^ :P

But poor Mr.Tan injured himself again so sad lor =( x1000 haix.... quite miss him lor:P
I wish tht he will be mai form teacher nxt year again lor although some of them don wish to... -_-!!!

PS hor tis few daes nv post ^o^ MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! exams finally finish le haha ^^

finally can relax le but scare will retain worx!!! haix...

I wish 2T8, all mai frenz and mai jiejie will all go up to their lvl^^ wish them pass their exams!!!!!! ^o^
Haix.... juz came bk from sch wao lao juz now math exam lor! scare will fail leh, tis is only paper one leh still gt paper two worx... ai yo don noe if can pass a not =(
I only gt 60%/100% confident!!! :P som of de question quite difficult sia den paper two will be more difficult leh! ai yo!!!!!

Haha finally todae can relax le coz tomoro chinese exam mah^^

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