Really don’t understand why!!!

I really don’t get it what’s wrong? Really don’t understand small little thing she got to show her stupid temper me us? I did the laundry for her today she was enjoying watching her TV, she let me this pregnant lady do laundry and put this laundry out of the balcony. I don’t mind doing the laundry but you really expect a pregnant lady with back injuried history to put all the laundry out the balcony. She’s just doing show for her Son to see and also said her own words to her Son but how she treats me even if I’m blind I could even feel it or even sees it.

Just now me and hubby came home and she just keep insisting to ask my Husband to eat the fried rice whereby she did not ask whether my Husband wants or not. She’s like just keeping forcing my Husband eat eat eat faster eat, seriously what the hell is wrong with this old women. I knew that he can’t eat because he was so tired and kind of full but she just insist him to eat then I fight for my Husband I say he wanted to rest first think unable to eat also then she just show off her big temper. Seriously she thinks that she’s the queen in the house? NO! It’s because we give in to her and think for as cause she’s the only elderly in the house, even my Husband also cares about her more than his Wife which is me. I’m expecting the third one now which is already 4 months currently, but I just got treated so bad which makes me really wanted to leave the house with my two sons. 

I really can’t tolerate to live under the same roof with this kind of old people, so evil and inconsiderate. She even asked me whether I plan to go for abortion for my third baby when the starts I told her that I was expecting again. I did not mention it to my Husband what his Mother told me, I kept it to myself because I feel kind of surprised why would a women said this kind of things to a lady which is her DIL too!? Last Friday when I was taking a nap and my Husband was working afternoon shift and he say good bye to me before he leaves for work and then I was half awake. I overheard their conversation, she said that she feel so heartpain to see her Son so hard and the schedule is so packed that he can’t even get a good rest and sleep. She also say that her Son earned alone for the whole house to survive and in the first place ask me to do abortion but I don’t want.

What and how will you feel when you’re mil asked you to go for abortion for the third child just because she doesn’t wants to see her Son work so hard and tiring!???

LEARN FROM IT !!! Pleeeeease :(

Today I’ve encounter something so sad and when by the time I’ve notice it I have already broken into pieces. Some times I just get so tired till I unable to handle my boys then I’ll just raise my voice towards them or feel so irritated easily. So recently I’ve fall sick so my emotional got even worst I believe, so today morning I’ve raise my voice towards DD which I’ve feel so sad and regret now. I saw the way he behaves in his classroom today when the teacher called him he just stands at a corner watching his friends playing and dancing. I’ve totally learn my lesson for his time! I will control my emotional, I will try my very best to handle my emotional altough I’m expecting now. I really afraid that the depression is here but I’m not treating it well.

Dislike Low Sugar :(

Hello time now is midnight 00:45am and yes I just have my supper, I went for bed at around 11pm? Woke up at midnight because of Low sugar, always feel so so dizzy and uncomfortable when I’m having Low sugar! For this pregnancy I’m feeling so so weak, didn’t have enough food for my meals but yet what I’ve eaten just cause my blood sugar high. I’m feeling so so stress and tiring, I wish I could just be a normal person, why am I fated to be like this!? It’s really sad to be a diabetic, I have it since I was 16 years old. But since after I’ve got married and have kids my result are getting from bad to worst. I feeling so so tired to stay focus on my diet and etc but now I’m in big trouble because I’m pregnant. Insulin three times per day, this making so fucking sick !!!

Big J you can do it !

Hello! I’m feeling so so tired now, almost spend my whole afternoon of the day outside with Big J. Brought him to Polyclinic for Development Assessments but we late for a year, because when Big J was three years old they refer us to the Specialist at KKH due to speech delay. Overall I believe that it’s all my fault for nothing paying more attention towards him, I didn’t know that I’ve to educate him so much at each age of stage, now I’ve knew a lot and really trying my very best and also putting lots of time lots of afford towards him, Just wish he could learn more, understands more, speaks more and put some efforts on writing. I really do hope Big J can do it because he’s really an active boy :(

Today he did a eyes check but he can’t pronouns the Alphabets as he don’t really recognise it, so in the end we got to go back after three months to do it again. I’m actually feeling kind of stressful that I’ve got to let him recognise and do some writing at the same time :( In the mean time I’m pregnant now and next year I’m going to deliver in the month of May, I’m actually worry about Big J during my confinement. Wishing and hoping that Big J could give in more afford for what he have to learn :) Mummy love you so so much~ you know that ! MUACKS!

