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I don really lyk boi tht thought himself veri handsome, cute N guai lor YUCKS! bleah......

haix.... so fan again don noe whether de boi tht i lyk hor lyk mi anot leh ):
few mins a go one of mai fren say she tell de boi tht she lyk him but de boi don lyk her siaai ya he go home drink cow, sheep n his mother milk la!!!!!!!!!!!!! [so angry roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]ai ya mai darling fren still can find another more gd den him wan lah^^ nvm wan la, i noe euu do really lyk him haix.... euu n him gt no choice ....don cry la^^......

if euu happy tht i find a er zi 4 euu i can do it bahx....[i tink:P]^^den euu help mi la^^ but som time i will b shy lah:PBUT I DO REALLY LYK HIM LOR ) : mi oso wan cry liao la!
I gt mani gd frenz especially mai marmie shiyu n mai jiejie fiona^^ :P
i juz now view mai marmie blog she said tht she miss her past, so as mi lor=(

mai marmie feel lyk veri lonely leh i was tinking y she don wanna find a partner, cos she hate some boi bahx... i tink^^
marmie jiayou jiayou hor euu getting guai liao le haha...^^
common test coming liao study hard:P muz past hor! ^^
>>>marmie rox mai life too so as music^^ :p

^^mai other frenz^^>>> Paulyn [lao gong], Ying Jing, Ailing, Jeslyn, lynn, limin^^
I so scared sia cos final year exam coming leh! =( scared will fail lor!!!
now mai studies getting poor lor, i wish i could study hard n pass almost all de subject:P [HOPE SO!]
i some time juz lyk small kid lor every time sasa[silly] de don noe how to do or wat to do, some time ppl around mi said mi stupid but nvm^^ cos i tell myself tht i muz do it[study hard] n let them see!!! bleah....

But said true de hor ppl called mi to help them but some time de more i help de more worst it will b, haix... so y don i don help rite? :P

HAHA... :p
I'm so sad cos i no $$$ to buy tings tht i wan! i wanna buy mai favorite artist album!!!=(
S.H.E latest album>>>PLAY! n de previous album>>>S.H.E*FOREVER^^!!!
Xiaozhu[SHOW] Luo Zhi Xiang new album SPESHOW de blue colour wan inside gt all de SPESHOW songs plus de Ai*Zhuan Jiao!
Princess Jolin concert DVD "Di Cai"!^^N
Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang latest album>>> Wang Zhi
Taiwan: Zhuan Jiao Yu Dao Ai[corner With Love], Wei Xiao Pasta[Smiling Pasta],Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu[Hanazakarino Kimitachilie]!
De most ting tht i wan is MP3/i-pod, i wanna save $$$ n buy all of de tings tht i wan!!^^ :P
I don really lyk mai sch veri much cos veri strict lor!
So irritating n trouble some.
Almost mani of de tings cannot wear sia! Cannot wear ankle sock, ear-ring,
necklace n bracelet.
Cant wear colour socks, clips n rubber band too! n cant put more den one pair of ear-stick.
Nt lyk mai jiejie sch lor so gd sia! almost every ting can wear sia!, lyk ankle sock, ear-ring. necklace n bracelet can oso wear colour socks, clips n rubber band leh sia! wao lao!...
So gd lor, mai jiejie sch everyting can but oni cannot tuck out shirt/uniform n dye hair leh!
i wish i could study de same sch wif mai jie lor!
Last Friday 13 July is mai birthday i'm so happy mai jiejie bought mi a baby PIGLET so as mai marmie[shiyu] bought mi baby EEYORE!
^^They so CUTE^^

But tht day at 6pm+ to 9pm+ gt an Mett de parents session, information on End of year streaming exercise n 2008 sec.3 subject. Mai teacher said tht is veri important so muz go but i didnt.I wif mai family at hougang ,mall eating dinner tht nite n bought a cake too! yummy! :P i love eating cakes^^

When i reached home i den remeber wat if mai form teacher scold mi tht i did nt attend de tok, but on Monday 16 July i went to sch mai teacher said nth den i forgot it. BUT on de nxt day Tuesday 17 July we gt assembly[every Tuesday...] from 1.30pm to 2.30pm n aft assembly we 2T8 class r benn called to go bk to classroom n we went bk, den i suddenly remeber is bout[i tink] de streaming tok.
We were in de classroom n den MISS GOH LEE CHOO de organizer of de streaming tok came in den later followed by our form teacher MR JAMES TAN! we were been puni…
Haix...yesterday gt math test leh i don noe how to do mani of de questions leh sia!=(
Aft June holiday mani of mai subject are getting poor,especially MATH!
mai parent always tell mi to work harder n don b lazy, i noe tht i'm lazy sometimes
but i wanna to work more harder just lyk mai jiejie>>> Elaine^^ :P
she's de smartest in our family n i wish i could b just lyk her:P[Hope so!]
Jiayou! Jiayou! to myself!!!^^:P
mai parent oso hope tht i can b de top 10 in class so tht
they no nid to worry bout mai studies!^^
so i now really really muz study veri veri hard liao so tht i won let mai parent down
n can b just lyk mai "idol"[mai jiejie!].
Jie! if euu c tis hor can euu help mi wif mai studies???^^:P
Ai yo i veri fan leh, i like a guy. Don noe whether he noe anot n don noe if he lyk mi leh?=(
he veri tall, kind, quite handsome n cute^^ Don noe wanna tell him tht i lyk him ant leh but tink he noe bout it bahx... haix....????? =(
but mani of mai frenz noe hu i lyk :P so as mai sister^^
i'm so FANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIA..............
Wah!today so angry lor, gt one guy in mai class said mi act cute sia y don he go home drink milk lah said i act cute i oni take pic wif mai fren ma oso cannot meh! siao wan lor!!!!!
Thought he veri handsome meh yucks man!

so angry N sad!

So happy mai fren shiyu gave mi b'day present sia,but den during reading period my fren behind wanna C den few mins later i ask it bk den tio confiscate leh! =(
siao wan lor de teacher oni wanna it bk mai ting oso cannt sia

Den nid aft sch go C tht teacher sia, i go wif mai other 2 fren den de teacher came liao call us to WAIT 30 mins leh sia call her go home drink her mummy milk la CB!!!
den we wait n wait finally liao she call us go to de staff room wif her den tio scolding sia

Mai fren shiyu daddy is a taxi driver n don lyk to wait wan N he from 1.30pm wait till almost 2.30pm sia, den she get scolding lor, i feel veri bad leh C her cry tis is de 1st time i c her cry leh!!
hate tis kind of teacher sia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!