Happy belated Birthdae to Fiona jiejie^^

Haha! yeaterdae so fun lor mi, mai marmie[shiyu], lynn, ying jing, ailin and fiona we all aft sch quickly go cp[compass point] leh coz we wanna buy b'dae present for fiona but den lynn already bought for her le so the rest of us share $$$ and buy lor^^

I called lynn and ying jing bring fiona go to mac sit first den the rest of us go mini toons buy present, we actually wanna buy bugs bunny de by den the bugs bunny nt really de cute and soft mah so we but the cute tortoise with ribbon wan lor^^
The mini toons member hor rape the present till so big worx... den she giv us the plastic more big sia LOL...!!!

Den we wait for 10 to 13 min for the member to rape the present aft tht we go find them at mac lor. We walked towards them quietly and we hide the present behide us haha so funny lor^^
den we scared fiona coz we wanna giv her surprise mah! she a bit ps lor when she take the present ^^ so cute! haha....

I noe is a bit late la but only one dae late only mah, I still wanna wish Fions JieJie>>>
HAPPY BIRTHDAE!!! [belated] ^^

Haix.... exams coming le worx! nxt wk sia!!! muz chiong liao lor^^ Wish 2T8, mai jiejie Elaine, mai frenz, mai best best fren Eileen can pass thier exams with FLYING CLOURS!!!! ^^

Xiiaoyanqq [madgalene] SUPPORT euu all !!!!!! ^^
Wao Lao todae so angry sia tht teacher lor feel lyk scolding her bk!!! during PE lesson time coz i sick ma no energy to play games mah den she sitting at de stage there and she saw mi sitting at a corner den she com towards mi.

She called mi stand up worx! den i almost no energy to stand lor but still try to stand and some more mai stomach verix100 de pain sia!!! den she tok to mi de attitude hor quite fierce lor den I don hv so much energy to stand liao mah and yet she wanna mi to ans her den i cry lor =(
she said tht she nt scolding mi worx she tht kind of
attitude so de fierce lor!!!
she no hearts wan lor if gt hor is black wan lor bleah...

Ai ya don tok bout tht idiot teacher liao la so angry lor make mi cry again in sch veri PS wan leh!!!
hate tht sch sia so bad wan!!!!!!!!!!

Haix..... I feel quite bad now lehx coz I spread to mai [real] mummy and bro now ai yo , how ar? =(
korkor, mummy ps leh !:P

But veri happy worx coz juz now sleep aft tht wake up feeling more better liao^^
and still gt one more reason tht i feeling better is tht i todae gt go sch den I see all mai frenz den i feeling much much better!!!^^
special thx to>>> mai marmie[shiyu], darling lynn, mai laogong[paulyn], funny ying jing, cutie ailin, caring jeslyn, helpful and som 2T8 bois^^

Haha!^^ tomoro is mai Fiona jiejie b'date. Mi, mai marmie[shiyu], darling lynn and funny ying jing discussing how to help her celebrate lor den we tok here tok there in class still haven decide yet ai yo^^ they so cute sia! haha...

But I tink we going to buy a bugs bunny bear bear for her lehx coz she lyk and we actually wanna buy cake wan by den mi and darling lynn don hv so much $$$ so we decided nt to buy lor haix... but I feel lyk eating cakes worx! haha :P


Ai yo veri ps leh yesterday in sch cry again =( don noe wat happen lor morning feeling okie wan lor den aft recess liao den go bk to class for our ss lesson den started to feel veri ill. Feel lyk vomiting lor den i went to de wash room bout don noe how mani times worx, feeling veri de nt well sia!!!

I vomit bout 3 to 4 times yesterday YUCKS! veri disgusting sia!!! now feeling a bit better liao ^^ haha so happy but i don noe whether 2moro PE lesson can play a nt leh? haix..... so trouble some!!!

Todae nv go sch haha I tink mai marmie nv go sch oso bahx!.... arrrrrrrr.......... now stomach veri pain worx!!!!!!
Now only mi n mai bro alone at home, he sleeping sia lyk pig ^^ jk jk! haix later still nid to wake him up to go sch at 10.30.

