Hello!!! It's my first post for the month December haha! omg~~~ it's really been a looooooooong time since I last post hahahahaha! Blog is reaaaaaally dead huh~!? hehe! I'm really exhausted now~~~adays!!! so SADDDDDDD!!! been busy for work, appointment and dating too!!! =P oops~~~~ ... sigh!!! and again I didn't get myself to go for school next year again~ I think I once again have disappointed daddy and mummy! ... what else can I said then~ ;( just cause of my medication I can't concentrate on my studies but to others they're think it's excuses ... But I really stress bout it! need to lose wight~ keep fit! Beware of my diet! and lots to think about~ I'm so tired ...

Four more days to 2012!!! Soooooooooon~ haha!
hello~ ^^ afternoon! hehe

Today is Sunday!!! whoo hooooo~~~ :D haha! I'm off today hehe! went hougang mall with my family for breakfast and then bought loooooooots of stuff from KangKar mall! one word to describe for morning! "FAINT" lol~ haha! cost nearly $100 for today groceries! so cool! Brother bought the most! OMG~ seriously! he bought so many instant noodles and can food for army. He said he's not going to come back for two weeks! woah~ haha

Yesterday~ I have a good day working! and what I wanted to said is! "I've a beautiful weekends!" ^^ hehe! yesterday I did it again! a good thing! a great job that I've done! hehe! success ^^Y! keep it up~~~ 화이티!!! 이왜이~ 아자아자!!! =]

My Dearest Baby!!! LaoGong~~~ hehe! I LOVE YOU~~~ soooooooo muuucccccchhhh!!! haha
Hello! oops~ have been MIA from blog for quite sometime! haha~ 8th month anniversary went chalet with Baby LaoGong hehe~ 3D2N! so fun and relax~ miss those days haha! and went out with my primary school classmates too! hehe~ coooool!

now the sky is raining damn heavily and thunder, lighting none stop! oh my~~~ still having some problems working! But yesterday I spoke to Jahan manager! =] everything turned out well and smooth so wish her all the best and I'll try my best to help her ^^ haha~ everything takes and need time! isn't it!?

OMG! the weather and sky is just so scary!!! ... sad~
Yesterday~ 7th months anniversary with LaoGong!!! hehe~ before I went out uncle ben came but sad that I'm going out for a movie with LaoGong at AMK, watched REAL STEEL!!! seriously a nice movie! ^0^ after that took bus 133 to LaoGong house... took cab home and then home sweet home! =3

took off on weekends and like finally haha!!! wheee~ Tired of working! always have injuries end of the day after work! this time worst! Big blue black bun on my left knee and left leg!!! sigh!!!!

AND! my blog still not updating yet!!! sad!!! when will i do it huh!!!? haha =P
OMG!!! seriously fed up!!! worst guy ever in the world!!!? poor hippo mama having a real bad guy of relationship in her life! I will give in all my best even my life to mama just to get rid of him! SERIOUSLY! went to SKSS with hippo mama today! HEHE~ decided to go last week but plan changed haha! we go get our testimonia MOE cert book! after that went avenue 8 to buy lens follow by hgm subway for lunch then hmm~ window shopping, library haha! I love and miss my hippo mama so much!!! she's mine whahahaha! =P

OH YA!!! I've been isomnia for almost 5 days and finally I went for doctor yesterday! haha~ and finally I get to sleep whahahahaha!
Morning! didnt' went for work today! cause they're are unfair and jerks! Anyway~ I don't care! want MC!? Whaaaaaat~ what's MC!? bleah~~~ HEARTLESS people!

Have been 17th day since I last post on blog!!! sad~~~ still not yet update my blog!!! arrrrrgh~ sad!!! tomorrow going for appointment~ sigh! hope everything's will be fine~ but this time! don't think so ya!? hmmm~~~....

Have been insonmia for couple of days!!! tourturing! seriously~~~ ...
HI!!!! ^^ hehe~ I'm back on Facebook!!! and blog too haha! oops~ I'll only be online for blog oftenly haha! Thursday went to LaoGong house for dinner! hehe~ been a few months didn't go LaoGong house hehe! =P That day is our 7th Months Anniversary~~~ woah!!! Knew each other more than one year and been together for half a year! haha!

hmmm~ what I have to say is, working on weekends is seriously maaaaadddd!!! haha! :(
" May our love last long forever and ever! Let's create happiness and fun in the future~ let stay more happiness than before! I LOVE YOU~ let us stay healthy and happiness everyday!!! MUACKS!!! " ^^

Morning!!! really a very "Good" morning!!! *yawn* sigh! didn't have a good night! seriously~ cause like the world wake me up~ OMG! My family members, the primary school, my nighbour, the coffee shop and the rubbish side area!!! oh my~~~ T~T

Later going over LaoGong house hehe!!! later meeting LaoGong, he just wake up but he's gonna late for his morning pray Lol! hmm~ not sure bout today events yet!? haha =] LaoGong so silly! Saturday work till so late still go home and come down find me again cause his mummy called him to bring me some hand made Keuy by his mummy ^^ SAD!!! I haven get the time to eat yet! sigh~ ...

Yesterday ended work rushed home for going over LaoGong house cause LaoGong mummy called me to go over for dinner, they got prayed at home so there's quite a lot of dish to eat! haha~ I ate so full!!! I love the soup~~~ ^^ HEHE! sigh~ I've called mummy to brew cook the herbs chicken yesterday which I've told her and she said today cause daddy scold don't put the chicken too long! and it cost $5+ for just half of the black chicken! Lol~ sigh! ... so mean today after dinner at LaoGong's house I've 2nd round of dinner!? supper at home!!! OMG~~~
Morning~ I'm off today! ^^ I'm now all alone at home! sad~ feeling hungry but there's nothing I can have for breakfast! lol just updated my phone~ ^0^ HEHEHE~ hmmm~ today's the day 楊丞琳 Rainie 6th album release date!!! OMG!!! I'm really gonna get it!!! but not today sigh~~~~
Friday!! meeting hippo mama~ ^^ FINALLY~ haha! Hippo mama silly~~~ wanna buy me birthday present cause that time we went out is before my birthday so didn't get to see what I want so didn't get anything! but most importantly I want is Hippo mama could be happy everyday, be more happiness than before!!! This what I really want~ ^^

Afternoon: ...
went kangkar mall for lunch with sister ^^ HEHE!!! have soooooo~ much chat and gossip! Oops~~~ =P haha! Later going 남편 하우스 for 저녁 식사! 만세~~~ ^.~ ㅎㅎ Omg! I'm feeling sleepy Lol~ Oh ya! Just now while I was washing dish I got my thumb cut! T~T Lucky it's not deep =| whew~~~! hehe! Hate renovation !!! seriously!!! SOOOOO~ Noisy!! I hate drilling sounds!!! They're drilling just right outside my house!!! can't believe~~~
HAHA!!! I can see that my blog is really getting deaddd~ lol! Think of it some drop by and post haha~ just watched 醉後決定愛上你! Starring by 楊丞琳 and etc~ sorry I'm lazy to type! Oops~ haha!!! I went to find her theme song on that drama~ and seriously I'm gonna get her new coming album! ^^Y hehe~

Sadly that on 30th July I didn't get to post~ sigh!!! Cause brother was back from army camp~ so I can't use computer! ... It was Show Luo's birthday!!! I miss it~ ... Forget it~ . =] went for appointment too! Have to keep up the good job~ ^^ 아자아자~ 이왜이 화이팅!!! =3

생일축하! 이태민~ ㅅㅅ

ㅎㅎ!!! 안녕~ 오늘은 샤이니 태민생일!~
Anyway~ HIIIII! =] went for chalet for my early birthday celebration with my dearest LaoGong hehe!!! Have so much funnnn~ ^^ on my actual birthday I went LaoGong house haha! So cool~ have dinner at his house too! Haha ... Sighhhhhh! So sad this year My friends didn't get to celebrate with me and don't even bother to buy me present! Omg~ heart breaks!!! Haha~ .... So sad! ...

