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환영! December ^^ 잘가~ November ! see ya next year~~~ The first post of 2012 December ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~~~ Feel that I'm cheating myself haha! Alright I shall head for bed soon ... working 12.30pm to 6pm and I hope I'll won't be extend cause I've no mood to work ...

move on ... and Have a good night people ^^
Alright this post won't be bored as the previous one I guess!? Hope will be better~ haha!!!
MAMA2012!!! Mnet Asian Music Awards!!! is finally over~ ^^ hehe! this year they held at HongKong!
 [image credit : FB Mnet Official]
I'm so proud and happy for 샤이니 & 수주~~~ ㅎㅎ! 상랑해!!! I'm sorry that I can't find a better HQ image of SHINee hehe! I'll came back for this for my next visit to blog :D [image credit : FB Super Junior]
MAMA2012 was trending on twitter haha!!! ^^ I love this cute snap of them ^^
I baked Ginerbread men cookies few days ago, when for the recipes with sister in the morning. we had breakfast then off for shopping! Really cost a lot OMG! haha! Here's the look for the baked result! looks nice but doesn't taste nice! bahahahaha!!! The ginger smell really so strong and I think that kids doesn't know how to eat! haha! :P They'll only eat the chocolate decorations hehe!!! There's still half of the dough left in the fridge oopsssss! I…
오모!오모~~~ I was wanting to post but I have no idea why I keep scrolling down the new feeds of FB! 하하! alright I start then go back to facebook after posting cause! Today's the last day of November and there's half an hour more to reach 1st December ^^ ㅎㅎ! Christmas month is hereeeeeeee~ 만세!!! hmmmm~ Recently I can't remember what I've did this few weeks/days! memories getting worst, so sad~

Today I went for blood test at SGH early in the morninggggg! I hate to wake up this early just to squeeze in the train ... My appointment was actually on the 19th December but yesterday morning my nurse called that it have been changed to the 5th December ... Last minute thing... I dislike it! Nurse told me that on the 19th there will be lost of patients waiting so she pulled me forward instead ... better huh!? haha ^^

Went for breakfast with mummy after I got back to hougang... went for grocery, back home showered and then out again to mall. I meet Choon Yen mummy for subway and the…
헬로!!! ㅅㅅ ㅋㅋㅋ~ ... I'm backkkkkkkk~ XD
I'm on bed now using sister lappy hehe! feeling so tired already ... sleepyyyyyyyy omg!!! Today was and unlucky day for me... Injured once again and same thing, same wound ... Damn it! ... :((( The Freezer door~~~ ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHH! Angry man! hurt my back seriously! sighhhhh! I hate going for kitchen nowwwwww ... I don't want go kitchen already .... saaaaaaaaaaaddddd! I've to suffer the pain for dayssssss ... sighhhhhhh!

Tomorrow not sure am I able to work a not ... sighhhhhh ... plus tomorrow chipmunks is coming ... Pray hard to hope Choon Yen mummy able to get the STAR position and the interview went smooth ^^ JIAYOU!!!

Yesterday was SMTOWN concert! and plus It's Miley Cyrus 20th birthdayyyyy! hehe ^^ So sad that it rains during the concert and I guess it's a heavy rain! most of the Artist slip or fell and one got injured! OMG! so dangerous~ ... But it was a wonderful night I guess ^^ hehe! 

Alright I'm going to s…
굿모닝~ ^^ 여러분 ㅎㅎ! Morning~ everyone ^^

Woke up at 9am but rolling on the bed for exactly an hour, using phone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hehe! This is all what I did every morning before I get myself off the bed! :D I search for this and I really glad that I've found it and it's reaaaaaaaaal! Show Luo's Instagram ^^ hehe
ohhhhhh! my parent's home from mall haha! My breakfast is hereeeeee! So blessssssss ^~^

