안녕히 저녁때~ ^-^

LOL! I'm still in 샤이니 세계! 오모!!!~ _ ㅋㅋㅋ~~~ They're just so cute and nature haha! Nature in... they're not Affectation hehe!~ =D That's one of the reason I love them =P Hmmm~ yesterday went for Kidney appointment LOL! I'm like going there really only see the doctor huh!~? haha! Actually I'm gonna do urine test but I've mensuration some more its the first day, WHAT! -_-!!! So for safety they cancel but postpone to my upcoming diabetes appointment which is on the 8th Decemeber. SO~ it really gonna be a tired and busy day issshhh~ hmmm~ poor 암마 gonna go with me!

Nowadays I started to have interest in "Se7en 세븐" LOL! haha~ His new songs "I'm Going Crazy" 오모!!!!~ The MV female actress is actually 세븐 여자 친구! O.O "박한별/Park Han Byul" she's so beautiful! wwaa~~aahh~~ *_* ㅋㅋㅋ~ ㅎ_ㅎ They really match each other! awwww~ so sweet and envious haha! lols~ =P

안돼!!!!~ 현정 오빠! He's coming 싱가포르! and the day is TO-MOR-ROW!!! T~T I wanna meet him!!!! issshhhhhhhh~~~~~~~~~! He's coming for the tour of Faceshop as spokesperson *sigh!~* Can't get the chance to meet him yucks!!!!~ hate it T~T

" 행복한 2천번째 일 ! ~ 더블에스 오공일 ^-^ 축하해 ! 오빠제 ~ 사랑해 =) "

- 黃鴻昇 生日快樂喲!!!~ ^-^ [생일 축하합니다~] -

O-M-G!!!!~ Can't watch "Mnet Asian Awards" hmmm~ maybe I could only watch the part 2 show *sigh~* better than can't even watch haha! Today work till 5pm and yesterday I rush to go out sfter my work, which ends at 3pm. Really miss going out wiht friends! love them so much haha! Humans really can't live without love HAHA! =P lols~ ...

Tomorrow afternoon gonna go for kidney appointment, kinda of worried LOL! don't know why so hopes everything gonna be okay or even get better =)
파이팅!~ ^-^
Eileen 자기야 finds me when I've end work and also when I'm resting lol!~ haha... happy to see her =D She's my everything =P muahahahaha!~ oops~ =P hehe! We went for walk and small small~~~ shopping =S

So sad!!!!! can't go see 현정 오빠 T~T Counting down 4 more days... he's coming SG !!! *sigh*
I can't wait for 정민 오빠 solo album!!!! not sure when it's gonna release isshhh~~~~ haha! But I'm more excited bout SS501 comback next year!!!! 오모~~~ Feel like crying T^T
In my heart... " SS501/더블에스 오공일 & SHINee/샤이니 " are the best korean male bands ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ~~~ 최상의! 우리 오빠!~~~ 사랑해 ^-^ can't stop loving them everyday! lols~~ =P

hmmm~ I'm really gonna have to decide soon~ what course I'm gonna take next year! feel so hopeless issshhh~ T^T What course should I take!? 어떡하죠!? 한숨~ .... hmmm~ or should I said what course I'm interested with haha! =P LOL! I think I'm not watching Mnet Awards =x
Nowadays I finds 2AM songs were very nice! =D started to love it but too bad that I only likes/loves their songs =P oops~ hehe! no offence =x

난 곧 자겠는데 Z_z
잘자요 ~ ♥
안녕~ ^^
안녕히 저녁때~

오모! 안돼!!!~ 평화~~~~~ 제발!!! T~T
No war please! so sad~ my hearts hurt~ so sad to see the situation of korean now! Hope's that everything really gonna be real fine! ... Due to that mostly all of the singer, entertainment show have STOP! isssssshh!!!!~ =X

Actually 솔비 she's a wonderful singer and she's pretty enough! I don't know why she went for plastic surgery, it's a pity! She do really looks pretty and cute before plastic surgery! But I still love the way she is now hehe~ Really miss her, hope she do comeback fast =D
언이!~ 사랑해 =)

P.S [ comeback 가능한 한 빨리 괜찮아?! ^^ ]

Today's work~ .... O-M-G!!! can seriously find dead bodies on the store haha! Nah~ just describing how hard we crew and [some] managers works for it! We worked so hard and have no goods for it LOL! 하하~ 진짜고! =S
Sometimes really finds the work torturing but I really enjoy the fun most of the time ^^ Also have to depend who I'm having fun with hehe!~ =P I kinda of love working this job BUT! hehe!~ if I could find a job that I'm seriously wanted to work with, it will be the most happiness thing ever hehe~ =P people who knows me well knew what I wanna work for~ ... LOL! *shy~~~*