Have been busy recently doesn't have much time to post so I use my free time to online blog! =] like finally~!? Haha! Sigh~ was having a little stress and worried! My upcoming medical appointment~ so afraid to see the result! Hope it does improve and give me good results too~ Good Luck!!! Hehe~

There's also an work verification for me soon! I'm promoting to crew leader! OMG~ can't believe they wanted to promote me~!??? Oh boy~~~ all the best!!! Once again Good Luck! Haha
HEHE!!! Hiiiii~~~ I'm back from my holidays~~~ haha! I didn't went overseas just chalet with my LaoGong~ haha! for 3 days 3 nights~ cooooool! ^^ Have lotsssss of fun! haha~ meanwhile celebrate my birthday early with LaoGong~ ^^ hehe!

LaoGong~! LOVVVVVVE YOU!!! Thank You soooooooo~ much for everything!!! MUACKSSSSS~ can't imagine without you in my life hehe! =3
Hiiiii~ ^^ It's the first day of Juneeeeee! HEHE~ Today was such a busy day for me~ Housework and thinking of what should I write on the farewell letter to PingPing! saddddd ... Tomorrow is my last day to work with her~ Bought a cake from Awfully Chocolate haha! so as a bear from Build The Bear as a gift for her ^^ We all surprised her with the cake yesterday! ^~^ So fun HAHA!!! She was scared of us to smash the cake on her face~~~ XD
I'm back~ ^^ HEHE!

OMG!!!! I have bad headaches and stomach cramp while I'm working today! SAD~~~ everyone said I'm showing black face!? Lol~ I just knew that I'm in pain!!!! T.T sigh~~~ some more there's someone who offended me! *angry~* ...
HEHE! finally I'm back to blog~ just edit some post haha~ hmmm! I've rest enough and I'm ok now ^^ Tomorrow finally I can work!!! sad!!! have been sick for dayssss! haha~ and by the way coke glass is back and I don't want to wear the promotion tee shirt!!! UGLY~~~ hehe
SHOW LUOS CONCERT!!!!! ended T.T sad!!! and so fast! haha! the stage is just soooo~ bright till I can't take photo of him clearly LOL! and my phone was seriously dead at that time OMG~~~ heart breaks! sad! haha~

My poor LaoGong!!! trouble him here and there SAD!!! hehe~ he bought me STAGE iphone cases ^^ Sad~ the concert merchandise the most I want is sold out!!!! the light stick!! T.T Laogong come meet me before the concert so we three actually wanted to go for dinner together BUT! no places for us to eat haha at the end we went starbucks for drink lol! we ate Cinnamon's roll and raspberry cheese cake haha! Me and sister went for the concert and LaoGong went home and come back again to fetch us home hmmm~ company us home haha! poor thing he came hougang and have to go all the way back home! he took cab but reached home after shower he fall asleep!!!!

Poor thing he must be realy tired!!! MUACKS~~~ sorry for the trouble! LOVE YOUUUU~ ^^ hehe
HEHE! can't believe I've actually leave my blog dead for more than 2 months!??? LOL~ gonna start my blog back =P Now the time and date is 14th May 2011, 2.30am !!! HEHE~~~~ Tonight will be SHOW LUO'S concert!!!!! OMG~~~~ \^0^/ can't wait!!!

This two months there's really sooo~ much things to settle! =) its actually a short two months BUT it feels like kinda half a year gone haha! There's someone special appeared in my life! I also can't believe that we are together ^^ so bless~ =]

"Our love is just like a maze game but its an interesting game ^^ haha"

Wednesday, 11th May is MeiHui birthday haha! ^^ we went out~ four of us again =.= LOL! hehe
there pictures of it ^^ and video~~~ COOL


to my dearest Hippo Mummy~ ^~^ hehe! I Love u~~~ MUACKS!!!

Yesterday went to hippo mummy birthday chalet party! sooooooo fun! Love it! :D haha! oh ya! next weekends having celebration toooo~ hehe! Daddy and brother birthday =]
OMG! i finally bought iPhone but is my baby help me buy with a cheaper price by his own plan hahas~ later meeting him and godmum for breakfast which godmum just called me LOL! after that I'm going to buy Show Luo's Concert ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh boy~ oh boy~!!! hehe

=] hello~~~ Morning! haha! Yesterday went Orchard, Takashimaya for Jason birthday! kinda fun and interesting too! LOL! OMGGGG~~~~ I really can't believe that I got iphone 4!!! *FAINT!* hehehehe!!! My baby bought me the iphone 4! I'm soooooo touch! OOPS!!! since when I've baby~ *SHY* haha! Yup~ we just start dating not long ago! HEHE~ ^^ MUACKS!!! Baby bought me with a cheaper price with his own plan! second phone! haha~

Later meeting baby and God Mum for breakfast which Mum just call me up to! =3 haha! After that I'm heading sistic to get Show Luo's concert ticketttttt! oh boy~ oh boy~!!! hehe ^0^
alright! Bye~
Didn't post for days~ ... because I'm sad on these days! Really feel not that well ... relationship just so confusing! GOSH~ ... I'm alone at home now, brother, sister and mummy went to do their passport and I didn't join them! One~ not feeling well, Two~ No mood, =P Three~ I'm meeting my friend ... HEHE! Oh yeah~~~ I'm going to get iPhone 4!!! HURRAY~ ^^ BUT! I've to give up on Show Luo's Concert ... SADDDDDD~ Oh ya!!! 김형준 오빠 [Kim HyungJun Oppa] is releasing new EP!!! ^^

Gonna miss the night!!! :(
omg ... SERIOUSLY!!! I'm so freak out now~~~ Just because of McD BOGO [Buy One Get One Free promotion] makes me soooooooooo! TIREDDDDD! sad ... thats all for today! hahahahahaha
오모!!!~~~ 박정민 오빠 [Park JungMin Oppa] ^^ is coming to our hometown~ hehe! but~ I can't attend! =/ 羅志祥 [Show Luo] is coming toooooo~ =] HEHE! on 14thh May for his Encore Concert~ How about SHINee!???? hehe~ when will they be here!??? and my pocket really going to have a bigggg hole! LOL!

