Wao lao tis com hor so de wat lor so as mai bro la don noe download
wat ting lor so lag n slow sia!!!!! so angry lor coz juz now
actually i already almost done mai posting liao lor den don noe wat hor
den close leh!!!!! now muz retype again liao lor )= )= )=

haix.... yeaterday so sian lor gt e-learning dae lorx......
so trouble som sia, I nt really sure wat to do leh den I almost everyting anyhow do lor.
Todae I get scolded by mai CPA teacher mdm yeo she said don noe wat

I nv do de e-learning CPA wan leh den I said i gt do worx.....
she said nv nia!!!!
so angry worx.... she called mi go home do again leh sia
but juz now i go elearn hor i press "homework" hor nth bout

CPA there lor sia n still yet called mi to do lor i rather
drink milk or eat ice-cream lor^^>>>jk jk :P

by den hor gt put in CA2 marks wan lehx )= )= )=

CANT FIND HOW TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AI YO I WANNA CRY LIAO LAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna go c xiaozhu[Luo Zhi Xiang], he is coming singapore leh!!!! on next Friend lor n on saturday he at ps[plaza singapura] worx..... for his "new" album >>Ge Wu Qing Chun (High School Musical 2) I wanna buy tis album oso leh but too bad lor no $$$ ): ): ):
so sad nia!!!
I WAN CRY!!!..................................

Haix...... wish mai mummy let mi n mai jiejie go n c him worx....^^ MWACKS! LOVE XIAOZHU 4EVER!!!^^ MWACKS! MWACKS! MWACKS! :p

Haha so excited leh xiaozhu[luo zhi xiang] is coming to singapore nxt wk leh so wish tht i can go to his concert lor ): ): ):
On 8th August he at ps[plaza singapura] having his concert leh, he so lucky n li hai lor he's de only singer tht is being choose from de HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL manger to sing de chinese verious of de song leh so cool man^^

I wish tht on 8th August i can to ps wif mai fren n go c xiaozhu concert leh^^ MUMMY PLS LET MI GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ): if i can go hor tht means it is mai 1st time seeing him in personal leh^^ haha so happy juz wish tht mai mummy will let mi go lor haix............... so sad!!!!
I WANNA BUY XIAOZHU NEW SONGS CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!....... so happy sia finally mai marmie[shiyu] gt com to sch leh hipeey! miss her so MUCH lor bleah...^^
Todae SO SO SO.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAD SIA ):
Mai marmie[shiyu] nv com to sch leh MISS HER SO MUCH!!! haix...... wish tht mai marmie gt go to sch tomoro haha!

Gt one gd new for her but i don noe whether if its a gd new for her a nt leh lol.....
De gd new is tht she pass her maths common test leh WOW! she so so so smart sia nv study still can passed till so high leh congratez! ^^ feel so happy for mai marmie^^

One veri bad new for mai parent n jiejie leh so sad n angry of myself lor!!! don noe y hor i every time so hard working, concentrating on class don pass any test wan lor. Y i cant b smarter leh ): ): ): ): ): ): WANNA CRY LIAO LA!
Few more wks going to final yrs exam liao leh so scare lor wish can pass english, maths, science leh^^ kampatek to myself bahx..... ^^


Yesterday veri fun sia we have class BBQ in sch leh so fun sia we play water boom haha! all wet sia mai fren lynn, ying jing, paulyn n jacinta pull mi to de changing room toilet n splash water on mi leh coz i'm nt wet, luckily i gt bring extra clothes haha^^

We eat chicken wings, crab sticks, marshmallow, hot dogs, mee hoon, fried rice n potato chips^^ we BBQ de marshmallow leh so delicious lor! haix.... but den mai marmie[shiyu] nv go so ke xi lor!!!
Haix..... todae n 2moro gt common test leh so scared will failed lor, todae is English test leh de close passage hor quite difficult leh ): hope will pass lor ^^

Wao lao 2moro more worst leh is math leh de subject tht i everytime fail wan lor ):
jiayou jiayou bahx.... haha^^