Yesterday went shopping with Choon Yen mummy, we met 11am at McD! Have BLT corn cup meal with McCafe drink for our breakfast but sad that I didn't took much picture yesterday haha! lazy and busy hehehehe! Went Plaza Singapura DAISO to get Christmas Decoration for our store ... sigh! like no peace for us too! haha ... TIRED! :( We went back to store after we bought all the staff and when we walk out from MRT station the sky is sooooooooo~ dark! It rains after we're in the store and it's a heavy rain even  some of the crew are totally drenched! Shoc…
Yawnnnnnn! It's time for me to sleep now ^^ hehe! done uploading with the picture and so as the post that I've to settle ... Tomorrow I'm working 11am ... sighhhhh ... alright I will still try my best to post more often haha! Bye bye~~~ Good Night ZzzzZzzzzZZzzzzzz ... Have a good rest I hope and sleep well too ^^

hehe!!! grab from FB ^^
 13th NOVEMBER ...
was rushing to finish the decoration for the BLT promotion hehe! I took this cause I was a little tired and wanting to get some rest so post it on Instagram heheeeee!!! ^~^

TADA~~~ Finally this my and Choon Yen mummy hard work! Glad that we finish on time and it looks awesome ! I lovvvvvvvvvvvveeee it! So beautiful hehehe!!! XD upcoming is the Christmas decoration ... sighhhhh! BUSYYYYY all the way haha

19th NOVEMBER ...
HEHE! I took this balloon back from store! know why!??? kekeke! PURPLEEEE ^^ hehe! Blow it when I was bored but nowhere to be seen now hahaha!!!

OMG!!! My brother bought SIII ^.^ heheheeeee! Awesome ! I feel like having one too~ hehe!!! can't decide ... ohhhhhh boy! :)))
 I have my supper on this day heheheheeee! FAT man hahahaha!!! I love the mee goreng ~~~ Delicioussss !

 8th NOVEMBER ...
Went to meet my tigger for meal haha! don't know what to eat so in the end we still go for Toast Box hehe!
The Otah toast is nice!!! omggggg ^~^ yummy!
12th NOVEMBER ... Went for KKH appointment ... Kidney appointment ... Good to hear that everything's ^^ Blesssss hehe!
The doctor Discharged me haha! She moving me to SGH as she said I doesn't need to go here and there although is one year a time but she said it's more convenient for me so she wrote and letter to my doctor ... Gonna pass it to my doctor on my next visit! sighhhhh! gonna take good care of my blood sugar! My diet!!! headache ... so tired to care for so many things ...

 I'm gonna move on and give in all my very best! Try my very best to improve everything I don't wanna suffer like this for my entire life! no way~~~ 아자! 아자! 화이팅~~~ 고고고! ^.^
Heeeeeeeeello! ^^ hehe! Finally I'm free to post haha! ermmm~ I mean Ive the heart to post XD Really thought of wanting to post during the past few days but lazy to type haha! sad that This new updated blogger setting I doesn't like it cause it links to Google+ !? I prefer and love the original setting! sighhhhh~ new one I finds it trouble some omg! Headache! ... hmmmm! let's start ~ ^^

Recently there's attachment manager came to our store cause our store manager are clearing off and maybe AL!? haha! There's one from CPP I doesn't really likes him so papaya! the most impression is the manager from Kovan! hahaha!!! Steve~ :))) tomorrow is from AMK ... hmmmm! not sure what will it be like!? ... heheheheeeee! My Miss Tay came back from USA~~~ OMG! envyyyyyy! haha! she bought perfume for me! Purple color~ ^^ So sweet of her and sadly that she didn't get to buy for the management people cause she didn't get the chance to buy it! she intend to go Chinatown bu…
heyyyyy! helloooooo~ ^^ I'm back haha! Just reached home from work, using bro computer as he's having shower now haha! I'm waiting for my turn to use the washroom, I wanna use the kitchen washroom instead of the master bed room cause there's heater hahaha!!! I'll post the picture of my heater someday! Purpleeeeee~ ^.^ kekekeke!

Yesterday went out with Jovelle, one of my neighbor kids haha! Me and my sister celebrate her birthday early, her birthday falls on the 8th November which we're not free ... bought her an Girl's generation bottle haha! cute~ Went PS for Just Acia it's fun and we did photo, I'll upload all the picture on my next visit on blogger haha! ... went back to HGM for cheesecake haha! and bought her McD for dinner too! hehehe ... She's adorable and so sad no much people concern or even care bout her ... poor thing! ...