I went for badminton games with my friends haha! coooool~ and funnnn! ... sighhhhhh~ and sad to sad that something is borthering me again ... Works stuff ... dont't want to mention... tired! I'm working tomorrow and so sad I'm gonna work with some crew that I'm not close with! gosh~~~ awkward! lol
It's the second day of March today! ... time fly so fast~ haha! I was working yesterday and it was kinda a hard day for me! sad~ Cause there's new promotion and I'm not that sure bout everything so I was a bit nervous and afraid during work! haha~ Recently I have been out with Karen Aunty and Kelvin manager haha! so fun~ :D so sad I have been sleeping at midnight nowadays~ ... why can't I just sleep till late morning!??? sighhhhh ...

^^ HEHE! Just watched SHINee First Tour Concert in Japan and information from Facebook! "Shinee Time" haha! Thanks~
헬~~~로~~~!!! ^^ ㅎㅎ
Omg!!! I'm now feeling sooooo~ great! haha! everything is just fine now~ They're seriously sensitive and in bad mood, I'm safe and didn't did anything wrong to upset them! :) muahahaha~ 하지만!!! My health is really in bad condition~ ARRRRGH! I'm still S-I-C-K! oh no~ ... *sob sob~* HEHE!!! I seriouslly gonna get Show Luo's new album~~~ OOOMG!! ^0^ sigh~~~ but not now!!! SAD~~~ No money! T~T and I'm afraid that SHINee SG concert tour I can't get the chance to go aaaahhhhh!!!!~~~ S-A-D ;(

어떡하죠!? 한숨...
ㅎㅎ~ ^^ 헬로!!! [hehe~ Hello!!!]
sigh~!!! this few days having some thoughts in mind! ... seriously irritating thoughts that kept bothering me T.T Hmm~~~ I really wonder are they being sensitive!? or I've said something wrong to make they treating me this way!!!? I really wish I could speak out bout this but~ I have to find the courage! ;( I really wish~ ... really wish I could! ... *Heart Breaking*

Yesterday have a farewell steamboat dinner with PuTu!!! ^^ SAD~~~ really! seriosuly! gonna miss him!!!~ MUACKS!!! =3 Hope he stays well when he got back home ^.^ There's Kelvin, Zixin, Jeanni, Cecilia and Putu! haha!!! we seriously have soooo~ much fun! LOVE YA!~ ^.~

Sad to said that I'm sick now!!! omg~~~ T~T Flu~ Cough~ and having Headache almost every morning nowadays! aaahhhhh~~~~ =.=
오모! 오모! 오모!~~~ Five days!!! have been five days I've never update up blog~ woah! =P OOMG!!!~~ 18th February ~!!! hehe ^^ 샤이니 1,000번째 ! [SHINee 1,000th Day] and! and! annnnnd!!! Show Luo/羅志祥 album realease Date/Day!!!! haha~~~

Didn't get the chance to use the com cause korkor came back from camp and I'm working too! haha~ SAD!!! yesterday ended work reached home, rest awhile and then go for a quick shower HEHE! I can't wait for my hair to dry cause I wanna Sleeeeeeeep!!! haha~ Soooo~ tired and sleeeepy LOL! can't take it~~~

I'm lack of energy! haha! But I'm now sooo~ kinda! This few days I didn't eat much~ No appetite... SAD!!! Breakfast is Important ^^ Hehe~~~

" 早餐吃的饱, 午餐吃的好, 晚餐吃的少! " --- by Show Luo/羅志祥
Heelllllllloo~~!!! =] HEHE~
yesterday was fun!!!!!! ^^ went for Valentine's Dinner with~~~ OMG!!! lots of people haha! =] hmm~~~ let me recall!... There's Karine & her husband, Geok Leng, Andy, Bee Bee, Kimberly, Jennifer & her sister, Dino and Joan woah~~~ HAHA! =P

Sad!!! can't get to see my appeal result !!! Don't know what's going on! T~T I can't even login! LOL! sigh~~~ have to wait till korkor came back from camp I'll then can solve it!? OMG 0.0
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I reaaaaaaalllllllyy!!!! really seriously wanna get iphone 4~~~~~~~~~~~~ HEHEHEHE! But~!!! I hope papa could lend me some money OOPS! =|
" Happy Valentine's Day ^.~ " !!!

weeee~~~~ Going for Valentine's Day dinner with Kimberly, Karine and hmmm~ sorry not sure haha! =P Gonna have dinner at Plaze Singapura Fish & Co!
Yesterday! ^^ hehe~ ended work I have meal with kimberly and xiaomao ^.~ We gossip again! LOL!~ haha! That's totally our style HEHE! oops~~~ XD

when I reached home not till 5 mins!? Karen mummy called me up! haha~ call me to go over her house!??? haha~~~ Everyone was there ^^ Mahjong LOL! haha~ I went her house eat the porridge that she cook lol!
SAD! I'm just so~~~ tired! hehe~ Just reached home not long ago~~~ Actually I'm not working today but store needs help soooo~ hehe! i'm go for the rescue LOL! =P Tomorrow there's work for me again!!! ^^Y Gonna go for bed now~ rest well ! =] hehe
Messy!!! is how I can describe today's work situation LOL! hmmm~ Just came back from Karen Mummy house ^^ HAHA! hmm~~ Fun!? Interesting!? ^~^ it's like kinda a long time since I last met Andy!? haha! Still so naughty and playful HAHA!

어빠 came back today BUT! went back!??? came back just for a while ermm~ a nap!? haha! and coming back tomorrow again!? O.o woah~~~ LOL! haha! Tomorrow I'm working!!!!! ^^Y
안녕! ^^ I'm Back~~~

Just finished washing all the pots and plates =) Satisfaction! hehe~ Just went to visit Aunty YingYing house with XiaoMao! so funny that we ate Chicken Rice after work but is just sudden to go visit her in the last min! so we rush home after our meal HAHA! guess what~~~~ eat again! LOL!!! OMG~~~ We are seriously full!!! till I wanna vomit hehe! ^.^

I'm meeting 언니 at hougang mall just nice that Aunty YingYing call me to bring along the soup that she have cooked to Kelvin!? That Tiger HAHA! =P oops~~~ I was feeling so difficult to pass that to Kelvin and I don't know why LOL! but in the end I push myself to do it =P bleah~~~

Tomorrow!!!!! Visit Karen Mummy house ^^ hehe~~~~~
YEAH!!!~~~ ^^Y
Today's the very first day of CNY!!! hehe~~~~~ Tired!!!! during working haha!!! hmm~~~ nothing much to post sorry!!! oops~~~ tomorrow gonna visit relative! My papa sides =)

바이~ 바이! ^^ ㅎㅎ
Today's the day... once a year time ^^ Reunion dinner!!!~ hehe~~~ SIGH!!! and today's appointment result!? DISAPPOINTED!!! Sad~~~~ ㅠ.ㅠ Went Hougang Mall with mama after we came back from the appointment and walk pass McD! I was~ O~M~G!!! O.O Full and crowded with people!!! haha~ woah!!!~

