Hello! Wanted to post some disappointment today ... It happens on the Tuesday early morning once hubby awake and I was preparing to being Jerald to school. The conflict starts here and I can't control myself this time but to shout back toward him because I really cannot tolerate. I hate him to bring back his work stuff back home whereby you know there's kids at home and they also would like our attention as well. If he's unable to finish his work, I understand that and the time are always tight for him to hand in his work.

He does not have enough sleep and really exhausted I know that but can't he just hold up his frustration and anger if he's unable to finish his stuff. But he starts yelling towards me and the kids that he have to finish his stuff as there only two hours left... At that time actually Jerald is whining that he wanted to sit on the pram and go for school, at first I thought he doesn't want to. But after Jerald saw me and hubby yelling at each other Jerald was showing his anger as well and I did notice that. But I approach him and calm him down by asking whether how he wanted to go school.

Jerald mention says that he wanted to sit on the pram so I bring Javier along as well. At first before the yelling, Javier wanted to go along and climb onto the pram but I was rushing and wanted to bring Jerald to school so I ask hubby to as mother in law to help me settle Javier. Meanwhile hubby have already sat down and wanted to starts his work and then I voice up so that's the time yells and that's how the arguing starts.

So when I brought the boys our and I slam the door real hard and I heard him shouted vulgarities! so what does that mean by shouting all the vulgarities!??? Am I too sensitive or petty to keeping thinking that he was scolding me actually!??? I was really in a disappointment the whole day that I did not actually really talk to him for like two days, I feel so upset and sad. But he thinks that I'm petty at the end of the day.

He doesn't reflects why I was so upset but to think that I'm actually petty. It's not the first time I feel so disappointed on him... Few days ago I've also did mention that I wish to get a off day from the kids, house work and everything as I really feel so tired but nobody cares. At least my mother in law have a Saturday off to do what she wanted to or even go out as I always bring my boys back to my mother house on every Saturday. So what about me!? Know what he reply me, he said that I've already have half day off to go out with sister already and he doesn't even have a off day!

What I'm trying to tell him is that the only off day is not to think and worried about the house and the boys, I can go out and enjoy to relax and have some free time. Also not to keep watching the time and thinking of rushing home to cook at the end of the day, there's no point for me to go out and have fun. at the end of the day he doesn't understand what I mean or what I'm actually thinking, AT ALL!

This is why I feel so disappointed .... He doesn't feels the hard work and tiredness a wife! a mother! a daughter in law! IS~ When every time he ends work and came home me and mother in law doesn't ask him or request him to do any house stuff or even look after the kids for a period. NO! We just let him rest and do what he wanted to. He came home and eat, watches TV and then fall asleep!?

Is not that I wanted to complain or anything, but can't he just help out for a period of time. I'm really dying from the inside, really! I have always swallow all my pride and tolerance no matter how badly I was treated from the family and how tired or heart broken I am. I have always remind myself not to even speak a word when there's negatives comment and when I'm angry or frustrated because if I did so at the end of the day we will all have difficulties living together under one roof.

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Hello! ^.^ I'm here for some throwback post. Last Friday in the morning I went out after I brought Jerald to school and went home for a bath before I actually went out. So the first thing after I went out is to feed myself, I went Boon Keng McDonald for breakfast haha! I went out is because Mother in law wanted me to get some nice Chocolate for her to bring over to Batam on the Passed Saturday.

After having my breakfast I went NEX mall and I was rushing actually as a Javier have appointment at the Polyclinic. But when I got home and check for the appointment time I have realised that I've actually seen the wrong date. It turns up to be 16th Nov instead. Hahahaha! I'm such a blur~

In the end I decided to meet up my sister for late lunch... We went Plaza Singapura, we have our lunch at Hong Kong Café, Xin Wang. The restaurant is kind of worth to go for :D Sister ordered herself a Iced Macau Coffee! ($3.90)

I was actually not so sure what drinks to order and I thought of Iced Lychee tea but sister suggest me the Iced honey lemon drink and I'm glad that I listen to my sister suggestion haha! Loving the Iced honey lemon ^^ ( $4.90)

Me and sister decided to ordered a plate of main dish to share and some side dish as we're actually afraid that we're unable to finish. We ordered Chicken Chop Cream Spaghetti ($11.90). The pasta cream really taste so good and especially the crispy chicken with the braised sauce! YUMMY!

