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생일축하! 이태민~ ㅅㅅ

ㅎㅎ!!! 안녕~ 오늘은 샤이니 태민생일!~Anyway~ HIIIII! =] went for chalet for my early birthday celebration with my dearest LaoGong hehe!!! Have so much funnnn~ ^^ on my actual birthday I went LaoGong house haha! So cool~ have dinner at his house too! Haha ... Sighhhhhh! So sad this year My friends didn't get to celebrate with me and don't even bother to buy me present! Omg~ heart breaks!!! Haha~ .... So sad! ...
Have been busy recently doesn't have much time to post so I use my free time to online blog! =] like finally~!? Haha! Sigh~ was having a little stress and worried! My upcoming medical appointment~ so afraid to see the result! Hope it does improve and give me good results too~ Good Luck!!! Hehe~
There's also an work verification for me soon! I'm promoting to crew leader! OMG~ can't believe they wanted to promote me~!??? Oh boy~~~ all the best!!! Once again Good Luck! Haha
HEHE!!! Hiiiii~~~ I'm back from my holidays~~~ haha! I didn't went overseas just chalet with my LaoGong~ haha! for 3 days 3 nights~ cooooool! ^^ Have lotsssss of fun! haha~ meanwhile celebrate my birthday early with LaoGong~ ^^ hehe!

LaoGong~! LOVVVVVVE YOU!!! Thank You soooooooo~ much for everything!!! MUACKSSSSS~ can't imagine without you in my life hehe! =3