I was thinking what will happened when I'm working!? Tomorrow and Weekends!!! oh my~~~ haha! oh ya~ Friday I can't able to work LOL! cause too rush I'm visting my relative that day hehe ^^ Hope I'm able to cancel!? No offense!!! to anyone~ =P

ㅎㅎ~ 헬로 베이비 시즌 3 !!!
티 아라 하하! ^^ 진짜~ 귀엽다!!! 맨슨!~~
안영!!!~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ! ^.~
와우~ ㅎㅎ First Day of February! COOL! Tomorrow~~~~~ YES! It's TOMORROW!!! ^^ HEHE
Reunion dinner~~~!!! But sad that tomorrow I've appointment to go for ... sigh~~~ LOL! Hope I'll get good result!? =\
안녕 저녁때! Good Evening (^)_(^)
(annyeong jeonyeokttae)

내가 지금 너무 행복해! 정말~ =P (I am so happy right now! Really~)
I've bought "羅輯課" last Friday which was 언니 생일! (eonni saengil) ^0^ 최종적으로! (Finally!) I get what I want ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ!!!~ 좋아 (Good) ^0^ Next will will his album ()__() I have to be fast! His album sold out real FAST!!! T^T haha~ so power huh!~? begin a fan isn't that easy too but being an idol's more tough! 예~ 예~ (yes! yes!) ^0^ 오빠아~ 화이팅! 사랑해~ (oppaah~ hwaiting! saranghae~) ^.~

Saturday went to Jennifer (my manager) 바베큐 웨딩 (BBQ wedding), is kinda of like chalet at Down Town East! =) haha! kinda interesting and fun! ^0^
"제니퍼 (Jennifer)!!!! ㅊㄱ~ ㅊㄱ해 (ㅊㄱ - short form for 축하/chukha = congrats, ㅊㄱ해 = congratulations) ^0^ 祝你早生歸子 와하하하하!!! XD "

Today saw Sharon! O.O 오모~~~! 정말!!! 보고싶었어~~~~ ㅠ.ㅠ (omo~! jeongmal! bogosipeotteo) Miss her so much!!! haha~ It have really been a loooong~ time since the last time we met each other LOL! I'm surprised to know that she have a baby! O.O 뭐라고!!! ( WHAT!) 하지만~ 그녀의 아기 너무 귀엽다 (But~ her baby is so~~ cute) ㅋㅋㅋ~ 축하해 어쨌든 ^0^ (kekeke~ congratulations anyway) hope she can live with more happiness with her family and her baby will grow healthy ^-^

내일은 Kimberly언니와 함께 점심을 먹고 (Tomorrow having lunch with Kimberly eonni) and we both are going Kbox after that muahahahhahaha!!! XD 정말 사랑으로 그녀외출 (Really love going out with her) (^)__(^)
I'm so SAD!!!! 엄마 (eomma)~~~~ T^T she spoiled my PSP!!! *sigh~* But I'm really sorry to said those awful things to her, I'm really pissed at that time! It really makes me crazy! lol~ .... Now I've to announce that my PSP is dead!!! ...

제가 구매하려는 박정민오빠 1st 싱글/미니앨범 !!! 내가 원하는건!!! ㅠ.ㅠ 정말~ ...
(I want buy Park Jungmin oppa 1st single/mini album!!! I want! T^T seriously~ ...)
! SHINee’s Jonghyun uploads half-naked sauna photo on me2day !
SHINee’s Jonghyun has revealed his back and gone shirtless for promotions in the past, but the idol decided to reveal his skin once again with a new photo uploaded on his me2day, in which he wears nothing but a cap and what looks like a pair of shorts. Jonghyun, captured half-naked at a sauna – sounds like the perfect fangirl dream, right?

Check it out!
If you were hoping for something more intimate, get your mind out of the gutter! Jonghyun commented, I don’t remember how old [I was]… but it definitely looks like something from his pre-debut days.

Picture & News credits: allkpop - SHINee’s Jonghyun uploads half-naked ...
Source: me2DAY (샤이니/김종현 미투대이)
I'm so happy now!!! ^^ my ITE stuffy everything are settled! hehe~ Thanks to 어빠~ 고마워! 하하~ Oh ya!!! I've dyed my hair to Dark Chocolate! hehe! hmmm~ kinda like it ^^ But i mis my natural colour hair! HAHA~

Woah~ so fast!!! next week is CNY 0.0 awwww~~~~ I miss eating Reunion dinner haha! ^^
어빠 have help me check with his friend that 2nd hand ipod or itouch cost $180, cause the psp spoiled I wanna buy some MP3 stuff =P BUT! I also have to save up for SHINee concert!!!! SAD!

Uncle Ben is coming back this sunday but I'm working ㅠ.ㅠ he bought bah kwa!!!! 오모!!!! Thanks! ^~^ have been few years didn't get the chance to eat bah kwa haha Sooo~ miss it haha =)
여러분~ 안녕하세요! ^.~
[Hello! Everyone~]

Today was a bad day for me LOL! I fell down #_~
I went Kovan McD to take stuff for manager, so funny that I don't fall on my own store but others HAHA! -__- My right hand elbow swollen! 너무 아픔~ ㅠ.ㅠ
Today that's a attachment manager, she's "Sherly Tang" ... I really can't believe that we have so much same interest woah!!!!! haha~ "Kpop & 羅志祥" 오모!!!!! 진짜요!~ =D We've chat for sometimes =) There's no services too =P muahahaha!
I've met my primary school classmate today when I'm working hmmm~ I mean just that only one guy haha! "Weibin" ... I'm surpised to see him hehe~ =P So trouble some!!!! April Intake result! .... *bored!* =P Not sure what to do yah!? O.o

*sigh!~* I really wish to save up my money BUT! It's not that easy and it takes time too .... I wanna get 羅志祥 newest album and 샤이니 [SHINee]~~~~~ SG concert tour ticket and merchandise! "이왜이~ 화이팅!!! 아자~ 아자~" Oh ya!!!!! 샤이니 [SHINee] is coming SG on 2nd April for eAward concert! 오모!!!!! 아~~ 기대!!! ^0^ ㅋㅋㅋ~ But what I'm really worried is their concert in SG! I really wanna know when does it held!? ....

! 羅志祥 - 獨一無二Only You MV(首播) !

Video Credits: 羅志祥 我愛大明星 - 獨一無二 MV ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

! Super Junior’s Siwon introduces his new family member !

Singer/actor Choi Siwon introduced his new family member to his fans.
On January 25th, the Super Junior star revealed a picture of an adorable puppy, and wrote:

“New family Beckham! Although this was my first time meeting you because uncle was busy, grow healthily! Love you so much!”

Fans can see this ‘uncle’ beaming happily as he throws up a thumbs-up sign for his new family member. This tiny dog, named Beckham, actually belongs to former Fly to the Sky member, Brian Joo. Siwon and Brian are known to be pretty close, and even refer to each other as brothers (therefore making Siwon Beckham’s uncle).