Thx all mai frenz^^ i love euu all, euu all so gd. I oso wanna thx some of mai bois frenz in 2T8 euuall care bout mi too! :P ^^ haha...

gtg le bb^^
nxt time den post bahx!!! ^^
Haix.... in sch again liao sia! haha long time no post liao haha finally todae gt chance to post le ^^ coz at home hor nid study for de coming exams mah n mai bro don wanna let mi use com !!!

Now CPA lesson worx haha ai yo mai marmie[shiyu] nv com sch again leh =( so sad lor!!!
i tink mai marmie at home sleeping bahx or mayb now she using com worx^^ bleah.....

AI YO class veri noisy leh!!! cant stand it lor!

MWACKS! LV mai marmie, lao gong n al mai darling frenz!!!!^^ haha...
Haha so happy finally finish mai fren blog liao ^^ don noe whether they lyk it a nt leh??? hope bah!

On friday aft sch i go hougang mall wif mai fren fiona den we gt up to de bus no.89 den we walk up to de 2nd floor I saw mai pri. sch best fren eileen leh^^ haha den I sit wif her lor. Mai fren fiona sit wif lynn coz lynn took de same bus wif us too but she nv go hougang mall la....

I ask eileen if she wanna go wif us den she said sure den we three happily walk walk lor haha but hor i ps fiona leh coz mai fren mum work at NTUC mah so she wanna go find her mum lor by den nid to wait a while la den I ask fiona if she wanna go 1st den she said okie leh =(
I feel so bad worx!!!

Mi n eileen go eat mac den we two walk up walk down, go in tis shop go in tht shop den at last she wan go library read story books so we go in lor, we sit at a corner read books, take photos ^^ haha!
I miss her veri much worx!^^ we having lots of fun tht dae^^

By den i miss mai marmie[shiyu] veri much oso leh nv com to sch wan haix..... so sianz worx she nv com to sch!!! Final Yr exam coming liao ai yo muz chiong liao le haha^^

Haix..... wao lao so sianz lor now in sch sia! mai marmie[shiyu] nv com to sch worx.... but nvm la tink she veri tired bahx...^^

Now CPA lesson nia teacher so naggy lor bleah....
gtg le bb nxt time den post bah...^^

MWACKS! LOVE 2T8 haha...^^

) : SO ANGRY!!! ) :

WAO LAO tadae first dae of sch make mi so angry and bui song sia!!!

Coz todae during recess time mi n mai fren go buy food to eat wat den we bout 10 mins to wait mai other two of mai fren Ailin and Paulyn[laogong] queuing behide us. Den we buy hao le accept lynn den mi and mai marmie[shiyu] go behind and wait for her lor den how i noe de queue so long till cant go through sia so i tink walk pass Ailin and Paulyn lor.

Den they play play don wanna let mi go pass them den push here push there den knock till one Tamil gal holding wif plate lor. And noe wat a nt SHE SCOLD MI VULGARITIES LEHX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Den mai laogong[Paulyn] shout at her" EUU SCOLD HER FOR WAT SHER NT PURPOSELY WAN RITE!!!" so touch sia help mi scold her

wao lao so angry worx!!! she go drink her mother milk la don noe li mao de bleah!!!

one more tingis tht during art lesson means after recess time lah de teacher hor veri de guai lan sia, confiscate mai maths notes book worx!!! by de way i don noe wat she wans us to do wat so i use tht book to draw lor! ) :

SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'hv GONE CRAZY!!! AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO HAPPY SIA^^ haha....... todae go out wif mai "gan"-jie and one more gal we go ps[Plaza Singapura] to see>>> XIIAOZHUU LUO ZHI XIANG!!! his signature concert haha^^

He so HANDSOME, CUTE AND COOL worx!!!:P so happy sia tis
1st time seeing him in personal leh!!!!!!!! ahh....
going siao liao le
! at there hor i saw mai fren
lehx>> Ailin wif her sis and frens bahx I tink.

Haix..... but a bit ke xi leh no $$$ to buy de High School Musical
album or else can give
xiiaozhuu sign leh! ):
but nvm la can see
him I a
ready veri happy liao
^^ haha......

