Sister and mum ❤️

Feel bad towards my sister and mum :( they came down to visit me yesterday but keep them waited for quite some time at my living room ... Cause me and hubby are settling the full month stuff so keep them await for some time ...

Meanwhile Jerald is sleeping and same goes to Javier ... They wanted to come in and see Javier, so once almost discussed and done I faster ask them come in but mum came in already haha

Sorry sister and mum ❤️ keep you both wait for some time... I really appreciate when every time you all came to visit me and bought things over :) really thank you all of you so much~ love you all ❤️❤️❤️

Going to have my breakfast now ... Yup almost everyday the same haha! Later I'm going to have one bottle of chicken essence, yesterday forgot to drink it :( so today became like this :(

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