Fans spazzed over the adorable photo, as they wrote, “Totally cute! I want to raise a dog like this ㅜㅜ Is it a Maltese?” “So pretty~ it looks like a doll!” and “Doesn’t match with your appearance, this dog is so small and cute.. keke”

Choi Siwon has been busy playing the role of ‘Kim Junho’ in the SBS drama, “Athena.”

Picture & News credits: allkpop - Super Junior’s Siwon introduces his...
Source: Newsen via Nate & Brian Joo’s Twitter (@Brianjoomuzik)

! T-ara celebrates Korean New Year with the Moon brothers on “Hello Baby” !

On this week’s episode of KBS Joy’s ‘T-ara’s Hello Baby’, T-ara created dumplings with the three Moon brothers in celebration of the Korean New Year.

Fierce competition was seen amongst the members of T-ara during this episode, as each member was given the task to create their dumplings with their own thought-out concept.

To begin, member Hwa Young proudly held up her ginormous dumplings and stated, “My dumplings were made for samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng). These dumplings contain chicken in them.”

Soyeon quickly refuted Hwa Young’s explanation, as she said, “It’s bad to lie on broadcast. We didn’t even buy chicken as an ingredient…”

Meanwhile, the episode also showed the Moon brothers visiting Boram at her musical.

Picture & News credits: allkpop - T-ara celebrates Korean New Year with...
Source: Newsen via Nate

! Super Junior’s Shindong splits his pants during ‘SM Town Live Japan !

Super Junior’s Shindong is causing both his fans and netizens to roll around the floor laughing, as he recently revealed his ripped pants through Twitter.

Shindong was in Japan with his labelmates for the ‘SM Town Live‘ concert in Tokyo, and as it turned out, he ripped his pants wide open during the concert.

The star tweeted, ’You all know that the performances have ended. Why didn’t anyone say anything. My pants… Until the last song ended. It was these pants. I unexpectedly exposed myself in Japan. I started excitedly, I jumped excitedly, and waved excitedly. T T‘

From the photo, it’s clear that the pants’ crotch area had ripped. However, Shindong wasn’t aware of the situation until after the concert had ended.

The netizens commented, ‘Shindong’s post made my eyes turn red, ‘Unfair exposure’, and ‘Even though I shouldn’t be thinking about it, I think about it often.’

Picture & News credits: allkpop - Super Junior’s Shindong splits his pants...
Source: TV Daily via Nate
안녕~ ^.~

*sigh~* Today's the release of April Intake result.... kinda~ .... scare and unpeaceful haha!.... Later on I'm dying my hair dark chocolate hehe!~ =) So curious =P hmmm~ there's work tomorrow =\ LOL! nothing much to post T~T *boring & moodless!* Oh ya!~ hehehe~ I'm watching 샤이니의 헬로 베이비! [SHINee Hello Baby] again, I miss them sooooo~ much! especially 유근 [yoogeun] !!!!~ cause I'm a 무근 [moogeun] ! 하하하하!!!~ ㅋㅋㅋ~ ^0^
" 아이유 (IU) & 박정민 (P.J.M) - 잔소리 "

Video Credits: [Youtube] urknight486
- 아이유 & 박정민- 잔소리
안녕히 주무셨어요~ (Good Morning!)

LOL! I'm feeling sleepy T~T yet I've to go for work later on haha~ ... -__-!!! Hope I won't be late this time =P hehe!
! SHINee’s Jonghyun received surgery on his left leg !
News of SHINee’s Jonghyun receiving surgery on his leg were delayed in being reported to the media.

Jonghyun previously injured his left ankle on October of 2010, after the group was rushed by fans at the Jakarta airport upon their arrival. Although he thought it was okay, further examinations showed that he required surgery.

Jonghyun received surgery on his left leg at a hospital in Seoul on January 17th. Through Star News, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed on the 20th, “Jonghyun received surgery on the 17th, and it concluded safely. He’s currently in good condition.”

Due to his recovery, he will not be performing at the “20th Seoul Music Awards” (scheduled for the 20th), and SHINee will be performing as a four-member group.

Source: Star News via Nate
New credits: allkpop - SHINee's Jonghyun received surger...

Juliana 언니~ 생일축하합니다! *사랑해*

모두! 안녕~ (^)_(^)V [modu! annyeong~]
(annyeong~ everyone!)

I have fun today!!!! (*)_(*) ㅋㅋㅋ~ went to eat lunch with Kimberly 언니, we ate our lunch at Hougang Plaza Japanese restaurant *yummy!!!~* =P After our lunch we went shopping [와하하하하하하!~], we went black outz to buy some stuff and also thinking bout what birthday present to buy for Juliana. At the end we bout earrings for her and we bought it for ourselve too, LOL! =) I bout one earring that I want it long ago, Rainie Yang have one too! ^-^ hehe~ but mine is black and white... $10 for one side woah~ but I really like it hahaha! =P After shopping we went Kbox!!!!!!! =D *La~La~La~* Juliana join us after her work at her mums shop, we surprised her with a cake when she came. haha! She really almost gonna eat the whole cake O.O WOW!!!! haha! Hope she likes the present that Me and Kimberly 언니 bought for her, so as the surprised =P

Tomorrow I starts work at 12pm.... Kimberly 언니 opening.... m2 shift is Boss.... *tired!*

언니~~~ 생일축하!!! ^0^ 사랑해~ =P (Elaine Sis~~~ Happy Birthday!!! ^0^ *saranghae* =P)

안녕히 주무셨어요~ ^-^ hehe~
(Good Morning!)

" 언니~~~ 생일축하!!! ^0^ (eonni~~~ saengilchuka!!!)
Happy Birthday! 生日快乐! 하하하하~~~ =D 아이구!~ (hahahaha~~~ aigu!~) "
[I ate cake for breakfast, oh no!~ T~T]

The cake was bought by 언니 친구, they celebrated for her yesterday. haha! Oh ya!!!! 羅輯課~~~~ I've bought it! 와하하하하하하~~~ XD Today me and 언니 went Bugis, Orchard and Far East Plaza for 슈핑! (shopping) ^0^
ㅋㅋㅋ~ 행복한! (Happy!) Tomorrow I'm going my manager wedding BBQ? Chalet? hmmm~ celeration? LOL! =P haha!
picture credit: google search- 羅輯課 image

What I've bought today~ ... )_(
1) 웨딩 (weding=Wedding) 선물 (seonmul=Gifts/present)
2) 언니 생일선물 (eonni Birthday present)
3) 羅輯課 !!! ^-^
4) 점심 식사 (Lunch)
hmmm~ think thats all!? If I'm not wrong LOL! =X

Wanna Thanks Kai 오빠 for spending his hard earn money to fix my guitar! Really appreciate it ALOT!!! T^T I'm so touch and feel so guilty to let him spent so much money! I called him to keep that guitar but he said he doesn't need two acoustic guitar lols~ Kai 오빠!!! 정말~ 진심~! 감사합니다!!! ㅠ.ㅠ

! SHINee wins popularity award at the “2011 Asia Model Awards “ !
SHINee made an appearance at one of Asia’s biggest modeling events, the “2011 Asia Model Awards“.