It’s evening time now, brought Big J to City Square Mall to have his lunch (McD) and have some fun time at Time Zone haha! Hubby came to find us in the later time when we have already play for quite some time. , we went to get some drinks and bought McFlurry Oreo Ice Cream for Big J as well. We went NTUC before we head home so we reached home around 5pm plus and Big J fall asleep haha! I’m got to fetch Small J home soon ^^

Good Night ...

Last day of 2017 October is about to end. I finally get to rest on bed at this hour, hubby went for work and it’s the third day that he work graveyard shift. He’s having a hard time to sleep and rest before he actually go for work, my poor little hubby! I let my boys go for bed after my Husband went out for work so it’s after 10pm, I settle my laundry once after my boys fall asleep. Glad that they go for bed early recently so that I’m able to rest early as well, I’m feeling so weak for this pregnancy when especially I caught a little bit of rain. Also I feel so tired easily and I have to take a afternoon nap or else at the end of the day my emotional will be so bad. Just recently I feel so tired that I threaten my Husband for letting me to and die and I didn’t did that for purpose, I was really in a very bad mood and I can’t hold my emotion. I’m worry about myself actually ...

Maybe I should try to get more rest but excluding if I go for work, no choice. Just hope I could tolerate so many things through this pregnancy till I deliver which is next year month of May. Tomorrow Big J have appointment at Polyclinic in the late morning so means that Small J is going for school alone, oops! Hope I’m able to fetch Small J home early so that he won’t feel lonely hmmm! But it doesn’t seems that he really wants to go home when every time I went to fetch them haha! Hope he’s getting used to the school environment and get along with the Teachers and friends. Alright I shall say Good night~ :)

Big J's Advanced Birthday Celebration

Making a throwback post of my elder son 4th birthday this year, advanced celebration with my family. (30/09/2017)

I went hougang mall to get birthday cake, bought it from Polar cake shop. 

We celebrate at night :)

Wanted to thank my family for the celebrations, the love and dotes for the boys. MUACKS!

Last day of October ...

Waiting for this day for quite sometime haha! cause Government is giving us $200 but sadly that it's not for everyone ... I wish that I could at least save $100 for my confinement savings, yes I'm pregnant and it's already 3 months now. It's was an unplanned pregnancy and same goes to my previous two pregnancy, really didn't expect to be two years apart for this pregnancy. Hope I could be stronger than before ...


At this hour there's a NEA person came for mosquitoes check but the worst is my MIL refused to let the person to enter the house. I'm really totally speechless, just check and take a look what's so trouble some!? Really don't understand why and what her mind is thinking of, it's like she did something wrong and scare the person to enter the house and check.

One more thing, yesterday there's a dumpster contractor came to knock on our door and ask whether we would like to change the dumpster as our area of flats is really old. Our area just got replenished from the start of the year and did some floor replacement and etc to make the area of flats look well and cool. But my MIL just can't stop asking whether the person is a stomper and keep commenting about the payment. But lucky my husband is still home and not yet out for work ...

I doesn't like my MIL brother to do and repair any of the house things, so lousy and expensive. My MIL is to silly to ask for him in the first place, in the end the house doesn't really look like a house at all. So weird!

Happy (Lunar) Birthday to small J :)

It's a Sunday and hubby got his off day :) Was planning to go Boon Keng to get dinner and cakes while the boys are habing their nap. But after me & hubby got changed and ready to go out, this time Big J woke up from his nap haha! so we've got no choice but to bring him along with us then.

Went Swee Heng to get Small Rainbow mini cakes for the boys as we can't bow candle yet because FIL passed away and haven reach one year yet.

MIL gave Small J money as we also unable to give red packet cause we haven reach one year.

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Really don’t understand why!!!

I really don’t get it what’s wrong? Really don’t understand small little thing she got to show her stupid temper me us? I did the laundry fo...