내일 비번 날!!! 만세~~ =P ㅋㅋㅋ~ ^-^
Maybe gonna have outing with Kimberly 언이~ 보고 싶었어!!!!!~ Really missed going out with her haha! ^-^ but she said will comfirm with me asap -_-!!! haha! hmmm~ if not I'm gonna stay at home cause I ran out of money too =P LOL!
I'm gonna edit my blog pics soon =D

안녕~ 나는 잘거야!
김현정 싱가포르에 온다!!!
[Info] TheFaceShop Singapore release Kim Hyun joong's schedule [CLICK! CLICK!]
SAD! I don't get it why mostly all korean artist came to singapore we, Fans have to pay so much cash to get close or chance to see their idols!? *sigh~~~* The budget was seriously scary T~T $180 - $250!? or even more!? lol~ .... "슈퍼주니어" concert tickets are only two prices... I've really no words to said -_-!!! So sad~ can't get to meet 현정 오빠~~~~ 안돼! T~T
Kim Hyun Joong to release solo album next year + interview [CLICK! CLICK!]
So It's true that SS501 doesn't have any comeback next year!? T~T
진짜요!!! =D I can't wait!!!!~ 박정민 new solo album hehe!~
Park Jung Min reveals album tracklist + MV teaser photos [CLICK! CLICK]

오모~ today weather is seriously scary!!! now's raining heavily! O-M-G!!!!!~ Thunder some more MAMA!!!!~ lol! Nowadays weathers really weird huh!~? *sigh~* Morning were the sun were soo~ big, now!? Rain so heavily O.o!!!? Morning went to avenue 8 for breakfast with Elaine 언니 ^^ After that went Hougang to buy 삼푸 haha! I've knew a new word today "삼푸" = Shampoo! =D lol!
진짜고!!!~ 정말 너무 피곤 해요!!! @_@ I'm seriously T-I-R-E-D!!!~
My body is getting weak... lol~ *sigh*

I've been working almost the whole week~
16th - 21st November, only 15th to rest at home T~T I feel like my body gonna break down any soon haha! Yesterday I went out after work, rush home and wash up. Went to Orchard for Sean birthday surprise/celebration =) We've thought of the surprise two weeks ago, I'm so looking forward to it haha! There are total 5 of us, Me, MeiHui, ShiYu, Sean & Jason ^^

The planning was seriously awesome and successful! =D I seriously did have lotssss~ of fun haha! I enjoyed soooo~~~~~ MUCH! XD The most interesting thing is the Ice Cream Cake LOL!!!!!! Birthday boy can't cut the cake down don't even said cut through haha! We celebrated at Lucky plaza Pizza Hut but the cake we bought from swensen -_-!!! At first two weeks before we thought of celebrating at swensen cause we buying the cake from there BUT! at the end when the day's here, change the venue to Pizza Hut lol!!!! so busy huh!?~ haha!

The 3 of us were kinda like rushing, MeiHui ended her lesson and went straight down! plus me ended work rush down too! OMG!~ TIRED~ haha! BUT! fun!!! hehehe~~~ =P
Oh ya~ the pizza hut staff they put the cake inside the freezer HAHA! BRAVO~~~ XD No wonder can't cut the cake HAHA!

hmmm~ Just came back for SGH not long ago! Company mama for eye check appointment, *sigh~* gonna have another eye lazer on 3rd December gosh!~ cost $296 WOAH!!!!~ nice shot! .... I can't stop yawning while waiting to see doctor with my mum LOL! Really tired and sleepy T~T

later gonna go out with Eileen 자기야~ ^^ so~... that's all for today =D
안녕~ ^-^
I'm so sleepy and tired T~T some more I'm in pain now! Sob~ Sob!~ T~T Actually I end work at 5pm but Terence let me off early, Thanks!~ plus today I late half an hour for work oops~ Terence said that Boss gonna kill me haha! But I'm not purposely to late for work! Anyway~ *sigh~* I don't know what happening to my body/health!? Started to feel pain since the day before! Hope that nothing serious thing happen on me lol!