Held on January 21st at the Seoul Marriott Hotel, models from Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Mongolia each represented their home countries under the slogan, ‘Asia Is One,’ in an effort to improve the modeling industry.

The boys were not only fawned over, but they also won the ‘BBF Popular Singer Award‘!

Congratulations, boys!

Picture & News credits: allkpop - SHINee wins popularity award ...
Source: Newsen via Nate
안녕히 주무세요! (^)_(^)
(Good Night!)

ㅎㅎ~ (hehe~) Just came back from HGM, end work at 6pm ... rush home and refresh myself =) Meeting 언니 (eonni=elder sister) and her 친구 (chingu=friend) for 저녁 식사 (jeonyeok siksa=dinner). They ate KFC LOL! We went cotton on for shopping ㅋㅋㅋ~ =P

Today when I went down for work the place was so crowded inside erm~ I'm not refering to service/customers. There's worker reparing something and its smell =X woah~ The most funniest thing is that~ the store are almost fill with smoke! They don't know whats going on and where the smoke came from, at the end it's from level 4. There's fire and it affect our store haha! The smoke are seriously choked and smell X_X 킴벌리언니 (kimberly eonni) fell down when she was working today! Oh no!!!!~ poor 언니! ㅠ.ㅠ 조심하세요~ =/ (josimhaseyo=be careful)

내일 언니 생일!!! 오모~ 그렇게 빨리?! O.O (tomorrow's eonni birthday!!! omo~ so fast?!) 하하~ 쇼핑!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 만세~~~ =P (haha! Shopping!!!!!!!! manse~~~)
Tomorrow we gonna do shopping 와하하하하하하!!! (wahahahahaha!!!) =D Still not that sure what present I'm gonna buy... 생각함 [thinking] (-)_(-)???

I'm buying 羅志祥 “羅輯課” tomorrow!!! ㅋㅋㅋ~ =)
여러분~ 안녕히 주무셌어요~ ^.~ 하하!~ ...
[annyeonghi jumusesseoyo]
(Good Morning~ everyone~ haha!)

드이어!!!! ㅠ.ㅠ (Finally!!!)
I've been waiting for it! ㅋㅋㅋ~ 정민오빠!!!~~~ ㅎㅎ! ^U^ (kekeke~ JungMin oppa!!!~~~ hehe!) "Not Alone" [혼자 없다] ... I'll definitely buy * 박정민 1st 싱글 "Not Alone"! *
(Park JungMin 1st Single "Not Alone" !)

정민오빠~ 너무 너무 많이 보고 싶었어!!! ^0^ 컴백~~~~ 좋아아아아아아!!!~ =P 사랑해~ ^0^
(JungMin oppa~ I missed you so so~ much!!! COMEBACK~~~~ [good] johaaaaaaaa!!!~ saranghae~)

I'm going for work later on T^T 아자아자! 화이팅! ~.~
(aja aja! hwaiting!)
헬로~ ^0^ 안녕! hehe~
I'm being so active and over excited! WOW~ O.O I'm sooooo~ high too! oops~ㅋㅋㅋ~ ^0^ Hmmm~ It's a wonderful Wednesday today =) I went Kbox with Kimberly 언니 at around 2.30pm till almost 5pm, OMG!~ such a long time we haven been to Kbox together T~T Really missed those days haha! She's too busy! awwww~ poor 언니! ㅠ.ㅠ Kimberly 언니~ 화이팅! ^-^ We chat at McD after our shopping at Popular, haha! Know what we bought!!!? hehehe~ =D

이것! [This!~] =D
안녕~ ... ㅠ.ㅠ

정말! 왜!?~ 진짜물라서! Really don't know what's my 엄마 thinking! Every time have to get scold by her unnecessary! lol~ I find her irritating nowadays .... Counting 3 more days to 언니 생일! 좋아~ I still haven decide what present to buy for 언니 *sigh~*... Plus I still have another present to buy which is my manager wedding gift! OMG!!!! My pay haven transfer in to my bank yet still have to wait till Thursday T^T So everything I have to wait till Friday and buy ... Tomorrow I'm off, going out with Kimberly 언. We gonna go Kbox ^0^ omg~ so long haven been going Kbox with her =D Missed those days =\

天啊!!! 終於~~~~ ^-^ 羅志祥~ " 獨一無二"專輯裡的第一播主打歌, " 拼什麼". 我聽了好想哭~ 也真的很像我的內心世界T^ T 這部MV我覺得很sweet 的地方是在結尾那部分...
*豬迷們的吶喊* 羅志祥: 我想~ 我知道我再拼什麼...

Video credits: iil0veshow's Channel
오모!!!!!~ ㅠ.ㅠ 날씨 너무 추워요! 너무~ 너무~ 추워요!!!
[omo~ The weather is soooooo~ cold! so~ so~ COLD!!! T^T]

Today went Kbox with Meihui & Claudia 엄마 ^^ haha! we have lots of fun =D hmmm~ missed those day hanging out together =\ Tomorrow I have work BUT! I don't feel like going for work hehe~ =P Don't worry I won't do that HAHA! hmmm~ wonder tomorrow what's my schedule oops~ if I'm not wrong it should be 10am!? hope tomorrow I'll be on time for work =D hehe~

어떻게!!!!? 일레인언니 생일선물!!!! 아~~~~~ 어느 ?! ㅠ.ㅠ 정말 열심히 생각해야~
!!!~ ㅎㅅㅎ
[eotteohge!? Elaine eonni Birthday Gifts! ahh~ What to buy?! T^T Really have/need to think hard~ TSK!~ @_@]

出爐啦!~~~ 期待! 期待! 期待慘了!!! 可是“ 羅輯課” 我還沒買啦 *傷心* 。 。 。

안녕~ ^-^
OMG!!! I'm sooooo~ full now X_X hehe~ just eaten my dinner! I ate cheese fries, fried prawn noodle 와우~~~~ O.O Bravo right!? haha~ =P Elaine 언니 and Sam 오빠 went block 401 coffee shop to buy dinner! 오모!!!!!!! Elaine 언니 생일 is on the coming Friday T^T 어떻게!!!? What to buy for her! O.o??? still thinking really very hard for it LOL! hmmm~ here are list of the present she wants...

1) Hair Dye - Orange Mocha ($19.90) + Serum ($10.95) [Lisses brand]
2) Facial Masks (3 for $10 x2) Faceshop]
3) Shoes ($10 ~ $30) - cover shoe
4) School Bag / Bag Pack ($18 ~ $30) -waterproof
5) Spectacle ($10 ~ $25) - @Bugis, Thin frame but not thick

WOW~ interesting huh!? haha~ *sigh* what to buy!??? T^T 언니 said the best and if possible buy number 1, 3 or 4 LOL! cute yah! haha! Hmmm~ I try to buy this three if I have the money and time oops~ BUT! I really wish I can buy these three option cause I wanna her to be happy ^^ Kinda long never sees 언니 smile so lovely and brightly ....
" 이왜이! 화이팅~~~~ " o(^^o)(0^^)o ~ 아자! 아자!