Wish 2T8 pass thier common test^^ :P so as mai korkor n jiejie haha KAMPATEH!!!
Haha! so happy leh yesterday go out wif mai frenz sia so long nv go out wif them liao lor^^ I go wif mai marmie[shiyu], Ailin, lynn n tow other Ailin frenz[bois]! :P Wao yesterday gt some ting happen sia so cool lor haha.... but i promise one of mai fren tht i cant tell haix...... [sry!] We whole day at the PS [Plaza Singapura] walking, play, eat/drink, shopping........... haha so fun lor, yesterday i bout 8pm plus reached home leh i veri scared leh coz i wonder if mai mummy will scold mi a nt! BUT hor so strange lor mai mummy nv nag n scold mi leh OMG! So lucky leh haha^^
WAO LAO! on Thursday so sui sia hate tht idiot sch sia so de............!!!!!!!!!1 bleah...
On every Thursday we gt PE n start from 10pm to 11pm, our usual recess time is 10pm but not Thursday. Den[Thursday] mai whole class evey time during recess we buy food/drinks to de class tht we shouldn't do tht n we use to it liao lor! cos canteen gt three level upper sec so no sits for us to sit n eat lor!

Den mi, mai Marmie[shiyu], baobei Ailin n Fiona jiejie buy food n drinks up to de class to eat/drink, den we walked up de stairs case tht we shouldn't walked on bcos there is a "teacher" her voice sound lyk veri evil. Don noe y she came out from her room lor sia den she saw all de food n drink tht we r holding it den she called us to put de food on de table outside her room leh!

We put down liao den she said alot of rubbish[toking pok! lor], den she said wanna gave up de food or go detention de mai baobei Ailin saids gave up den we oso gave up lor. N still some more call us to go down buy again sia she thought wat, we rich meh our father nt open bank wan leh!!!
wao lao so angry lor! mai $$$ gone liao!! WAT DE HELL LOR TIS SCH!!!!!!!!!!! SO EVIL N STRICT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Den tht day oso gt scolded by our form teacher Mr James Tan cos we had been late for his lesson[maths] bout half an hour[i tink], feel so bad sia ):!

Ai yo so excited leh! haha... coz mai favourite artist[Taiwan] Alan/Show Luo Zhi Xiang(xiaozhu) is coming to Singapore nxt month[I tink]!!! yeah! so happy....^^ I reallyx100000......... veri wish tht i can go to his concert leh coz i nv c all mai favorite artist in personal b4 leh ): so i reallyx1000000.......... wish i can go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ):
Mai parent sure won allow mi to go de haix....... SO SAD SIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So sad todae in sch coz during maths lesson time mai form teacher Mr James Tan called mi n mai marmie[shiyu] to give out some maths worksheet den i give out........ den i reached one of mai classmate "boi A"[sry cant tell de name^^] table he don noe i standing behind him mah meanwhile he playing wif "boi B". "Boi B" wanna bit "boi A" but he siam away n his head[i tink!] knock mai nose sia, WAO LAO PAIN AR!!!!! I cry a bit lah..... veri pain lehx.......!!! ): now still swallow leh! haix.......................... i nv blame him cos it was an accident. but still wanna said one sentence>>> " bois r so childish...... " ^^ :P

Mai bro veri wat leh juz now my mummy told mi tht mai bro wanna tk $$$[$50 i tink so bahx...] out from his bank, mai mummy said to mai bro tht de $$$ is daddy wan nt his. Mai mummy ask him y he wan de $$$ for n he said to mai mummy" y euu wanna ask!". Den y he don wanna tell y he wan de $$$ for!!! BLEAH..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He kept calling mai mummy to go bank wif him haix..... but at de end still nv go! i don noe y..............
Haha...! ps leh tis few days nv post anyting cos nth to post lor, haix.... ):

HAHA!!! todae so happy in sch cos mai marmie[shiyu] gt com to sch leh^^ hooray! :P
finally c her lor ^^ quite a long time nv c her leh......
LOVE her so much sia!!! :P MUACKS! MUACKS! MUACKS!............ hehe!

