OMG!!! It's like really been a while since I last posted ... So sick now ... sigh! been working this few days and really busy! go home late too ... so tired ... Today actually I'm working but so sad that I fall sick and not enough rest so I get them to excuse me, so glad they agree! ... if not I really gonna faint! haha

25th July, Wednesday, McD close down one day for renovation and I went out with Choon Yen mummy! ^^ hehe! we went nex haha! Actually wanna have lunch for subway but it's lunch time so we have Starbucks first haha!Haha! Went for walk after that and shopping!? haha ... I bought this book from popular! interesting ^^ then we went back Hougang to take a look at our store haha! in big mess ... sigh! ... Bought bread home and dinner ... Finally home sweet home! haha!

26th July, Thursday, house keeping for store! O~M~G~! really damn lots of thing to clean! wash! and tidy up! ... god sake! I can't sleep for the previous night, then the night before I was called to go for work at 9am instead of 1pm! FAINT! @__@ So I reached store around 8.30am and went home at closing time! which is nearly 1pm! awesome! Good Job man! We break record, opened store after house keeping at around 6.15pm!??? haha! Me, Seah, Kelvin and boss run kitchen sia haha! But me, Seah and Kelvin go home last and together after the whole day! ... whew~

27th July, Friday, Got work 12pm to 6pm ... TIRED~~~ we're all very tireddddd! sigh ... I stay to help Kelvin till 10pm plus! then go home ... The next day which is weekends really busy every time, boss asked me what time I went home yesterday! she said why so late, they bully me is it!? hahaha! And boss called me to go home early on Saturday don't stay late already but in the end I went home at 7.30pm haha!

Finally I survive through these tough days! haha! but one day really not enough, so I call store see whether they can excuse me today a not ... Seah answer my call haha! he said very tired!? I replied yup and fall sick already! He laugh haha! ... Tomorrow gonna head back to work till Friday ... sigh ...

Today's last day of July! Bye~ My month of July! meet up next year! ^^ hehe! Welcome August hahaha! yesterday is my best artist! singer in my heart! my king Birthday! ^~^ hehe!

[image credit: 羅志祥 SHOW facebook]
Morning! -___- angry!!! got waken up by workers, they start drilling since 9am!!! HEADACHE man!!! ARGGGGGGGGGHHH!!! They still drilling and the time now is 10.10am ... Oh god! ... Really having a hard time now ... sigh ... working later on! till 8pm .... omg! I miss my Hubby so damn badly~~~ .... ;((( Hope Hubby have a good rest after few days of work! ^^ MUACKS!

Yesterday I went for dinner with Sister instead of having lunch with ChoonYen mummy! cause she called me in the noon that she got asked to go for work early! sad~ ... haha! So I date sister! We ate pizza hut hehe!!! I lovvvvvvvvve eating pizza ^~^ YUMMY! hehe...
HEHE!!! my sister so pretty huh? :D

Bought this cutiesssss yesterday after dinner hehe! $10 per pair! hmmm~ kinda ex huh!? haha
OMGGGGGG!!! I'm so damn excited when I saw this on newspaper yesterday! I even called my sister to take a look! HEHE!!! " SHINee WORLD CONCERT II " I so wanna go for it but sometimes I think not worth it cause it's really too expensive than usual concert price and plus it's Korean haha! Fresh huh! hehe!!! They're selling ticket on the next month and concert held on 8th December! ^^ hehe! Enjoy to all people who're going! haha!
Good Afternoon! hehe! ^^ Just changed my header picture once again! haha! I always want perfect! but this time look much better than before hehe ... [ -CREDIT -
image :

Ate this in the morning! hehe LOVE IT ^^ bought this yesterday before I went home haha! and I sneeze early in the morning ... FLU! hits me once again! sad ...

I'm heading out to Hougang Mall to meet ChoonYen mummy for lunch later on haha! not sure whether I'm still able to eat haha! feeling full hehe! meeting 3pm :D sleepy ... ZZZzzzzZzzzzzzz
OMG!!! I just change my hearder picture I love it so much! took me almost 2 hours to edit haha!
so sleepy now~ ... hehe! ^^ Good night everyone
muahahahahaha!!! ^^ hehe! helloooooooooooooooooo~ 안녕!!! ㅅㅅ
Using sister lappy now, just now went online for FaceBook a while! ... What I can said for today's work! there's always the same word to describe, "T-I-R-E-D" ... omg! really in a when there's promotion hits weekends! awesome!!! all the aunties complained haha!!! some times I really can't take how the way that bitch aunty works! she's just so mean and demanding !!! DISLIKE! someday I'm gonna teach her a lesson! ...