The more happy one is tht mai uncle wanna bring mi go see xiiaozhuu concert lehx, 12 Dec 2007 worx....... still nid to wait. Mai uncle said tht muz get gd result for mai end of yr exams den can go....... so...... jia you! jia you! bahx.....^^ haha!
AH!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha! sch going open liao worx can see mai marmie[shiyu] le and all mai frenz^^ MISS THEM SO MUCH SIA!!!!! don noe whether they gt miss mi a nt leh, joking la^^ :P
LV mai marmie sia so as all of mai
frenz lah! and of coz XIIAOZHUU LUO ZHI XIANG^^!

Holiday so sianz worx........ cannt see mai frenz nia ):
I miss 2T8 sia haha^^ I miss mai marmie[shiyu] leh!!!!!!!!!
so as lynn, ailin, jeslyn, ying jing, mai lao gong paulyn and mai nuer too jolyne ^^....... mani more^^ :P

Haix.... Final yr exams coming liao still gt 5 to 4 wks left ai yo muz work hard liao worx!!!
>>>2T8 KAMPATAE! JIA YOU! JIA YOU! for de coming exams^^ haha......<<<

SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHA! coz mai uncle yesterday called mi n ask mi whether i wanna go see xiiaozhuu yan chang hui lehx........ haha! of coz i said wan lah :P so I end of year exam muz work veri veri hard liao worx^^....


But I wanna buy his new album but don noe if Singapore gt sell a nt leh haix..... ):

So sad worx!!! on saturday go out wif mai marmie[shiyu], Lynn, Ailin, Jacitha^^ when I reached home is almost 9pm liao den gt scolded by mai [real] mummy )=
Mai mummy veri angry leh and said tht i cant go out wif mai frenz liao leh )= )= )= )= SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!
But mai daddy nv scolded mi worx^^ he juz asked mi if i hv eaten or bath liao mah!^^

Mai mummy scolded mi is bcoz i told her tht i will b home at bout 7pm plus but I haix......
Actually i can reached home by tht time de coz we at Bugis wat den at bout 6.55pm hor mai frenz Ailin and Jacitha they said they wanna go home den I told them i go homw wif them too lor. but den if we three go liao hor left lynn and mai marmie[shiyu] worx.....

Lynn said'Huh! den wat bout mi? I go home alone ar!"[face veri angry]
Marmie said" I oso go home alone wat^^"
Den????[4gt wat they said liao]

Den in mai heart I tink tht haix.... nvm la i company lynn go home bahx.... mai marmie and lynn go home lor coz mai marmie[shiyu] wanna go eat liao den go home. Mai poor marmie live at marsling[nt sure how to spell:P], at bout 7.15pm plus we go home.

Den we[mi and lynn] walked bout 15 mins to find de bus-stop haix.... and nid bout an hour to get home leh.

MUMMY DADDY SRY!!!!!!!!!! let euu all worried bout mi! )=
MUACKS! LOVE MAI FAMILY 4EVER^^ haha... so as mai teacher's and 2T8 ^^
MWACKS! MWACKS! MWACKS! bleah.......
Wao Lao I wanna cry liao la Friday lor don noe wat sport day sia sat under de sun from morning till end of sport day lor! )=

I GT SUN BURN LEH!!! mai face, nose,fore head and even mai hand lor VERI PAIN LEH!!!! )= )=)=)=
But veri fun worx...^^ coz Friday oso TEACHER'S DAY^^ haha! I still remeber tht mi and mai frenz shout to our form teacher>>> MR TAN 2T8 LOVES EUU!!!!<<<>
I noe it's late to say tis but still wanna say it wish whole world of teacher's a veri veri " HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!"^^ :p

I nv post tis on Friday is bcoz I reached home is a ready 5pm plus den i switched on television watched channel U hehe>>> Yu Le Bai fen Bai[100% Entertainment] till 6pm plus den i go bath. Dinner time actually mai korkor gave mi use com de but mai jiejie wanna use so i gave her use lor hu called she is mai baobei jiejie haix....^^ :P
Den I nv use de com lor i go sleep haha.......

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