就是今天!羅志祥 獅子吼專輯 簽名會~

哇哈哈哈!就是今天啦~ 期待已久的時刻!羅志祥~~~ 

It's today! finally Show Lo's is here~ meeting sister at AMK hub fairprice to grab some snacks before we go over ... The event held at Novena Square 2 ^^ hehe! Before I went out I snap two selfie of baby Jerald ❤️

Bye Bye~ 媽咪要去看帥哥了喔!呵呵~ 乖乖聽話喲!^^ 

I'm back from the event! And I reached home roughly 11pm ...

羅志祥只花了一個小時的時間簽完!太誇張了!很可惜之前的專輯都不能簽名。。。好多人很失望包括我在內!他說希望我們諒解~ 現在回想起來到挺生氣的!因為簽名會結束後他偷偷地去烏街路呢~天啊!他應該是為了想去而只簽[獅子吼]專輯吧!?過分耶~ 哈哈哈!他玩的挺高興的 ^^ 我看他們應該是在趕時間吧~ 

我和姐姐一起上台哈哈!一人一份~ 棒!棒!棒!!!^^ 只看羅志祥不到三十秒的時間~ 天啊!太殘忍了!哈哈!

我們把晚餐當宵夜吃呢!呵呵~ 金典!我看要胖了幾公斤!哈哈哈!

Good Night! ^^


Hehe! Hello~~~ Have a movie date with bubby today keke! Went City Square mall for movie ... Jackie Chan POLICE STORY 2013... hmmm! not bad but I don't really like it haha ...

HEHE! Baby Jerald ^^ Snap this in the morning ... MUACKS! love him so muchhhh hehehe! He's growing up so fast~ getting more chubby too hehe! Love his smile and eyes keke! 

After movie went TOYSRUS to purchase baby stuff and got this calendar for free, I should ask for a few more haha! 

Muahahahaha! Two more daaaaaaaays! just two more days! till Show Lo's Lion Roar album autograph session event ! Held at Novena Square 2 ^^ I'm really soooooooo exciteddddddd !!! He's already at Malaysia hehehe!!! 

聖誕節快樂!Merry Christmas~

메리 그리스나스 ! 聖誕節快樂喔~ ❤️

Merry Christmas everyone !!! Hehe~ Today I went home for Christmas Feast haha nomnomnom~ Uncle Ben Friends came too, the uncle and aunty that we always meet up ! They bought Muah Chee omgggggg! I loveeeeeee it hahaaaaa!

We order KFC and Pizza Hut for Dinner~ woahhhhhh! It's really a lot! and there's nine of us ... I LOVVVVVVVE PIZZA ^^ YUM YUM! haha

Bought this log cake from Swee Heng when on our way to Hougang home, actually me and bubby wanna take MRT to Hougang as he need to bring down the schedule to the store and meanwhile we need to get a tin of milk powder too ... I very stupid that I didn't think of the log cake haha! carry baby is already enough but carry one more box of cake omgggg! haha!

So we took cab and bubby alight at mall and I head straight to hougang home after bubby alight loll! I get Daddy down to take things for me hehe!

Got this free christmas gift from uncle ben ... he went to friend house, I think his friend is giving things away as she doesn't need and or use ... haha! Uncle Ben carried a few bags over to hougang home like he went orchard for shopping hahaha

Bought this box of Christmas cards at one of the shop at bugis ... total there's 30 of them and cost $15.50 ... This the cheaper and cuter that I've found so far hehe!!! I've sent some Christmas cards to my friends out there ...

Lastly still wanna wish everyone a very Merry Christmas~ Have a jolly christmas and sparkling new year ^^

聖誕夜... Christmas Eve is here !

Good the morning !!! Hehe! 
It's Christmas Eve muahahaha!!! Bubby off day too ... ohhhhh~ hehe yesterday I've a wonderful dated with my sister hehe! ^^ really miss those time haha hope will go out together more often, miss her so much! Love ya sister ♥♥♥

Not sure whether today going out or not haha! Bubby gonna cut his hair today hohoho! Suddenly feel like catching a movie hehe! And today bubby got an appointment with an insurance introducers from OCBC I think ... it's a lady haha! See Laogong gonna take and accept the files or not ...