HEHE! I'm soooooooo! happy and touched that My Dearest DiDi~ gave me this for my birthday present! omg! damnnnnnnnnnnnn cute! ^^hehe! Thank you so much! Mattew you make my day ^^ haha ... JieJie always love you! hope you'll take good care of yourself and please don't cut yourself anymore! Talk to someone, solve it alright! ...

Today ended work at 4pm plus, I help ChoonYen mummy with some stuff which she told me Kelvin told her to settle stuff for him. So I decided to help her as I also have nothing much to do haha and finally done we went kopitiam for a meal, went Four Leaves to buy bread after meal. ChoonYen mummy went QiJi to buy rice for her son and husband! haha ... and lastly home sweet home!

HEHE! tomorrow once again I'm meeting ChoonYen mummy for lunch as I asked her out, cause I forgot to see schedule and request too! meanwhile she's working 5pm tomorrow haha! can go into the store together :D Oh yaaaaa! Our store are still renovating, will close down on 25th and open on the 26th ... 26th will be our House Keeping day! OMG! haha...
This few days I've been online on Facebook haha! to play games! LOL! but I did look through the news feed :D Super Junior have release their 6th album " Sexy, Free & Single " ^^ hehe! like so romance!? hehe! and Rainie Yang! releasing her new album once again! haha! I didn't expect thought Jolin Tsai will release it first haha! ^^ I soooooooo wanna get it! ^^ oh yaaaaaa! and LOL movie DVD is out!!! MILEY CYRUS~~~~~~ hehe!!!

[image credit: FaceBook SMTOWN]

[image credit: Rainie Yang's page ]

OMG!!! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! in lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve with her!!! Why is she so~~~ beautiful! I mean! totally GORGEOUS !!! Really!!! ^#^ hehe
Hello!!!! hehe! Get to use computer of Korkor's haha~ Have KFC for dinner just now, korkor ordered! Didn't get to have my lunch due to work, they let me go for break quite early! 11am plus! but I end work at 5pm! lol! stupid me! haha! Today last second day of the McD first promotion! OMG! ANGRY! Really in a damn mess, breakfast really too messy and busy!!! I rather just serve lunch! haha! sigh! I don't even know tomorrow how are we going to survive! ... God Bless us!!!! ... TIREDDDDDD~~~~ ... fed up ! Shall just continue with some pictures of my chalet haha!!!

I'm so happy that my both best friend actually came !!! ^^ I love you guys sooooooo damn MUCH! Thanks for the present! really appreciated a lot! The first present that my friends gave me! haha!!! I miss you guys so much! really been a very long time since we last gather together haha!
" 생일 축하합니다!!! 태민 ^^ "
[image credit from Facebook Lee Taemin pages]

Just came back from my chalet celebration and relaxation! haha! went for 4D3N hehe! Have so much fun! I did enjoy and relax a lot haha! I took exactly one week off from work! awesome! haha! Thursday, 12th July is my last day of work before I go for my off days! On my actual birthday I went XingWang for dinner with Hubby! Hehe! Hubbbbbbbbbbbbbbby~~~ Thank you so much! Although Hubby is so busy but yet he still get to spent time with me for dinner, it's my birthday! haha! Hubby came to my apartment and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers omg!!! I freaked out and I'm really touched ! Almost cried haha! I Love you!!! ^.~
The next day after my birthday I have breakfast wiht my family! sad! I miss those days soooooooooooo! damn much~ which I spent my weekends with my family! It's really been a very damn loooooooooooooong time since I last went out together with my family! SWEET! ^^ hehe! I Love my family! haha .... After that I went to meet Hubby near noon time cause Hubby got some things to settle ... We went Vivo City DAISO to buy some stuff haha! I bought McD Fries and apple slice LOL! before we go DAISO haha! The new branch McD, opened besides Vivo City Kopitiam/Banquet! New renovations and procedures! OMG! one word to describle! MESSY! haha!