Today I've quite enjoy on work, cause I'm in kitchen =D hehe! I love to work in kitchen! Its really makes me happy, actually counter front was fun too BUT! have to depend who's there =P This few days have so many attachment crew, I'm seriously pissed off on them. Although every McDonald procedure are the same BUT! they just won't communicate with you!? 뭐라고!? O.o hmmm~ since I end early~... forget it then =P
Finally~~~~ it's my turn to use com muahahahaha!!!~ =D
Bro just went back to camp, OMG~ I'm soooo~ sleepy Z_z lol! really have to sleep early @_@ Have been working this few days, so tough!!~ *sigh!~*
I can't wait to see 100% Entertainment, SHINee episode!!!!! hehe~
Reply to EILEEN 자기야~ ♥♥♥
[ post on Thursday, Novemeber 11, 2010 ]
Appreciation at 10:35 PM -

" LOL! when you became so mushy, oops~ =P hehe~ Time really fly fast... haha~ 7 years... We've spent 7 years together, It's a best memories in my life! I feel so happiness when I'm with you! NO!~ I should said... I'm happiness to have you in my life!~ Between us, there's no " Thank You" & "Sorry" so~ do remember I will always and forever be there for/with you ^^
( 24/7, From Monday to Sunday Night~ )

* My door will always open for you! My hugs will always give you the warm you need! Our tears will make us live stronger together! All the secrets that we've shared will never separate us! Your laughter and smiles brighten my day! Your happiness...... IS ME!!!!~ XD
+ Our friendship~ our promises~ our secrets~ Our Heart~ will stay together till our last breathe ... "

♥ 안녕히 주무셨어요~ Z_z *yawn!!!~~~~* LOL! haha~ =P
still the same! wake up by my parent! 아~ 진짜고!!!!~ Feel that I'm gonna die of tiredness soon! ... @_@ Feel like banging my head to the wall so that I can rest well HAHA! lols~ -_-!!! *sign~* today no work!? YEAH!!!~ funny yah~ boss said 12th to 21st help her work O.o!??? no idea~ hehe! 좋아~ ㅋㅋㅋ~~~
Claudia 엄마 go oversea with her family, I will miss her yah!!!!~ ♥ Can't wait for her to be back haha~ cause we have some exciting and interesting event that we gonna held and sure will have lots of fun! =D Oh ya!~ yesterday when I work I burn my hand T~T Early in the morning~ I hate hasrhbrown NOW!!!! hehe~ =P But I still love eating that haha! lols~...

ahhh~ I want that magazine!!! T~T I'm so happy~~~~ SHINee's number ONE!!!~ hehe!

SS501 뉴스~ !!! [CLICK! CLICK! click on it =P]
- SS501’s Park Jung Min reveals childhood photos
- Kim Hyun Joong talks about the impact of Youtube on the Hallyu wave on CNN
- Kim Hyun Joong wins the ‘Best Dresser Award’
- Gong Hyun Joo to appear in project drama with SS501’s Park Jung Min

Random 뉴스~ HAHA! [CLICK! CLICK! click on it =P]
- New still cut of Shin Se Kyung’s transformation revealed
안녕히 주무셨어요 ...
OMG!!!! I can't stand it anymore!!!! I feel like I'm really gonna die sooon -_- LOL! Can't stand my mama~ T^T she wakes up early in the morning EVERY SINGLE DAY! to clean stuff and seriously soooooo! noisy gosh!!!~ I can die soon~ @_@ I'm seriously tired Z_z
I really thought and wanna turn in BUT! seriously I can't and meanwhile I'm hungry oops~ so I decided to wake up *sign~* I gonna eat 김치라면 and roti prata soon!!!! for my breakfast ㅋㅋㅋ~~~ yummy!!!!~ =D

Now I seriously don't know what attitude my mother is giving towards me and my sister!? The minute she came back from hougang mall, opens the door we ran up to her and she was cold to us! she kept quiet, we both don't know why and just eat our breakfast. Afterwards she stares at me for nothing of cause I will be angry, I really hate people giving me attitude with NO REASON!!!!!~ HATE IT!