We ordered Luncheon Meat and Egg Sandwich for one of our side dish ($3.90). The luncheon meat is really kind of thick and there's mayonnaises spread on the bread. There's also sliced cucumber and tomato in between, so mouthful haha!

Lastly we ordered the Pan Fried Dumpling ($6.50). They really serve hot and fresh food! NICE!

Once done eating we walk around the mall from the top floor to the bottom haha! We went into a new Japan shop named "Miniso", I was so curious when I first saw the store because it was so bright that it attracts me haha! There's stuff really interesting and kind of worth the price that you won't expect.

We actually planned to go John Little as there's closing sales but it's really crowded but we did enter the store and walk around. As we expected we did not purchase anything because the queue was really long and it's really crowded so we left the store.

We decided to go NEX mall after that... Bought some bolsters for the boy for my mother house and  let sister to help me bring back home. Lastly we went NTUC before we went home, as I was kind of rushing home to cook dinner haha!

{THROWBACK} 20.09.2016 !


"I know that we're having some hard time recently and tired with a lot of things that have happened. It's the first time that I've hesitated whether I should wish you on your birthday this year but I still wished to. I'm afraid that it might pull you back to sadness but I still wish you could be more happy and healthier than before. Please do take good care of yourself, be strong and of cause you could be weak in front of me whereby my shoulder is always here for you. There's really a long long path for us to move on and most important we're together as a family. I love you so much, so so much more than I love myself ❤️"

Father in law 100th Day

Hello! I'm here to post at this really late night, the time is reaching 2am soon haha! 15 more minutes to go ... So sad that I have sleeping sleeping late recently, not so sure whether am I right to do my laundry at the night part!? Hmmm~ anyway wanted to do a post of 9th Nov 2016, Wednesday... My have a crew outing today and it's like the first time we have a much fun and won big prizes. 1st and 2nd prizes are bicycles and the TOP 20 prizes are this electrical stuff and sauce pan and cooking pots. It's a lucky draw prizes haha! And I'm in the TOP 10th winner but I'm too generous to exchange my sauce pan pot with a Malaysian crew of a phone ring, now thinking back that I'm kind of funny haha! Because in the first place I was thinking that I doesn't really need the sauce pan pot as I have quite a few at home and doesn't cook that often, meanwhile my house are full of stuff already so thought that I could just exchange with the guy since he need it. He's kind of lucky hahaha! And I'm kind stupid~ anyway I feel that I did something good!? LOL

I also would like to mention about something, regarding about this post title. Today 10th Nov 2016, is my late Father in law 100th day, yup I knew that Mother in law and hubby still feeling sad to settle whatever we have to prepare for today. Actually in the morning I have met up with my mummy at Lorong Ah Soo to get the praying stuff cause I knew there's a vegetarian store over there... a lot of things to prepare actually, it takes time and effort, really! Hope hubby will take good care of himself ...

Alright~ I'm heading for bed already! Got to wake up 8am in the late morning later ... really hope that Jerald would be able to wake up at the same time with us and don't give us any nasty attitude haha because I put him for bed around midnight time... Feel tired and stress to think of bringing the boys for praying hahaha quite a few things to carry and yet we still have to look after the boys. Also please hope that tomorrow there's cab for us to go over the temple, please no jam and please everything go smoothly, praying hard hahaha! Good night~ :)

PS: not decided to check the spelling or grammar for this post... *yawnnnn~*


I'm back for blogger ! :)

Time now is already reaching 1am, 15 more minutes haha and yet I'm still awake. Yup~ arranging some draft in my blogger and I've been really so so busy recently since after my Father in law passed away. There's so many things to do and settle, feel so sad but yet can't do anything. There's regret and of cause guilty but we can't turn back, we also hope that he get to rest in peace. We have been doing our best to settle everything well. 

Last week Jerald went for KKH as due to fever on the Tuesday morning, I was worried and wanted to get hubby to go along with me after his midnight shift. As there HFMD in Jerald's school so I'm kind of worried as well, but after the visit at the KKH I have regretted and learned my lesson. Long story~ seriously, the staff just kept asking us to wait after getting a urine test and its tested negative of HFMD. But the doctor still wants us to monitor so me and hubby thought we since everything's fine why not we just bring him home and monitor.