I got home and took picture of myself ! hehe! SMILE~ ^^ OMG! my brother is really taking so long inside the washro…
헬로~ ^^ ㅎㅎ! I'm back to post! haha ... Using sister lappy now, so tired... back aches! so sad ... sat too long on using lap top haha!!! Today was so zombie while working~ omg! really :((( Yesterday went for bed at nearly 2am ... haha! But before I sleep something happened ... makes me so sad and I cry to sleep ... should I said I've used to it!? ... although she have apologized to me so just forget it! :) STAY STRONG! ^^

 Login to Facebook just now and saw this! OMGGGGG!!! I so wanna get it ~~~ eyes went BLINK BLINK! when the minute I saw this hehehehe!!!

Went for dinner with 아보지, 어머니 & 아빠 after work... It was raining, so cooling now! lovvvvvvvvvvve it ^^ daddy bought heater and OMG! purple color~~~ ^.^ HEHE! feeling sleepy and tired now ... think have to go for bed soon ... working morning tomorrow but hope I'll be able to go home early if no sales haha!~ oops~ cross finger! ... My dearest Miss Tay gave me an thick homework to do when she goes for her vacation! USA! om…
Heyyyyyyy! people go listen to 솔비 SolB's (SolBi), new mini album"오뚜기"   Ottogi ! feat 4minute Jiyoon ... the title is an doll, 不倒翁 ... it's a doll that no matter how hard you pushed it will always stand still ...Take a view at the MV ^^ It's so awesome and sexyyyyy! haha! waited for for comeback for a loooooooong time! miss her so much! ^^ releaseon August 24 ... I'm a bit slow to update this haha! Feel like it's an  female version of Gangnam Style ! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~

Coming up is 서인영 Seo In Young, "ANYMORE" ... release on the August 20! her music always makes me impressed! XD love the way she is! haha! her style! always so cool and unique! 

and her Latest single "LET'S DANCE"  ... hmmm! feeling weird when I first saw this MV but the songs still attracts me hehe!
안녕~ ^^ ㅎㅎ! 내가 돌아 왔어~ It's Fridayyyyyyy ^^ hehe! Staying at home on my off days, lovvvvvvvvvee it! :))) haha! Yesterday got excuse from work, requested to Kelvin lucky he let me go haha! My left hand got injured so sad, I fell down on Tuesday ! haha! was in a rush walking fast!? or actually I was jogging!? the floor was oily and I slipped! Awesome~ my hand got bang by the batch cook freezer door! and the door was open wide when I fell haha! but feeling better now! got medical oil and rub it! lol

30th OCTOBER ...
This day ... feel sad early in the morning! and I cried ... crying while heading to work ... and still can't stop crying when I reached store plus my menses came! it's the first day of the month! oh god! ... my mood was bad! And then saw Zhou Jing when I walk into the store ... she smile at me, talk to me and she always so happy to see me! :)) I work 11am instead of 10am cause Seah said the he got enough crew so I told him I start work later and eat my breakfast …
안녀! ... 나 너무 피곤해 !!! ㅠㅠㅠ 아파~~~ ...한숨!
haha! hello~ first post of November ^^ been busy for work once again, I mean every time!? ... tired ... hmmm... didn't post recently haha! tired to use lap top, usually I used my phone to update blog but since there's new updates setting for blog my phone can't exist to blogger anymore. Feel sad ... So now I've to use lap top very often!? omg~ haha! Actually it's my sister lappy, I was thinking to get an iPad for myself next year IT fair hehe! and also decided to change my phone to iPhone 5 whiteeeeee! ^~^ when my contract ended! muahahaha!!! cost a lot huh!? hehe! I'll try my best and nothing is impossible ^.^ 화이팅~~~ 아자아자! ㅋㅋㅋ~

26th OCTOBER ...
I have this for breakfast haha! the magazine is Teenage cover page of GIRLS GENERATION! but poster of SHINee hehe! Giant poster! kekekeke!
Afternoon I went Hougang mall to meet Choon Yen mummy for meal and Mattew DiDi joined in haha! have fun chatting ... oh! we went Pizza Hut ^^