Me and my sis were worried at first so my sister went up to her and ask who bully her or something!? She shouted at my sis!? HELLO~~~!!!!! what the hell she want!?
both of us cried.... we were seriously worried! but what we get!? scolded!? huh!~~~~? if something really happened why she don't wanna share with us!? we used to do that isn't it!?
*sign~* ho!~~~ 진짜고!!!~

Later gonna meet Claudia 엄마 exciting program that we gonna held on the 21st haha! =D
안녕히 주무셨어요~
Today was quite a smooth day for me but still gonna said the same thing~ " I'm Tired!!!~ " LOL! haha! =P I'm tired everyday~ ... Sister said I've lose weight, which I ask her bout it oops~ =P hehe!~ But not really that obvious! I wanna slim down just like what I'm before!~ *sign* lols~ haha! FIGHTING!~ =D

I've read newspaper got 현정 오빠 news! hehe! He gonna come during end of the year. BUT! not sure whether is true, oops~ hehe! cause there was once a news said that he gonna come on the June but in the end, no shadow of it lols~ haha! So!~ really hope this time will be the real news haha! Think Eileen 자기야 will be crazy of it muahahaha~ =P

what the hell is going on!~~~~ @_@ I can't settle my blogskin!!! gosh! T^T lols...... hmmm~ I still have my dance to learn! NO TIME for me~ to do my stuff~ sob~ sob!~ *sign*

샤이니 뉴스~ !!! [CLICK! CLICK! click on it =P]
- Netizens think Minho & Suzy look good together
- SHINee’s Minho to make acting debut in “Pianist”
- Onew’s cute ‘apple hairstyle’ charms fans

SS501 뉴스~ !!! [CLICK! CLICK! click on it =P]
- Shinsadong Tiger reveals photo of Park Jung Min’s album jacket photoshoot
- Preview image of Super Junior and Kim Hyun Joong on CNN
- SS501’s Heo Yeong Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong to go on Asia fan meet tour

Random 뉴스~ HAHA! [CLICK! CLICK! click on it =P]
- Goo Hye Sun poses with ‘little Kim Hyun Joong’
안녕히 주무셨어요~ ^^
*sign* I wake up quite early Z_z hehe~ cause I've been sleeping very early this few weeks haha! Got called from Eileen 자기야~ she doesn't sounds that ok!? *worried & heart pain*
But I notice that she was crying!? O.O But she told me that she's tired -_- lols~ So later I'm going Tampines at around 12.45pm plus!
오모!!! T~T I wanna give her a hug! My heart really hurts!~ to see/hear her cry! I so wish that she won't have any sad or things that kept bothering, thats really made me sad too! I wish I could have her share so that she could have a happy life =3

Last Friday actually I thought of using com before my bro came back from army but he came back as early as I thought -_-!!! sob~ sob~ So!~ I've to wait till the new week....
Weekend I've been working, yesterday I have an interesting schedule LOL! only 2 hours of working O.o~ haha!

Nowadays I found that Facebook was actually quite boring oops~ =P hehe!~ BUT! if you miss one day of viewing Facebook you will definitely REALLY MISS news that you're curious with ermmm~ I mean those fan pages!? They upload idols news and stuff right!? haha! so~ Just a moment ago my sis told to view 종형 news! OMG~~~~~ I hate myself! for not viewing Facbook first before Blogger [lols! =P] haha!

! Information from: Facebook fansite of SHINee Kim Jonghyun ♥ !
During SHINee's fanparty in Taiwan on the 7th, they performed 10 songs, including solo songs from each member.

"After his performance the fans were yelling encouraging words in Korean
to him as well. Jonghyun immediately lowered his head and turned to the
side taking a deep breath before saying thank you to the fans.
Afterthat, was the last song Hello. when he raised his head, the fans
realised that he was crying. The fans started crying too. Minho was
patting his shoulder and consoling him and the members were helping
Jonghyun sing his parts because he was crying so hard. When he managed
to sing a stanza in the middle, the whole place roared in support for
him. at the end after the MC asked if he had anything to say, he gave
the fans a deep 90 degrees bow."

Makes me so sad to see him cry ):
They had banners that said, "Jonghyun, we'll stay by your side". ]

나도 울고 싶어!~ T^T 블링블링 종형 오빠!!!!~
당신은 사랑하고 항상 당신을 영원히 지원 ♥♥♥

*sign* I can't settle my blogskin!~ T^T haha! have to be patience for myself lol!
Claudia 엄마 going oversea with her family in few days time, I will definitely miss her =P
haha! really hope she can take this chance to enjoy and relax herself there =)

안녕~ ^-^
LOL! I've been viewing allkpop web almost for more than half an hour -_- haha~ wake up at nearly 8 in the morning what the hell!!!~ T^T I wanna sleep! Been wake up by my mum!!!!~ ARHHHHH~~~~ she's the only one that wakes me up every!~ single!~ day! oh gosh~ I want peace! T^T haha~ no choice! better than an empty, silent home hehe~ right!? =)