Haix... common test coming liao leh ai yo no time to play liao so sad ):
jiayou jiayou for common test bahx........

xiiaoyanqq[madgalene] wish:
LOVE 2T8 too! so as all de teacher teaches b4 last yr 1T8 n tis yr 2T8
^^ HAHA! bleah.........^^

Ai yo few days ago mai blog siao siao wan leh tink is de template gt som ting rong bahx.... ^^ Haix... finally leh.... mai blog okie liao haha!!! so happy sia^^ :P don noe ppl hu view mai blog tink nice a not but i noe no change at all but hope is nice lor.... (:

HATE THT F......G BRO lor sia every time tk $$$ from mai daddy lor he so S.....K man, tink wat ar daddy open bank wan meh BLEAH......... go drink milk la euu tis I......T BRO!!!!! Don noe y gt tis kind of bro lor!, thought gt job liao so wat ar haven do de job till 1 mth yet leh said wat[to mai daddy n mummy]" Ai ya till i get salary will return euu de $$$ wan la!......" Ai ya he tok shit la!!!! n som more cheat mai daddy $$$ lor said wat go buy top up card but at de end don noe go buy wat lor n de hp still left $1 plus lor!!!so evil sia!!! he oso don wanna go sch n study lor only noe how to eat n play com games lor!

When he was young hor soooooo GUAI wan lor n oso joke joke wif us de but now.... haix... lyk AH BENG lyk tis leh! he gt gang too! so irrtating when he show attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!! som time scold mi n mai jiejie so as mai parent lor or worst he will throw tings leh, so scary lyk monsters!!!!

ALL mai FAMILY so angry leh, i feel so sad for mai parent they so poor ting lor ): oso feel lyk crying lor!!!!!!!!!!!! I so wish tht i can do anyting to help mai parent n bro lor[tink so as mai jiejie bahx.....] Jiejie wat r we going to do lah!???
Haix.... so sian lor sia coz mai marmie[shiyu] nv com to sch todae lor ): so sad n lonely when she nv com leh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I som time hor.......
she one day nv com to sch hor i tink as lyk she nv com to sch for a few daes lyk tis leh!

WOW.... juz now i view mai marmie blog...........
Haha..... congratez to mai marmie her room finally gt air-con liao HOORAY!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!
She confirm veri happy wan lor sia lyk can celebrate liao le haha.... jkjk^^
Ai yo marmie euu nv ps mi lah n i wish to c euu everyday[weekday] in sch but i can understand la coz euu live at Marsling[nt sure how to spell] ma^^ ....
Marmie if euu don feel lyk wanna com to sch den don com lor sleep at home bahx... hehe!
NUER LOVES EUU MARMIE!!!!! 1314 3344 bleah........ ^^
Ai yo i juz now view mai marmie blog hor she lyk don believe mi tht i find a er zi for her leh n called to target de "flying animal" leh, lols..... haha...... bleah.......

Marmie if euu really wan a er zi hor den i nid to study first lah but den wat if he don accept mi den how??? he veri dao wan lor sia ): but abit scared to tell him leh :P^^
But marmie i don noe if he really does lyk mi leh? :P
Poor marmie her com cant use tio virus sia haix..... so sian lor she nv online....!!!!!
Wao lao juz now tk $$$ from mai parent for de sch don noe wat T-shirt hor get scolded n nagged lor!!!! ): so angry! bleah....

Don noe y hor mai sch almost every time nid to buy tings wan lor or tk $$$ from us wan lor sia!!! they thought we veri rich meh!!! every time buy buy buy wan........... or they thought mai father open bank wan ar!!! they go home drink milk lah don noe any ting wan lor!

