Afternoon ^,^

Good afternoon~ :) it's already 3pm plus now ... Hehe waiting for my parents and sister to visit me ^,^ ❤️❤️❤️

Early in the morning after hubby went off for work, so Jerald was on my bed and then I realize his diapers haven changed ... But it's too late, it over flows and then Kenna my bed ... Till now it's still a little wet hahaha

Just feed Javier, he's sleeping already... Glad that he's sleeping now haha so that I'm able to take a rest too

Today I did massage him more than the past two days, glad that I achieve it :) 寶寶我們一起加油~ ❤️❤️❤️

Hehe chubby chubby Javier ❤️ shower him already :) when I was feeding Javier after shower just now, Jerald was on the bed ... Using iPad and he was leaning on the bed...

Out of sudden Jerald's leg came over and kicks on Javier's head :( I'm so shocked ~ but I can't scold him or even bit but only calm Javier down as he was crying :(

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