Yesterday went for badminton with Sean 아빠, Claudia 엄마, Jason 오빠 and Claudia 엄마 부모 [parent] at Marsiling CC. After the games we went to hawer centre for dinner OMG! I can't believe we ate Satay, prawn noodle and drink canes drink 와우!!!~ O.O
Follow by we said "안녕~" to Claudia 엄마 부모, really thanks them for the dinner treats haha! and we have lots of chit chatting and jokes! ^-^ love and miss the fun hehe~

Hope every Friday we could meet up for badminton, can exercise and get close of our friendship =P hehe! isn't it good!? ^-^ haha~

어떡하조!? [What should I do!???] I'm still thinking bout how to celebrate 언니 생일!?
안녕하세요~ ^.~

OMG!!!!! I'm so full @~@ I've just eaten mix vegetable rice with warm soy bean milk and now I'm eating hotdog bread O.O Bravo huh!~? =X LOL! so stupid~ or should I said greedy HAHA! oops~ =P Eat too much for dinner -_-!!! hehe~ 만세!!!!!~ I made it! I'm on time for my work today ㅋㅋㅋ~ =D 너무 행복해요! =P [I'm so happy], So hope Saturday I will be on time again =)
아자~ 아자~ ^0^ [aja~ aja~ / Go~ Go~]

Tomorrow going for badminton again!!!! =D hehe~ But this time gonna play at Marsling CC and also gonna play with the same people but this time Claudia 엄마 부모[parent] joining us too =) haha! hmmm~ think we gonna have lots of fun =P

Picture credits: 羅志祥 我愛大明星

天啊~ 我好久沒看“娛樂百分百” 了呀! *呼呼~* 羅志祥下個月要發行專輯了!期待慘了 ^0^ 對了! 還有“羅輯課” 這本書我也要買啦 T^T
헬로~ Z__z

LOL! I'm so sleepy now T^T Got morning called from Eileen 자기야 (jagiya = darling), I was really into my lalaland HAHA! and she called T~T she called me not to be late for applying course BUT!!! she's the one who delay the time HAHA~ ai yo ^x^ I should have apply for January intake cause April intake doesn't have the course I want T^T 안돼!!!~~~ (andwae = NO!!!~~~)
*한숨~* (hansum = sigh~) Too bad! Think I know what I'm doing so~ ....
goes with the time then =/ haha~ ....

바이~ 바이~ (Bye~ Bye~)
1/11/11 오늘~ 오모!!!! (Today's 1/11/11 OMO!!!)
ㅋㅋㅋ~ o(^^o)(0^^)o

Today I'm having an hard time working T^T I'm not that sure why!? hmmm~ maybe I'm lack sleep =\ or~ maybe I'm stress haha! lol~ I think maybe I'm worried bout my April intake ....

So funny that today I went down for work at 9am BUT! all my colleagues aunt told me that I'm working 11am -__- "뭐라고!!!? O.O" (WHAT!!!?) They were so cute~ haha! surprise to see me came for work in the wrong time *I'm awkward~* HAHA! So~ means that I've reached 2 hours early... I called 언니 (eonni/Elder sister) out to eat breakfast with me hehe! hehe! =D Wanna thanks 언니 (eonni/Elder sister) for coming down for that less than 1 hour to company me for breakfast AND Claudia 엄마 (Claudia eomma/mama) for messaging with me while I'm waiting ^0^ MUACKS~~~! =P

After work... Eileen 자기야 하고 J.J 오빠 (Eileen jagiya/darling and J.J bro) came and find me, I'm shocked and happy! =D hehe~ It really have been such a long time since the last time we went out together =\ We sat dowm and chit chat for some time... After that we went to buy cake, J.J 오늘 남동생 생일! (Today's J.J younger brother birthday). Home Sweet Home after buying cake!!! =P

Tomorrow I'm going down to Eileen 자기야 school to apply for April Intake... Hope I can get in what I want =\
화이팅!!!~ ^0^
안녕히 주무셨어요~ ^^
[Good Morning]

와~~~ [wa~~~]!!! Love the weather sooooo~ much =P hehe! So cooling and comfortable =D hmmm~ think gonna rain soon O.o??? Hope Not!!! X) Cause later have to go for appointment at KKH, 2pm. Tired of going hospital now, going hospital isn't an good thing huh!?~ @~@ Now I still have a Big Big!!!~ problem.... my education!!!!~ 어떡하죠!!!???? [What Should I do!!!????] I am frustrated bout it! I should take January intake but thought of earning more money so intend to take April intake BUT! heard that those "N" level student who wanted to go for April intake can't stand a high chance of getting it. *sigh~* Should I study!? or not!? hmmm~ .....

Although is a new year, hope everything will be going smooth and well.... But~ I'm kinda feel like it will be a more difficult year and will be suffering too, LOL! Hope Not!!! =(

안녕히 저녁~ (annyeonghi jeonyeok)
[Good Evening~]

*한숨~* (sigh~)
I have an complicated appointment today LOL! Coming half year I'm really gonna be real busy~ T^T Next appointment at KKH, 2nd February it's my last appointment there. I'm going to SGH after that cause they said I'm adult soon O.O lol! haha~ I really prefer KKH than SGH cause KKH service are seriously nice, warm and good~ PERFECT =P It's also near my house, little indian station. But SGH is at outram park oh my~~~ T^T

羅志祥的新專輯和新書快發行啦!!! 我要買!!! =P

안녕히 주무셨어요!~ ♥ [Good Morning~]
(annyeonghi jumusyesseoyo)
*yawn~~~* Z~Z

안녕! ^-^ ㅋㅋㅋ~ (annyeong! kekeke~)
어!~ 난 너무 졸려과 피곤 해요 ㅠ.ㅠ !!! 왜요??? 아~ 진짜로~ ......
(oh!~ I'm so sleepy and tired T~T !!! Why??? oh~ seriously~ ...)

