It's Friday :D

I'm really so glad that it's already Friday ^.^ haha! I'll be going to my parent house tomorrow which is a Saturday. Today is 31st of March, end of the month which means hubby is working graveyard shift to do stock take and I'll only get the chance to see hubby at tomorrow night. Hubby will fetch me from my parent house just to bring me and my boys home together, meanwhile tomorrow night there's a birthday celebration for my dearest papa and korkor *hearts

Tomorrow morning my darling sister will come my house to fetch me and my boys over to my parent house and then I'll leave to get some snacks, dessert and Cakes for dinner celebration haha! Me and sister decided to get Ice Cream cake from Swensen.

Tonight I'm alone, the boys slept in early so as my MIL, she's really tired as she wake up early in the morning 5am to prepare food for today's praying "清明节“. I did not go together with my MIL and hubby as my boys are at home and didn't go to school, DiDi is down with flu and cough and KorKor, he's down with fever for the last few days. He recovered yesterday so decided to let him stay at home for a rest today and go back to school next week. Really so tiring to look after the boys haha for almost two weeks ... 

Hope hubby will get a good rest when he got home tomorrow, he planned to change the toilet bowl cover and wash the air conditional tomorrow. But I'm afraid that he will be home at around noon time, i really rather hubby to get some rest and sleep instead of doing some stuff. This kind of job is really torturing, I know that hubby is kind of suffering, it's like 24 hours on phone calls and emails. Really pity hubby and I'm really sad to see hubby becoming more tired than before. I agree that when the position is different, all the task and jobs are more stressful and tiring.

GWS my darling boy ...

Hello~ the time is getting late already and my energy is draining off too, have been looking after my boys for this whole week and it's not even a week yet and I'm already exhausted. My two darling are sick so I did not bring them to child care/school, let them stay at home and look after them. My baby boy is having flu and cough, I guess he caught a cold after a slight fever. My darling is having fever these few days, he's temperature really got so high till hubby brought him to family doctor for a medication to place inside his butt. But thank god that he's fine after they got home and the fever went down to 37 degree instead of 40 degree when they rushed to consult the family doctor.

Really wish both of my boys please get well soon, I miss them being a healthy boy and can't stop eating what they loves to eat. Hope these few months of bad weather please pass off soon, really such a bad bad weather recently, adult gets sick too. Hope everyone take good care of themselves, have more vitamin and fruit, dink more water.

I did thought of changing my blogskin recently but can't get enough time to edit and settle it, hope I'm able to finish it for this one month.

Monday, 20.03.2017 [THROWBACK]

Hello! Would like do a Throwback post ... That day I went to see family doctor due to my backache, I sprained my back again on the Saturday morning. Hubby accompanied me to see the family doctor as he also would like to go for consultation. His eyes was feeling uncomfortable too, the doctor said that his eyes got infection by dust and dirt from his hands when he rubbed his eyes. After seeing doctor we went Burger King for our late lunch before going to Nex mall to get some groceries.

Bought coke float (Ala-cart $3.50 per cup), Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken upsize meal to cheese fries for additional $1.40. Bought a Ala-cart King dog with BBQ & Mayo sauce also a Taro pie and a box (4 pcs) of Mexican Drumlets. I really love to eat Burger king and it has been quite sometimes since I last have it. Yummy~ ;D

(image from Google search - image)

I love the BBQ Turkey Bacon Tendergrill Chicken Burger but now it's only available at Changi airport outlets. I miss eating this, I last ate this was at Vivo City with hubby and my elder son. Hope I will get a chance to eat it again ;)

the first time ...

Right now I'm feeling kind of frustrated, I was really so so upset just now. I met a unreasonable lady and  doesn't wish to status the religion here, she was so fussy but I'm lucky that I did not speak to her anything and also I didn't get the time to talk to her as it happens so sudden.

Here's what happened ...
Me and my MIL fetch the boys from the school and we brought one baby pram for both of my boys to sit on one pram together ... When we reached our flat and when we were about to take the service lift, but before us there was a student girl so we went into the service lift after her. So behind us was the fussy lady and she was pushing the NUTC Fairprice trolley as well, she also wanted to enter the service life as well. So me and my MIL was really surprised that she insist wanting to enter the lift but I told her that it's kind of impossible to enter the service lift where there's a pram, a student girl and two adults in the service life. I just told her by shaking my hands that it's kind of impossible to join in and I did not speak a single word at all, before I wanted to speak about anything she have already raised her voice and asked me "WHY!?"