Tomorrow heading Hougang for Christmas dinner haha! Steamboat and grilling I think haha! I'm buying log cakes over too but not sure whether to get from from Swee Heng or Breadtalk ... hmmmm!

Snap this two selfie of baby Jerald hehe! Getting more chubby and adorable every single day... ^^ MUACKS! 

Going Hougangggg !

Hehe! Heading Hougang mall to meet bubby ... with sister along! She wanna go Mall watson to get some stuff and I will be going home with bubby later on ... haha! And bubby wanna eat 汤圆... ask me to buy some too haha! So greedy~ hehe every time craving for food ^^ bubby ended work and gave me a call when I was at AMK Hub, he said he going for massage and takes around 40 minutes... The time is just nice for me haha... travel from AMK to Hougang meanwhile he doesn't need to wait for me ... bought one pair of shoe today at far east plaza... too bad that didn't snap any photos today with sister, too many people went for shopping haha! Christmas is hereeeeee hehe

Bubby bought this before we went home hehe! Mr Bean, Salted Bean ^^ yum yum! Taste good hehe!

Bought the rest at Far East Plaza the Korea store hehe! Really have been a long time since I last went shopping ... Love the feeling of shopping and spending money lolll~ ^^
Hope there will still have chance to hang out with sister again ^^ I miss her every single dayyyyyy~ loves!

Monday bluuuuue ! ^^

Hehe!!! Hello~ Heading for Orchard with my sister today keke! Really have been a veeeeeeery long time since I last went orchard with my sister ^^ ♥♥♥ haha leaving baby Jerald at home with my in-laws ... New year is coming, wish to get new clothes but too bad that there's limit on my cash hahaha! Gonna buy some shoes and maybe wallet too ...

Having lunchhhhh with sister too but not sure what to have for lunch... hmmm! Craving for fast food lolll ... mos burger!? Keke! Tomorrow is Christmas eveeee ^^ and end of the year is approaching already~ so fast haha!
Yesterday went back home with bubby and brought baby Jerald along too ... family gathering haha! Uncle ben was there too, we all have lunch together... We have soup, seaweed chicken, char siew and sushi! Lolll haha! It's all food and I also bought some dim sum over too omgggg ^^ haha

Once again Thank you! Everyone~

Here's are all the gifts that's for Baby Jerald baby shower and Jerald's mummy! Meeeee ^^ for the confinement hehe! Thank you sooooooo much! Everyone single one who gave all the gifts~ really appreciated !!! From my family, store crews and managers, friends and neighbors !!! Haha so blessed ^^ May god bless every one of us stay healthy ! Happy ! And happiness always~

Baby Jerald! ♥

Hehe!!! Baby Jerald~ newborn to now 2 months plus ^^ hehe!!! Love him sooooo much~ getting more chubby already hahaha! MUACKS~ ❤️❤️❤️

Next week! 羅志祥 簽唱會 ♥

NEXT WEEK!!! Next weeeeeek OMG! 29th Decemer 2013, 7pm at Square 2! Show Luo's Lion Roar album autograph session!!! NO KIDDING! I'm so desperate to go for it! Hahaha!!! Not sure whether allow to sign the few previous album ... Hope his agent 小霜 allow to!!! Pray hard haha!!! I've bought his ablum! Two! One for my sister as she wanna go up stage too haha! One album per entry...

Can't wait ^^

December is hereee!

Finally December is here! And just celebrated my uncle'a birthday... We went SAKURA for celebration, at Punggol Marina Country Club! It's my first time there... Sad that we didn't snap any photo ... We ate a lot hahaha! So funny~  And I only snap a few photo of my uncle ^^ 15th December 2013 ...

Hehe! My uncle look so cute haha~ and I bought a set of GUCCI perfume for his birthday gift ! OMG~ cost me $105 haha! 

And yesterday have a gathering with bubby management team! Hahaha! Have so much jokes and gossip omgggg! We went Bedok area for dinner gathering... We eat at a restaurant called SPIZE ! The place was hugeeeee and filled with lots of customers, it's an Muslim restaurant! The food was really awesome ^^ yum yum~ if there's a chance or time I will sure go there for their delicious food ! ...

I went Bedok Mall with bubby haha! It's like an mini orchard ion! The McDonald down there was so unique and huge haha! I love it ^^ so as the Pizza Hut and KFC outlet~ it's really surprising haha

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