Good night ❤️ 27/08/2015 ^,^

Hello~ ^,^ it's time for bed now hehe I just settle down everything that I wanted to, now I'm on bed already :)

But I think Javier going to wake up soon for his next feeding so I'm still considering whether I should sleep or not haha

Today receive Javier's Baby Bonus Card, the post is here :) The baby bonus cash is $6000 for the second baby haha, but we're unable to get the $8000 :/ hmmm~

Hehe Javier is sleeping soundly ^,^ MUACKS~ ❤️❤️❤️ just now after Javier fall asleep I went to finish my left over dinner ... And then I did something stupid ...

Or I should said I find things for myself to busy with, so stupid to let myself feel so tired end of the day haha

I went to arrange my wardrobe, keep and clear my stuff... I keep all the maternity dress and pants, took out my before pregnancy clothes and etc ...

I spent bout an hour time or maybe less than that? It was 11pm when I'm almost done, so I quickly brush my teeth and floss my teeth... Take water for hubby and then hubby go for shower, after that I'm done with everything and on bed now ^,^

Time is reaching midnight soon ... And it's gonna be Friday :) not sure whether mum and sis will be coming to visit me or not hehe ^,^ tomorrow hubby is off, yeah~ ❤️❤️❤️

Good Night~! ❤️❤️❤️

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