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Good evening!!! 안녕~~~ ㅎㅎㅎ Oh boy I'm so tired, early morning woke up at 8am prepare to go SGH with mummy for her eye appointment at 9.50am and we're slightly late! Haha~ lucky mummy is fine with her eyes, doesn't need to laser and go back again! But still have to keep up with her diabetic doctor! ... Brought mummy to Bugis cause she doesn't know the way as my aunty meeting her there! The weather was so hoooooooot man! =.= haha!!! After that I went to meet naughty~ hehehe!!! Poor thing!!! Both of us so sick~~~ haha!

Oh ya!!! I was in painnnnnnnn! Damn painful~ think there's air in my big intestine as I laughed too hard yesterday and can't catch my breathe~ XD sad that during night I feel pain till I was sweating a bit! And I can't sleep for a while! I hope today I'm able to sleep and rest well! God bless me please~~~ ^^

After Bugis I went NEX with naughty!!! Omg~~~ finally I bought Show Luo's album!!! Hehehe~~~ bought facial mask. QUICK & CLEAN Fir…
Hello!!! Hehe! It's Mother's day today!!! Feeling so tired! Meet naughty at NEX in the afternoon awhile then meet sister at kovan, we went farrer park after that! Ate McD and then back to hougang mall again! Haha~ sister finally bought clothes! She said no clothes to wear haha! We bought two flowers for mummy too! Hehe

Yesterday I went USS! Omg~~~ can die!!! I ride the roller coaster~~~~ *SCREAMMMMM!* Haha!!! I'll upload the picture soon! I have so much! Fun! And it's MeiHui belated birthday celebration outing! Haha! here's the photo! damn lots of it! ^^ hehe

The ticket queue was kinda long! haha! took us around 15 minutes!? I was so excited!!!

went for transformer on our first ride! the awesome thing is! when is our turn and we set off almost half of the ride technical break down! hahaha! we were like stuck for like 20 minutes! haha! so funny! we get to go for the second ride with express way! hehe

After that we went for lunch!!! so love this burger meal ^~^ yummmmyyy…
Good evening!!! Hello~~~ ^^ hehe! 總算雨過天晴了! Haha! Today went for my Diabetic appointment at SGH! Good news and I'm so surprised! Hehehehehe~ I doesn't need to inject anymore!!! I'm so happy!!! Nowwwwww~ ^^ hehe!!! Feeling very tired!!! Woke up 6.30am, accompany mummy to go for her heart centre appointment! Omg! The whole day at SGH haha! Went for breakfast after appointment and then follow by register for social worker! Sigh~ somehow I doesn't really like doing! Applying and register social worker and medisave all this stuff! I just feel so irritated! Don't know why~ .. Sigh ..
Shall forget it and live my life to the fullest! Hehe~ oh ya!!!! My naughty went to get his report today~ but lucky nothing serious too! ^^ Wish everyone that I ŁØVĘ and all the people who ŁØVĘ me stay healthier than before! Living with smile everyday and lastly happiness! ^^ Good luck too! =]]] hehe! Good Bye~~~ ...
헬로! Gooooooooooood morningggg!!! ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ~ it's a cooling and wonderful morning!? Lol haha! It's was raining just now! I lovvvvvvve morning rain! ^^ makes my mood great haha! Oh ya! I doesn't need to accompany my mummy for her appointment already cause my aunt was there waiting as they both have the same appointment date haha! I'm so glad~ oops! :P hehe! I can do my things now an rest at home! Awesome!!! =] applause~ 와하하하하하하하!!!
Sad that I'm not working on this whoooooole week! Actually I'm surprised! I'm the one who took off hahaha! LOL~ but hope I'll be call back to work but not on Saturday! Needa go USS haha! My hippo mama called me to go, MeiHui's birthday outing! ^^ will set off early in the morning!!!? Omg~ train will be crowded!??? 0.0 haha!
And again I've started to not sleeping well again! I guess something is bothering me again!? Sigh~ hate this! Really makes me irritated! Sad~ 제장 ... Alright till here then! Needa go for my breakfast! ^^…
Helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! ^^ hehe~ really been a very loooooooooooong~ time since I last posted! really didn't post much! so sad~ no updates of my blog huh!? haah~ oh well! I'll try my very bessssst to blog often ^^haha! Actually I'm tired and lazy to post haha~ :P Today BC came down to our store! was seriously a bad news and in bad condition! He FAIL! us and DANG IT! so saddddddd~ ... what to do~!? ... sigh!

Tomorrow Needa accompany mummy for her dental appointment at Polyclinic sigh! so don't feel like going! haha~ Tuesday is my day once again!!! ^^Y hehe~ "14th Month Anniversary" MUACKS!!!! Then Wednesday is my turn to go for my appointment, diabetic center at SGH! so sad~ ... I really hate appointment, waste my time and money! so irritated of it ... sigh! but I can't help! really sad~... thought of giving up~! ... hahahaha!! ^^

Few weeks a go I bought this!!! ^~^ But really don't know when will I have the time to read all this!??? oopssss~…