Kimberly 언니 called me just now to inform me that she bought SS501 file and wanna pass it to me hehe! Thanks (Kimberly) 언니~~~ ^-^ I'm going lunch with 언니 later... I'm still thinking of 샤이니 (SHINee) concert, SG tour! Is it true? or not? O.O OMG!!!!!! feel like crying~ LOL! T^T I really have to save up so that I can go hehe!!!! But~ is hard! LOL!!!! XD

언니 생일선물~~~ (eonni/elder sister Birthday present)
I've thought what to buy~ hehe! =D
shhhhh~ .... =P
오모!~ 오모!~ (omo! omo!) Just now 언니 told me that 아빠 (appa/Papa) is giving us money to buy new year clothes!!!!! 뭐라고!??? (WHAT!???) O.O 와하하하하하!!~~~ (wahahahahhahaha!~~~) XD " 진심~ 아빠! 사랑합니다 !!!! ^///^ " (jinsim~ appa! saranghapnida!/ Seriously~ Papa! I love you !!!)
Oh ya! tomorrow I'm staying at home =X Cause I can't decide and I'm too tired to go far place and reach home that late!~ 아빠 have been worried bout me reaching home late LOL! Isn't he cute! =P HAHA! love him sooooooo~ much! =P hehe~

hmmm~ turning 12 midnight real~ soon! =\ I'm sleeping soon too! so~~~.... 여러분! 안녕~ (Annyeong~ everyone!) Oh! oh! before I go!!!!~ there's a Big~ Big~ Big~ news for SHAWOLS!!!!! 오모~~~~~ O.O

Here's the link : SHAWOLS!!! you have to see this T~T
헬로! ^0^ 모두 안녕~
Thought of not using the com but at the end still on it LOL! hmmm~ cause I wanna download new songs or maybe watch new drama ㅋㅋㅋ~ XD 오모!!! JingKai 오빠 is back O.O Kinda miss him 하하! =P Haven been working with him for quite some time... hmmm~ nowadays customer are really too much and unreasonable *shaking head* Poor thing is our manager! ㅠ ㅠ

I find myself gonna addicted to 이승기 [Lee Seung Gi] ㅋㅋㅋ~ after I've watched " 내 여자친구는 구미호 " [我的女友是九尾狐 / My Girlfriend Is GuMiHo] Drama 오모!!!!!~~~~ *-*
Tomorrow gonna go out~ again! -_- hehe~ gonna go Ikea =\ hmmm~ not sure go there for what reason, eat!? play!? haha! =D Me, Claudia 엄마, Sean 아빠, Jason 오빠 and maybe Meihui too! ^^

I'm missing 샤이니 오빠!!! ㅠ ㅠ LOL! =D
Just went to SFI [SHINee Forums International] website saw something that makes me feel EXCITED! OVERJOY! and wanna Jump up and down!!!

* T-H-I-S *
오모!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O I can't believe it! They're selling it again haha! They're seriously so cool and awesome ! ^^ I really love the Tee! isn't it lovely and nice!? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~ I seriously gonna buy, not 1 but 2 haha! =D But hope they can make it! =\
헬로~ ^0^

어제 (Yesterday) went for badminton~ =) what I can said is.... F-U-N !!! ㅋㅋㅋ~ (kekeke~) 와우! (wow!) I have lots of fun playing with it, can't stop playing when you start it haha! =P Hope that gonna play it again real soon yah!!!! =) But! funny that we went to eat McD after the games -_- LOL! haha~ =P It's really have benn such a loooooooo~ng time since the last time I exercise oops~~~~ XD hehe! =P The cute thing was we sat there for around 4 hours plus to play monopoly deal cards Oh my!~ O.O haha! =P Just now went to Kovan with 언니 to buy cupwalker and SUSHI!!!!!!~ I love eating that muahahahaha!!! =P *yummy~* ^.~ And! I bought monopoly deal game hehe~ I'm kinda addicted to it XD I've went to Hougang mall popular but no stock of it so I try my luck to go Kovan to search for it.

hmmm~ I think.... that's all for today =P
바이 바이! ^-^ (Bye Bye!)

안녕히 주무세요 =)
(Good Night~)
안녕!~ ^^

Later i'm going hougang mall to buy some stuff , hope that my pay are in LOL! =\ If not I've really no money to shop! T~T This morning I was planning what to buy for myself this year, oh my! endless of it huh!?~ XD haha~
Tomorrow I'm going play badminton, at Woodlands CC ... kinda far!? O.o haha!~ We will eat dinner together after our game =) Wednesday I've to company 엄마 for her appointment ...

It have been quite a few days for not login Facebook... LOL! Just now I've added a new friend hmmm~ should I said an Shawols!? haha~ =P SHINee fan!!!~ ^0^ She's 15 years old and I'm seriously SHOCKED that she creates SHINee Fanpage with her friends and even have blogshop that sells Kpop stuff. WOW!!!!~ O.O So cool !!! I wanna buy their stuff T^T The price is kinda good! =) Know what!? heh~ heh~ she lives at Serangoon !!! 오모~~~ =D
here's the blog URL : ♥kpop stuff ... [click it! ^0^]
안영~ 2011 년 ! ^0^ 안녕 모두~ =)

woah! First day of 2011 ^0^ hmm~ ....
" Hope everyone that I knew, everyone that known me can stay happy and be more heathly! YUP~ YUP~ =D 사랑해! ^-^ "

" 아빠, 엄마~ Please be healthy! =\ 아빠~ Don't tired yourself too much *heartpain* 엄마~ Please listen to us, alright!? Control yourself if not your illness will gonna really get worst! "
" 오빠, 언니~ you guys too! Please be more healthy and stay happy! ^^ BUT! Don't bully me!!!! Wahahahahahaha~ =P "
Really hope I've the ability to support the family, I wish I could bring them overseas .... Haha! My family~ .... Really love them sooooooooooooooo~ much =P They're always such a cute and lovely although sometimes we do quarrel. Family and Friends are always the BEST!!!! =)
최상의~ 모두!!! 진짜~ 정말~ 사랑해! ^.~

Today went bugis temple for prayed, I'm so happy! =P Know why? My family all went together haha! =P cute~~~~ But sad that it was raining!!!! T~T Can't enjoy that much~ LOL! =P hehe~ Papa! Thank you!!!! haha~ he bought me a bottle at OG~~~ OMG!!!! I've been wanting a bottle since long ago =P " 아빠~ 너무너무! 고맙습니다 ^^ "

Tomorrow there's work for me! haha~ hmmm! I've decided what 2011 gift to buy for myself =) Oh ya~ and 언니 생일선물 [elder sister birthday present], still have 20 more days to go 오모!!! That will be fast O.O *sigh* Totally have no idea what to buy T~T *sad!* Hopes that I could buy a present that she really want it and really like it BUT!!!!~ First I have to earn more money oops~ haha! 화이팅! ^0^ ㅋㅋㅋ~
Now what I gonna worry is my schooling!!!!~~~~ =\ Still have no idea what course to take hmmm~ I'm applying April Intake...

T-O-D-A-Y !!!~ 1st January 2011 = 1/1/11 O.O Amazing!!! haha! =) cool~
1/1/11 and 2/1/11 ...
샤이니!!! 서울콘서트!!! 와우~~~ ^0^ 오빠! 아자~ 아자~ 화이팅!!! =)
[SHINee!!! Seoul Concert!!! wow~~~ Oppa! aja~ aja~ hwaiting!!!]

" Shawols believe 샤이니 can do well! ^.~ "

Let’s make 2011 a fun year~! Hahahahahahahahahaha

Blessings to you in the new year~! Staying healthy is “choigo”!!

Happy New Year! Stay healthy~ Let’s become one this year!

Blessings to you in the new year~! Be happy and healthy! Choigo~

Blessings to you in the new year~! I’ll do my best in my last teen year!! Fighting~!

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