What for we waste our time over there and just keep giving him the hydration water that's in purple Color, I was kind of fed up when the doctor say I can throw away the purple color water in such a bad tone. She says that I can take other juice to replace the hydrated purple Color drink, in the first place she get us to mix with Ribena or some other juice but we went back to see again she told me the above issues. Such a great doctor, the best is that she did not even diagnose why my Son having fever randomly.

Me and hubby just took the medication and take cab home with so pissed off! I have really learned my lesson, no matter what I won't approach KKH unless there bleeding. Because the doctor told me all this kind of small matter I'm can just go for normal GP, including the HFMD, it's like she told me off instead of informing us.

After of resting at home for almost a week, he's finally back to school. He was so happy when he saw his Friend when he reaches the school haha! Jerald's school still have cases of HFMD so we have to enter the school from the toddler class but not the main entrance. Hope everything will be fine, god bless everyone in the school.

Since after Father in law passed away we have been eating outside food quite often and I know that my Mother in law doesn't like eating outside food. Some times I try to cook some simple food that's not using any pan fried, either I cook bee hoon soup, handmade noodle soup (noodle bought from market) or porridge. From the starting I've actually cook using pan fried and then In law cleans the floor. But since I've started work after Father's 49th day I've seldom cook using pan fried.

Actually I love to cook! I really do but just that I find it so hard to cook at my in law's house, because she doesn't like dirty and oily hanging around. So I have to wash a lot of stuff after cooking, plus I can't open any window or the back door when I'm cooking. It's really suffocating because there's no much air in the kitchen when I'm cooking and yet I have to breathe in and out with all the oily air. Some times I really wonder how my in law survive hahaha! Time flies and a lot a lot of thing have changed... 

Just got to keep strong and keep going! Be positive and love myself more :) good night~ got to sleep now haha! Time passed 1am, tomorrow I'm meeting my mum at Kovan to get some fish from the market :) byeeeee~ ZzzzZzzz

{THROWBACK} My 23rd birthday :)

My birthday this year! I'm so happy and glad that hubby still plan to take off day and spend some time with me. Brings me wherever I want and do whatever I wish to. So I planned to go for Kbox haha! We went Bugis plus for Karaoke :D

We ordered food, snacks and I was so excited and kind of nervous because it has really been a very Long time since I last went for Kbox with hubby. It's almost been 2 to 3 years when the time we're still dating hahaha! I love the service and now I love the food more, it really taste so good especially the potato cheese with the side dish of French fries. I really love to eat hahaha! Really hope that in future I'm able to go with Sister or hubby ^.^ 

Actually I feel kind of weird for my outfit today haha! Anyway I wanted to thank Sister for getting me the shoes as my birthday gift this year, appreciate so much~ thank you ❤️ It has been quite some time that I've actually wear a dress out haha

After Karaoke I decided to go City Square Mall for our late lunch haha! Hubby was busy with his phone, as always and he doesn't change this habit. He should just change his name to responsible LOL! He have been really busy after he got promoted to RM, although we're all happy and glad but I'm sure that hubby's gonna have a hard time. Really do hope that hubby will take good care of himself when he's at work, love you hubby! 

We went food republic for our late lunch and can't believe that I actually finished the big plate of curry rice! Woah~ Feel so filled and bloated after eating it haha! After our meal we went for a short walk and then went straight home and fetch Jerald after that.

We brought Jerald home and showered him after that we brought him down along to get a birthday cake for meeeeee! Haha! We choose a Ferrero Chocolate cake :)

I just feel so happy and over excited till I take selfie with the cake hahaha! Funny uhhh~

And someone wanted to start eating the cake birthday lady hahah!

Alright that's the end for my birthday this year, simple and happy! Thank you my family and hubby~ for all the love towards me! Love you all so much~ ❤️❤️❤️ hehe!

feeling so bad temper today !

I know that it has been almost more than a month since I've last posted on blogger. Today I've come by just wanted to post out all the frustration and irritation inside of me ... I can't tolerate so much as recently there's a few thing that happened at home which makes me more tiring and irritated.

I have always been kind enough, I have really trying my best to be good and also shown the good side of me. I'm so tired being like this, so wish that I could be so selfish just for my rights.

Why do I have to suffer so much till my emotion kept going up and down... it's really so tiring ... I don't wish to say it much over here...