After Vivo we went Farrer Park to buy cake, actually I wanna get Swensens Ice Cream cake but cost quite a lot so I forget it! In the end I bought Bread Talk Black Forest Cake! :D haha! and Finally Home sweet home!
Hehe!!! It's 12th July today!!! It's 11.40pm now haha! Reaching 13th July real soon!!! MY BIRTHDAY!!! ^^ hehe!!!

omg ... feeling so fed up ... haha!!! Thanks to one irresponsible and selfish BITCH! I only work for the store, not for you! You think you're boss! come on~ I don't think you'll have that chance! hah! ANGRY! You're not even work for us one year and even no much experience you still dare to bully my manager! bull shit man! If I'm BC I'll make sure you'll know what's stupid calls and punishment feels like! IDIOT! I know you doesn't really like me but in this kind of industry you'll sure work with many different kind of character people, you think everyone are the same!??? no way~ come on! use your brain! I ask for your help you gave me a face that not willing to do it! Fine! I don't mind! I can settle all on my own! What big deal! The other called you to help you agree, noted your head and willing to do it! I've nothing to say! ...

Really! One day you'll get it from me! Every time you're on shift will keep looking at the schedule! You think the schedule will fly on its own! ... -___- There's 5 minutes for you to settle crowd you'll only does two things!
1 - Keep looking at the schedule! like the schedule will disappear in a second!?
2 - Stands at the fries station without looking towards the counter front whether there's need of help a not? or else you will go to DK!? FOR WHAT!? If not you will go some where else without informing you CL on floor! lastly you will do is! Wanna help clear the crowd, like only half way of your afford are made ...

I really think that it's actually more than 2 option!? haha! Nice Job!
Yawnnnnn!!! ZZ_ZZ omggggg! I'm feeling so sleepy and tired!!! Since evening time I've already thought of sleeping haha!!! But meeting hubby for dinner! Hehe! Poor hubby so tired! Shouldn't have meet him ... Heart pain to see him like this! Poor thing! But yesterday we went for dinner! Hehe!!! have Hong Kong cafe, it's our One year four months anniversary! ^^
Today met Jason in the afternoon! He passed me my birthday present, he said doesn't know what to buy for me haha! But better than no present! I'm very casual don't worry! Haha~ Body Wash, Hand Cream, Body Lotion! haha! everything's strawberry hehe ...and we have chicken rice set for lunch, we chatted for quite some time ^^ hehe
It's Saturday !!! hehe! I'm off today, finally got off on weekends! It's been like a long time since I last off on weekends haha! But tomorrow I'm pending for work haha ... lol! hmmm~ today I went to meet hubby instead of going out with my girls ... using sister lappy now, just done with shower haha! came back from hubby house! lovvvvvve hubby's mummy food ^^ delicioussssss

Feel like sleeping already! haha~ didn't have enough rest! yawnnnn~ ZZ_ZZ hehe! Today went CS to have pizza hut with hubby hehe! then went to buy 4D at nearby place, off to hubby house after that!!! omggggg~ I'm addicted to Pizza Hut hehehehehehehe!!! I'll upload the picture some others day, too lag uploading at this time haha!Went Hubby house orderd some BBQ stuff from internet! hehe! can't wait ^^ My birthday~~~ so fast! but no celebration on my actual day ... !
Helloooooooo! Finally it's Friday~~~~ ^^ yoooohooooo!!! hehe ... Today I've done nothing much ya ... haha! Morning went for hair cut but SUCKS! I don't like ... sad!!! bought chicken rice home and shower before I went out to meet Choon Yen mummy!!! hehe! we ate Pizza hut! hehe!

Went to buy bell too! haha~ ... went to store, chat with Jahan! ^^ hehe! miss her my baby! hehehe!!! pack few cases of coke glass with Choon yen mummy and Alison! haha ... but half way the coke glass delivery man came, delivered 25 cases ! omg! I helped him arranged too haha! After that went off for dessert at level 2, think we ordered wrong dessert should eat the snow ice instead of the warm dessert ... haha!!! we always chatted alot when we're having meal outside or met one another ... we gossip tooooo!!! ^~^ hehehehehe!!!

I bought this before we went home!!! omggggggg~ finally got one necklace that will not spoil and off stain easily!!! That lady charged me $28 instead of $ 32, I add on rings too haha! Mummy Choon Yen bought the same ring with me! hehe! so happy ^^ $3 each hahahahahha!!!

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