But in the end she did not join in the service lift, as everyone knows that a HDB flats service lift actually is not that big for two NTUC Fairprice trollet isn't it!? If it does fit ins but the people also can't be possible to enter as well. So I really don't understand the lady, have totally no idea what comes to her mind that she thinks that it is able to fit in.

Saturday, 11/03/2017 [THROWBACK]

Hello~ I'm posting at this late hour again, when it's the time my boys are sleeping and almost everyone are sleeping already. This time I'm using my laptop as I found out that the Blogger's app are not that useful or even working well, so I decided to use my laptop instead. Although I'm feeling really so tired and damn sleeping but really wanted to post something recenlty, as I can't really talk it out to my hubby, my family of how sad and tired I am recently.

I also wanted to upload some photo on Friday, 10/03/2017... I went for a short Lunch tea with sister at the Starbucks haha! At City Square Mall ...

Ordered Chocolate Cookie Crumble Muffin, it doesn't really taste that good than the first time I've try. The chocolate taste kind of awful this time when I eat it ... Also the almond croissant which I've always love to eat that :) so crispy~

Grande Dark Mocha Frappuccino & Tall Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino.

Alright~ I'll just upload some pictures and some message on yesterday. Yes! I went home actually, feel so comfortable! Always~ I'm missing home already, missing my family already ^^

Hubby working in the afternoon shift so he send me and my boys to my parents house and then me & hubby went to the Block 435 coffee shop and have our brunch ... haha! so glad that Hubby's favourite Fried Egg Oyster store is opened today, we have the chance to eat a meal together once again.

Green Tea Cream Frappuccino !
I went Hougang mall to buy some stuff that my MIL actually requested so after getting my stuff I went to Starbucks and checkout their Tumbler. But in the end I still didn't purchase the Tumbler I wanted as I think that there's a no need of it at all, just try to save up some cash haha!

After my Starbucks drinks I went back to my parent house and after a while the food arrived haha! My elder brother feed me today :D TEXAS Chicken~ Yummmmmy! I'm in love with it ohhh god! It really taste so so goooood! a lot wayyyy better than KFC :P

I've also bought 老伴豆花 at hougang bus interchange ... Just feel like eating haha! Bought three bowl home and I ate a bought hehe!

Alright! My Saturday post come to the end haha! it's already passed 1am now and so ~ Good night!

Feelling so sad ...

Hello! It's the month of March already and can't believe that I'm really tired now but forcing myself to post Blog. I guess it's because there's no one I could really talk to now, feeling so sad! so down! I'm the only one that is still awake and using laptop, wish to talk to hubby and thought I could talk to him tonight but he has already falls asleep. Hubby also really such a poor thing, have been so busy for some preparation at his store till he didn't really got to sleep for more than 3 to 4 hours for almost four days straight. I miss him a lot actually, but really hope that he have a good sleep tonight, Love you dear :)

Why I'm on blogger at this hour!? Can't really describle my feelings and emotional, I'm feeling so tired and frusrated. Feeling so sad and irriated too! PMS~ really... I can't help and because I'm a sensitive and emotional type of person, horoscope of Cancer haha! But the facts is that actually I'm not really happy living in this kind of enviroment and this kind of people. She has been talking behind my back towards her friends and relative, I do believe that and she has also said bad things behind my back or even scold me vulgarities. She's really such a scary old women to me, I'm scared and really tired of living with her or even facing her, I feel so creepy when she smiles at me each times now. I feel so disgusted when she's being nice to me, overall I'm just too tired and angry to live with this kind of person, no matter who she is.

She have been acting smart and so straight forward, she doens't think for others people feelings and thoughts too. She only thinks for herself most of the time, she's the problem actually. I have totally no idea how long do I still have to tolerate all her nonsnese and bad comments. I can't accpet what she says about me because it really hurts and I'm so shocked till I can't believe that she's actually this type of people ...

I reallt have no idea how long will i survive through all this metal abuse and physical abuse. I'm really so so damn tired already. I ahve to be strong for my boys and my future, I will not fall just because I'm sad!

Good night ...

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