I will never forget how the way they have treated me, although I don't really express it out because there's no point of it at all. I've kept reminding myself not to think about all the pass, all the bad ones, and also the bad comments that I have received from them.

Sweet and warm to say that we're one family and it's true but most of the time I will still feels like I'm a outsider and now I'm a maid plus nanny!? ... 

I have also know that it's my responsibility since the day I gave birth to my elder Son. But it just so complicated and so not the way I expected from the in laws side. I've got no choice ...

Advance birthday celebration with Sister ❤️

Today I went out with Sister just to celebrate my birthday, advanced celebration haha! We went Bugis area for our lunch, went Karaoke and Bugis street ...

We went 旺角 (Wang Jiao) HongKong cafe restaurant for our lunch ... Sister ordered the Spaghetti Cabonara for herself and for me, I ordered the KimChi ramen ... Guess what~! the Kimchi ramen is the worst kimchi ramen I ever have it in my life! oh~ damn! the soup has no taste of any spicy or kimchi, it's totally a tomato soup ramen!? LOL!

After our meal we walk around Bugis Junction and Bugis + ... We also went Bugis street and bought earrings haha! it has really been quite some time since we went Bugis street together and shop around ... As usual we went for the earring store to get some earring, 3 for $5! still the same haha

I was looking for shoes actually and I didn't see any of it that I'm interested with haha! Walk around looking for some dress and clothes as well but some how the people they are so bad in customers service. In the end me and Sister feel like kind of upset so we went City Sqaure mall instead ... haha!!!

I mention that City Sqaure mall has Rubi and it has open for quite some time, I also told Sister that they're having promotion with their shoes and I would like to go there to take a look... hehehe! and yes! I did get a shoe that I'm kind of liking it, wanted to thank Sister for the shoe as my birthday gift this year !

Hehe!! JieJie~ wanted to thank you, sincerely thank you! with everything, thank you for loving me! doting me! and also pamper me haha!!! Thank you for today, enjoy myself really so so much.

I can't remember whether we have been to Karaoke together before but today it feels like the first time and I enjoyed a lot thank you! Hope in future we could have more time together and go shopping together hahaha! LOVE YOU~~~ muacks! ❤️❤️❤️

Advanced birthday celebration! Thank you all ❤️

heeeeello~ I'm posting a throwback on the Sunday, 10th July 2016. Went back my mum's house as my family members planned to have a advance birthday celebration with me. So as usual I got to settle down all my laundry at home before I'm can go over to my mums house with my two previous boys. Sister came over my side to fetch me my boys over.

Once reached Hougang, I went coffee shop with my mum to get some food, I got chicken rice for my very first proper meal haha! I have biscuit in the morning actually, just wanted to get some bites as I don't wish to have my stomach empty and hungry ... Which I need the energy to settle my laundry haha

I get to snap some photos of my papa showering Javier hehe!!! Javier really growing up already and being so so active haha! ❤️❤️❤️ Turning one year old next month, so fast omgggg~

Annnnnddd !!!
here comes all the yummy yummy stuff ! 

Fried mushroom! it's not my kind of taste actually oops~ sorry Sister! haha although it does taste good but not my type hahaha

Fried Chicken! Actually my elder Brother and Sister they went for groceries at FairPrice for like two days before. They  also bought the seasoning powder to marinates the chicken. To me the seasoning taste is more like Old Chang Kee chicken wrap haha! Taste not bad actually hehe! 

Wanted to say that the main point is actually the prawn! It really looks kind of big but it's small in the photo hahaha~ My papa specially went to pick!? and choose the prawn on his own! so so juicy and delicious omg! it's so mouthful when the second I put it in my mouth after fried!!! Yummmmmmy~

Also the first time me and Sister cooked curry chicken together haha! overall the taste was good, kind of spicy actually! yummmmyyy~

still thinking about the prawn actually hahaha!!! droolingggg~ 

Get the time to blow candle once after having our meal. Jerald looks so happy like as if it's his birthday~ haha! silly and funny boy ...

wanted to thank my beloved my dearest one and only family for this such wonderful! and awesome day! such a memory day since after I've got two kids and I didn't expected to have any celebrations or any home cooked feast for any occasion or even my birthday!!!

I really appreciates for everything that you all have given it to me! all the love towards me and my two boys ! endless love~ endless of appreciation ! and endless of thank you~ this is family! 


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