I don really lyk boi tht thought himself veri handsome, cute N guai lor YUCKS! bleah......

haix.... so fan again don noe whether de boi tht i lyk hor lyk mi anot leh ):
few mins a go one of mai fren say she tell de boi tht she lyk him but de boi don lyk her sia ai ya he go home drink cow, sheep n his mother milk la!!!!!!!!!!!!! [so angry roar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] ai ya mai darling fren still can find another more gd den him wan lah^^ nvm wan la, i noe euu do really lyk him haix.... euu n him gt no choice .... don cry la^^......

if euu happy tht i find a er zi 4 euu i can do it bahx....[i tink:P]^^ den euu help mi la^^ but som time i will b shy lah:P BUT I DO REALLY LYK HIM LOR ) : mi oso wan cry liao la!

I gt mani gd frenz especially mai marmie shiyu n mai jiejie fiona^^ :P
i juz now view mai marmie blog she said tht she miss her past, so as mi lor=(

mai marmie feel lyk veri lonely leh i was tinking y she don wanna find a partner, cos she hate some boi bahx... i tink^^
marmie jiayou jiayou hor euu getting guai liao le haha...^^
common test coming liao study hard:P muz past hor! ^^
>>>marmie rox mai life too so as music^^ :p

^^mai other frenz^^>>> Paulyn [lao gong], Ying Jing, Ailing, Jeslyn, lynn, limin^^

I so scared sia cos final year exam coming leh! =( scared will fail lor!!!
now mai studies getting poor lor, i wish i could study hard n pass almost all de subject:P [HOPE SO!]
i some time juz lyk small kid lor every time sasa[silly] de don noe how to do or wat to do, some time ppl around mi said mi stupid but nvm^^ cos i tell myself tht i muz do it[study hard] n let them see!!! bleah....

But said true de hor ppl called mi to help them but some time de more i help de more worst it will b, haix... so y don i don help rite? :P

HAHA... :p

I'm so sad cos i no $$$ to buy tings tht i wan! i wanna buy mai favorite artist album!!!=(
S.H.E latest album>>>PLAY! n de previous album>>>S.H.E*FOREVER^^!!!
Xiaozhu[SHOW] Luo Zhi Xiang new album SPESHOW de blue colour wan inside gt all de SPESHOW songs plus de Ai*Zhuan Jiao!
Princess Jolin concert DVD "Di Cai"!^^N
Nicholas Zhang Dong Liang latest album>>> Wang Zhi
Taiwan: Zhuan Jiao Yu Dao Ai[corner With Love], Wei Xiao Pasta[Smiling Pasta],Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu[Hanazakarino Kimitachilie]!
De most ting tht i wan is MP3/i-pod, i wanna save $$$ n buy all of de tings tht i wan!!^^ :P
I don really lyk mai sch veri much cos veri strict lor!
So irritating n trouble some.
Almost mani of de tings cannot wear sia! Cannot wear ankle sock, ear-ring,
necklace n bracelet.
Cant wear colour socks, clips n rubber band too! n cant put more den one pair of ear-stick.
Nt lyk mai jiejie sch lor so gd sia! almost every ting can wear sia!, lyk ankle sock, ear-ring. necklace n bracelet can oso wear colour socks, clips n rubber band leh sia! wao lao!...
So gd lor, mai jiejie sch everyting can but oni cannot tuck out shirt/uniform n dye hair leh!
i wish i could study de same sch wif mai jie lor!

Last Friday 13 July is mai birthday i'm so happy mai jiejie bought mi a baby PIGLET so as mai marmie[shiyu] bought mi baby EEYORE!
^^They so CUTE^^

But tht day at 6pm+ to 9pm+ gt an Mett de parents session, information on End of year streaming exercise n 2008 sec.3 subject. Mai teacher said tht is veri important so muz go but i didnt. I wif mai family at hougang ,mall eating dinner tht nite n bought a cake too! yummy! :P i love eating cakes^^

When i reached home i den remeber wat if mai form teacher scold mi tht i did nt attend de tok, but on Monday 16 July i went to sch mai teacher said nth den i forgot it. BUT on de nxt day Tuesday 17 July we gt assembly[every Tuesday...] from 1.30pm to 2.30pm n aft assembly we 2T8 class r benn called to go bk to classroom n we went bk, den i suddenly remeber is bout[i tink] de streaming tok.
We were in de classroom n den MISS GOH LEE CHOO de organizer of de streaming tok came in den later followed by our form teacher MR JAMES TAN! we were been punish n oni 5 of mai classmate attend de tok, so on Monday onwards we nid to do CIP for 1 wk i tink.

I had learnt a lesson n i had regretted for nt going to de tok.

Haix...yesterday gt math test leh i don noe how to do mani of de questions leh sia!=(
Aft June holiday mani of mai subject are getting poor,especially MATH!
mai parent always tell mi to work harder n don b lazy, i noe tht i'm lazy sometimes
but i wanna to work more harder just lyk mai jiejie>>> Elaine^^ :P
she's de smartest in our family n i wish i could b just lyk her:P[Hope so!]
Jiayou! Jiayou! to myself!!!^^:P
mai parent oso hope tht i can b de top 10 in class so tht
they no nid to worry bout mai studies!^^
so i now really really muz study veri veri hard liao so tht i won let mai parent down
n can b just lyk mai "idol"[mai jiejie!].
Jie! if euu c tis hor can euu help mi wif mai studies???^^:P

Ai yo i veri fan leh, i like a guy. Don noe whether he noe anot n don noe if he lyk mi leh?=(
he veri tall, kind, quite handsome n cute^^ Don noe wanna tell him tht i lyk him ant leh but tink he noe bout it bahx... haix....????? =(
but mani of mai frenz noe hu i lyk :P so as mai sister^^
i'm so FANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIA..............

Wah! today so angry lor, gt one guy in mai class said mi act cute sia y don he go home drink milk lah said i act cute i oni take pic wif mai fren ma oso cannot meh! siao wan lor!!!!!
Thought he veri handsome meh yucks man!

so angry N sad!

So happy mai fren shiyu gave mi b'day present sia, but den during reading period my fren behind wanna C den few mins later i ask it bk den tio confiscate leh! =(
siao wan lor de teacher oni wanna it bk mai ting oso cannt sia

Den nid aft sch go C tht teacher sia, i go wif mai other 2 fren den de teacher came liao call us to WAIT 30 mins leh sia call her go home drink her mummy milk la CB!!!
den we wait n wait finally liao she call us go to de staff room wif her den tio scolding sia

Mai fren shiyu daddy is a taxi driver n don lyk to wait wan N he from 1.30pm wait till almost 2.30pm sia, den she get scolding lor, i feel veri bad leh C her cry tis is de 1st time i c her cry leh!!
hate tis kind of teacher sia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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