Last day of April, 2016

Yup today is the last day of 2016 April and I have not been on blog for around two weeks. I was busy and I got my back injured, went for SGH A&E And it cost me $115 for some pills of pain killer, X-Ray and a pain killer Jab on my Butt! Oh god~ the Jab is really strong and painful! It took around 12 hours or a day for the effective of the Jab medication.

Hubby accompanied me through out the process, waited for almost 6 hours I guess. Wanted to thank hubby for his time and paitience... Currently now in feeling much more better already but although some times, especially working I do feel aching and stress on my back.

Jiayou ❤️❤️❤️

Sad weekends ...

I have been thinking a lot recently, thinking what have I done wrong or even what is wrong with me. But actually I'm not the matter who causes so much things, I'm trying to improve myself or even swallow my pride for my two boys.

I can be treated badly or listen to negatives comment. I have to accept all these nonsense whereby I'm not the one who causes it. I just have to accept all of it just for my two boys, I can sacrifice myself for them.

I told myself that I have to tolerate a lot, a lot no matter how bad the situation is. I also have been improving myself or even forcing myself to calm down in all situation. I don't wish to have any more bad comments or being treated so bad, although some times it still happens.

I have been very sad and upset recently and I don't know why. I guess j have no one to talk to, yet I have to look after my two darlings or not I have to go for work.

I told myself that if I'm ok to go for work, although I'm not even ready yet as my back is having issue often. I have to go for work actually, because I tell myself not to rely on others. Not to get others to spend their hard earn money, this is life. 

I have to stay strong! I will work hard, I will keep improving myself, I will prove myself. I work hard and earn hard, also play hard! I'm not afraid, I'm just being responsible for all sort of my ways.

I also respect you all no matter what... 

Happy Birthday !

Today it's the birthday of my only Hero in life! And also a birthday of an giant eater. Haha I mean my Father and elder Brother!

Early in the morning after I've sent Jerald to school I text my dearest lovely Papa a birthday message. I guess someone will be jealous when her birthday arrive which is also fall on the same month, April!

Just wish they're blessed with more health, wealth and safely no matter what. Love them so so so much ❤️❤️❤️

Kind of sad that this year me and my Sister are unable to celebrate or even get a gift for them. It must be a disappointment, but I swear that Father's Day I'll pay it back! Hehehe

Lunch date with Sister

As usually it's a Friday and when me and Sister are too free we just got to get along. Hahaha! Went Nex mall for our lunch? 

Somehow actually I wanted to have the French fries set but in the end there's nothing only left with the pie!? Haha so no choice but to have it ... 

That pie taste not bad actually but just too tired if you're eating all alone haha!

Morning I have instant curry noodle actually haha! Now I have fast food omg~ really going to increase my bad calories haha!

After eat we went around the mall for a walk and then at last we went FairPrice hahaha!!! 

Good morninggggg! TGIF ^.^

Hehe! Spending my morning with my. Baby Javier ! Love him so so much haha! Can't resist his cuteness omggggg~

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