Morning I went to avenue 8 and buy mcdonale breakfast deluxe home! ho~~ 맛있는! ㅋㅋㅋ!~ Seriously full! =P I bought one share for my elder sister too =) Plus I thought that we could eat with fun cause my mum went out for her shopping day [she does it every single day! =P ㅋㅋㅋ!!!~] but when the moment I'm prepraed to go out she called home -_- lols~ But I went out with no thoughts haha~ Reaches home, she was being crazy haha! two words to describe bout my mum "미친" & "귀여운"~ 진짜! -_-

I'm so sleep! tomorrow still have work... 아이고~~~ seriously gonna have my noon nap later on hehe~ but my blogskin still not done yet *sign~* lols..... I'm suddenly interested in watching "우리 결혼했어요" [We Got Married] again! haha! I've view quite numbers of the previews and is kinda interesting!? hmmm~ find some day to watch it again ^0^ oh ya~ I wanna watch "강한 심장" [Strong Heart] too! hehe~ =D

Oh gosh! I'm so busy with all these dramas show! LOLs~ haha! =P But I love it soooo~ much! ^^ hehe~ I'm curious bout 서인영 [Seo In Yeong] comback stage on this mid month hehe!~ =) Love the previous song so much! "사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다" [Love is bitter, Pain is calling]!~

I've watch 황보 [Hwang Bo] new released single "아직난예쁜다" [Still Beautiful], the mv was such and amazing and cool! wow! O.o hehe~ =P I love the song too =D
I'm so happy for 샤이니 that they FINALLY gonna held their FIRST SOLO CONCERT!!!!!!! 오모~~~ 정말! T^T my tears coming out! ㅋㅋㅋ~ 진짜 행복한! ^0^ But I don't think they will come singapore to held their concert~ hmmm~ but really hope they will T^T Why I said they will not!? cause that time SS501 was having their tour concert but singapore was not listed. I think 샤이니 was not having an tour concert so~~~ better don't put too much hope on them coming singapore haha! oops~ =P
샤이니 오빠~ 축하해! ^^

샤이니 오빠~ 파니팅! 사랑해 =3
하하! I'm back ㅋㅋㅋ~ Just eaten my dinner, 오모! T^T I'm seriously full X_X regretted eat so much hehe~ @_@ LOL! hmmm~ I'm still fixing my blogskin ^^ think will complete by tomorrow, hope so yah! =P Today I don't know what happened to me DOTS!~... seriously no mood in working plus I'm kinda of tired and sleepy so some people thought I've got scolded or etc cause my face was kinda fierce haha! ai yo~ =P But I survive till end of my shift muahaha! oops~ =P

I just now view my facbook and still digging of 종형 news bout his relationship with 신세켱... *sign!!!~* I'm seriously jealous! haha~ nice want 종형! =) hmmm~ actually I'm still in doubt whether the news are real or make up storys cause I've seen some post of it saying that is a fake!??? O.o haha! no matter is it real or fake I really hope that they could find their true love since they never date before ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!!!~ isn't it cute!~ ^0^ they're so young and yet never date before woah!!!~ haha! =P

I also really think that fans could understand their idol! =) They're humans too! Just that they are way too lucky to have sooo!~ much people around the world can't stop loving them haha! right!? so as their every action or etc will be caught on media, kinda of poor thing! T^T They can't really have their own privacy plus schedule that are FULL till they have no much time to be with their family! *sign~* ....
So no matter what happened, or the world end is here, we! fans will always support and love our idol! BUT! don't forget bout friends and family ^^

gonna continue with my new blogskins~ ^^
안녕! ^^
I'm seriously loving the new blogskins, I like it so much hehe~ Please look forward for my new fresh blog ㅋㅋㅋ!!!~ =D
안녕!~ ^^
Today it's the first day of November~ 하하! Time really do fly fast...
Weekends I've been working and yesterday was a worst day! 진짜~ Poor Kimberly! she's too kind and people kept taking for granted of her! She's the best manager I've EVER had!
ㅋㅋㅋ~ 널! 사랑한다~~ ^-^

Later gonna go Plaza Singapura [again!~] with my elder sister -_- We gonna have lunch there ㅋㅋㅋ~ I was thinking of eating Burger King and she thought of Mcdonale, cause she feels like eating Spicy lol!~ haha! hmmm~ this month 12th I'm gonna go for the hygenie course and 15th gonna have the test... early in the morning Z_z
12th will be at near TanJong Bagar!? 15th is woodlands 아!!!!~ 진짜고 T^T

I'm still not done with my blogskin sob!~ sob!~
파아팅 =)

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