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結婚三週年快樂!❤️❤️❤️ Happy Wedding Anniversary ^.^

Time flieeeees ! hehe! Today it's the 3rd year of our marriage ❤️ Just as what hubby says, when Jerald turns how old, our marriage will be the year same as his. Feeling kind of bless and warm hehe!

We really have gone through lots of complications, sometimes Cold War and sometimes bad temper... But we have learnt how to improve ourselves and also understands one another more. Also trying to improve ourselves to be the best for one another, there's more to count on for our marriage~

In this post I would like to thank my hubby, would like to post some message that how thankful I am towards him for supporting the family. Thank you for tolerating my temper, my bad. I don't know how to describe how thankful I am towards you ❤️ really, Thank you! is all what I can say~

HEHE!!! hubby is always so considerate, he asked what I would like to have for today so I say PIZZA HUT! haha but I was afraid that he have nothing interested to eat so I say it's ok we also could go other places…

Saturday! awesome day ❤️

yaaaaay!! once again it's another week of Saturday ❤️ which mean that I could go back to my mama's house with my two boys! gathering with my family and bonding with my two boys haha!

This two boys really giving us a hard time inside the cab while on the way to my mama's house ... I guess Javier learn fro his elder brother hahahaha!

Once again hubby is working graveyard shift since Friday night, wanted to thank hubby for sending me and my two boys back home. Thank you for sacrificing your sleeping time just to send us home no matter what ... Thank you dear dear ❤️

Hehe! randomly I took selfie with Jerald inside the cab ... Jerald expression to me is like "come on~ selfie again!? -_- " HAHA

Once we reach my mama's house is already afternoon time, so I was feeling so hungry as I was doing all the laundry and etc in the morning ... Went to have my lunch at the coffee shop.

haha!!! my hubby is always so funny and cute! he could sacrifice his sleeping time just to send …

My first time cooking Hor Fen

Heeeeellooooo! it's a cooling Friday and TGIF haha! I took the photo of the snail in the morning after brought Jerald to school and on the way back home with hubby ... There's really quite a few of snail all around the area ... Went home to settle my laundry after that ...

After putting the clothes into the washing machine for washing, me and hubby went down to coffee shop and have our breakfast... I have the prawn noodle haha!
After my meal as usual to go back home and busy with my laundry and washing ... just can't stop busying and can't get a rest for a while sighhhhhh! really so so tiring but I can't ask for help because the house is depending on me recently ... 

Taaaadaaaa!!! omgggg I can't believe that this pot of Hor Fen is cooked by meeee~ hahahaha! I'm really a genuine LOL!!! cause it's MIL she's the one who told me how to cook and what to cook, so glad  that I got to learn what to cook and how to cook. Thank you for teaching and the paitience…

Have a wonderful day today!

Hi~ it's Wednesday already... I wake up in the morning and I melted when the minute I saw my beautiful boy sleeping besides me hehehe! Having a hard time to look after two of them alone in the night but I'm glad to do that.

Today Javier will be going for his Therapy appointment at KKH. I do really really hope and praying so hard that we will no longer need to go for the appointment after today. So wish that we will be able to discharge and get an open dates after today.

Guess what!!!!! Baby Javier is really doing good and development progress is so well and smooth too! So baby Javier really no longer need to go for the therapy appointment in future! thank god! God bless~! Gooooood job baby Javier ❤️ yay~

Me and hubby went for our first meal after the appointment ... it's was lunch time haha! I have vegetarian for my brunch and it taste not that bad actually. there's also free bowl of soup hahaha!
Actually me and hubby intended to go SGH and get MIL eye drop medication toge…

2016 Father's Day

hello~ today it's a day for all Father around the world hehe! Happy Father's Day~ it kind of hard to all fathers for supporting the family, their sweats and their energy. May god bless all the Fathers to be more healthier and happier every day!
Yup today hubby brought me and my boys back to my mama house, would like to thank hubby for sacrificing his sleeping time just to send me home. He was working graveyard shift since Friday and Saturday, I did not get the chance to go back home yesterday as there's some relative having wedding ceremony.

Actually I did not plan to go back to my mum's house but my Sister mention that it's Father day why not I bring my boys back and let them have some bonding hahaha! 
Wanted to thank my hubby for bringing me and two boys back to my mum's house, we have our lunch together as well! hehe! 

hehe! my Sister blow bubbles in the kitchen area and my two boys really have so much fun, especially Jerald. Javier is kind of funny actually hah…

It's Saturday, finally I get to post on blog...

hello! it's Saturday night now and I'm posting at this timing because I've settle down all the thing in the house. Finally I've got the time to rest and lie on bed, so tiring haha! 

Also recently I'm watching Cardcaptor Sakura !!! hehe~ I won't get tired of watching it again and again after some period of time... I'm really in love with this anime, I still remember when this anime released I'm still a primary student. 
It also on air in the afternoon and I've got no choice that I'm only able to watch some of the half episode cause I've got extra classes to attend.

MIL after surgery appointment ...

It's a Monday bluuuuuue~ today brought MIL to SGH eye center for her appointment after her eye surgery since last Thursday. Everything's good and looks fine, thank god! MIL was so afraid and worry till she can't really sleep during the midnight. Glad that everything's fine!

Would like to post a throwback of yesterday. I'm glad that I'm still able to cook and settle the house hahahaha! self praise hehe! I cooked mince meat with slices fish porridge, the way MIL cooks as always. I asked MIL how to cook and she thought me, but taste doesn't really taste as good as hers hehe! I'll try my best in future haha~ Jiayouuuu!

Also I stir fried some broccoli, cauliflower, snow peas, vegetarian abalone, prawn and a carrot. Taste good actually haha! self praise again! It's been some time since I stir fried and since I last cook for my family. Pleasure to serve them.

Above photos of Jerald is today when I fetch him home from school ... brought him two packet of rice …