So mani $$$ nid to give lor e.g. BBQ $5+$5[2times], Sport Day T-shirt $16, Singapore Discover Central $6[movie]!!! already tell de teacher tht i don wanna watch tht show liao le lor n keep telling mi nvm nvm, tink wat ar mai bag full of $$$ ar no earth $$$ gt hell $$$ wan a not!!!

SO ANGRY!!!!!!!! ): feel lyk crying sia, all de sch fault lah make mi so SAD N ANGRY!!! haix..... mai parent already veri pity liao leh ); i feel so bad lor every time ask $$$ from them leh n some more mai bro hor... haix... don noe how to say him lah );
So Sian lor nxt Friday don hv sch feel lyk gonig out wif mai frenz (marmie[Shiyu] n mai jiejie[Fiona]) !!! :P

Cos veri long nv go out wif them liao le n mai mother veri de.... ai yah don noe how to say lah, is lyk don really lyk mi to go out lor! ): so sad!
Every time I so scared to ask mai mother if i can go out a not cos she will lyk veri angry n ask y nid to go out or go where de lor! haix...
I wish nxt Friday can go out lor^^
I so sad today sia! ):

N i 2nd August nv post anything cos i go to hougang stadium to train for mai running till 6.30pm plus! den reached home liao i go bath, eat den rest awhile den go to sleep bout at 8.35pm plus lor! so tired lor n mai legs veri veri veri pian lor n i bcame "bai ka" liao le!!!

Wao Lao i so scared till i wan to faint liao lor cos i scared i n mai fren will lose, when going to start liao i so nervous lor!!!!!! lol...... den i almost sprain mai right leg ankle but luckly i reached mai fren liao i pass her de baton but mai right leg ankle gt sprain a little bit lor! ):
SO PAIN LOR!!!!!! but now feeling a little bit better liao ^^ :P
hope tht i will recover soon leh^^

I'm veri happy cos i n mai frenz r in de 2nd n wish we will go in to de final!!!^^ JIAYOU! JIAYOU! haha.....

<<<[de person hu stole mai lao gong $$$] Mai lao gong today so ke lian[pity], she lost her $$$ again sia tis is de 2nd time liao!. she said tht is during last period[maths lesson] lost de, but i don tink so lor should B de previous period CPA[Computer Applications] lesson lost de lor! haix... mai ke lian de lao gong ): n she cried in class lor, so sad i almost wan to cried oso sia!

Gal A n gal B[ sry cant tell their name:P] mai classmate ying jing n mai lao gong in a conversation den gal A heard her name was being said by mai lao gong tht she thought mai lao gong said tht her $$$ is gal A stole de den mai classmate ying jing said tht mai lao gong nv said bout gal A, den mai lao gong n gal A quarrel till Mr james Tan[mai form teacher] veri veri angry n shout at de hold class. [mai lao ke lian de lao gong]>>>>>

Mr Tan check gal A n gal B bags n pocket, finds nth teacher said sry to mai lao gong tht he cant find her $$$ aft tht they quarrel again n den suddenly "BOTH OF EUU SHUT UP!!!" shouted by mr tan ): haix..........
mai poor lao gong ): don noe hu de IDIOT N C.B ppl stole mai lao gong $$$ hope de person will gt retribution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haix... yesterday go Singapore Discovery Central so mani tings happen sia so sad ):
boi A n boi B split salivas at each other den boi B wallet lose, boi A thought boi B tink tht is boi A stole boi B wallet[understand? lol...]. [poor boi B cant his wallet]

Den went up to bus on de way going bk to sch boi A went to boi b sits n wanna fight wif him, den mai teacher Mr Adrian Tan stop them n he veri veri veri angry lor!
haix... poor Mr Tan......

Sia lah one more ting i oso veri angry lor.... teacher lah nv tell us tht c de movie nid $6 reach there den say or else i won c wan lor den i can stay at home watch mai xiaozhu>>Luo Zhi Xiang on Yu Le Bai Fen Bai [100% Entertainment] at 5pm^^ WASTE MAI TIME GO THERE! bleah......

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